Chapter 4 - The Boss Behind The Game

Chapter 4: Experiencing The Game

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With Wang Damang’s persuasion, a few of his teammates put on their headset and chose the Battle Online game icon. They were fully prepared to prove their friend wrong.

What came after was them experiencing the same shock as Wang Damang when he first entered the game.

The realistic graphics had left them in stunned silence. After choosing the character classes that they favored, all of them received the same quest that Wang Damang had.




“This is extremely terrifying!”

A series of exclamations followed as they stared at the clothes on their bodies and the scenery that surrounded them, leaving them with no words.

“Damn, this game is really cool, which company would cook up such a big move? The gaming industry should be prepared to be swept away by this!”

“This really is cool, but I feel that my 10,000 gold coins are getting further away from me! I vaguely wanted to exit this game, but I changed my mind.”

After the big discussion, they hurriedly prepared the group to explore the game.

However at that moment, Wang Damang who was sitting in front of his computer, staring at the lively group chat finally said a few words, “What happened to the five minutes you promised? It’s almost ten now, why hasn’t anyone said anything?”

“Twenty minutes have passed, bastards! Don’t tell me you’re already addicted to it?”

“It’s been thirty minutes, aren’t you guys going to wait for me to go online, too? Don’t you forget that the game was recommended by me.”

Wang Damang’s heart was filled with resentment when he thought of the remaining one and a half hours to his respawning, he felt like giving the creator a taste of his fist for setting up such a rule.

Meanwhile, the ten or more players were happily containing two Wandering Souls in the game.

Chen Ziyu, “Dear brothers, let me have these two. I’ve already killed eight of them, let me finish my quest and help increase our team’s strength.”

Wang Chao, “Get lost, I already have three in my hands. Do you know how to play by the rules? Or would you like to be punished instead?”

Xu Qiqi, “Since I am the only female on this team, can my dear brothers let me have them?”

The others were indifferent to her pleading, as each of them wanted to increase their own individual strength. They were not so easily tempted by the words of a beautiful face.

The team started quarreling for the two Wandering Souls.

But in the end, it was Chen Ziyu, the strongest player of the team, who had gotten his hands on the two Wandering Souls. Two black lines suddenly emerged from the dead Wandering Souls and made their way into his body.

His experience bar began shooting up.

[Ding! Congratulations, you have leveled up, gained 2 strength.]

[Ding!, Congratulations, you have completed the quest, gained 5 soul coins.]

According to the settings made by Bei Li, whenever a player killed a creature, the soul power within the creature would be separated into three portions.

60% of it would be added to the player’s experience. 10% of it would be kept in the player’s inventory as soul coins. And the remaining 30% would be collected by the artifact as Lu Wu’s private income.

In about half an hour, the players had killed a total of thirty Wandering Souls. Each Wandering Soul would give 3 soul coins to the player, while the remaining 27 soul coins would go to Lu Wu. But among those remaining coins, five had gone to Chen Ziyu as a reward.

Lu Wu willingly made these investments without regrets, because as the players got stronger and stronger, their kills would naturally improve. Thus, his income would eventually increase along with it.

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“Damn, I can feel myself getting stronger!” Chen Ziyu was staring at his body in awe, as if he was having a hard time accepting it.

Xu Qiqi, “What do you mean, Brother Yu? Isn’t it normal for you to be stronger after leveling up?”

Chen Ziyu was silent for a moment, “This game is really scary. When you level up in other games, your attributes will be increased, but you won’t feel any changes in your body. Instead, you’ll only find that the damages you inflict on the creature will have increased. When you level up in this game, though, you can really feel your body growing stronger, this is incredible!”

Xueli, “Impossible, that’s bullshit. Are you saying that we can experience having actual superpowers in this game?”

Chen Ziyu nodded, “I feel that it’s really possible. The power that is impossible to be possessed in reality can be experienced in a game, this is absolutely incredible.”




“This is giving me the creeps!”

Wang Chao could no longer contain himself from saying, “We’ll talk later, the next person that’s going to level up is going to be me.”

“Get lost!” all of them raged in unison.

As they were searching for creatures, Chen Ziyu opened the shop to see what was on sale.

[Level 1 Shop]

[Level 2 Shop (Unlocks when Strength reaches Level 20]

[Level 3 Shop (Unlocks when Strength reaches Level 40]

A few options appeared.

Chen Ziyu clicked on the Level 1 Shop, and a layout of a shop immediately popped up before his eyes.

Healing Potion: used to recover health when injured, price of 1 soul coin.

Restoring Potion: used by a mage to restore consumption after casting a spell, price of 1 soul coin.

Ogre’s Wooden Club (Level 1 White Weaponry): increases Strength by 2 points, requires 8 soul coins.

Beginner’s Magic Wand (Level 1 White Weaponry): increases Willpower by 2 points, requires 9 soul coins.


Chen Ziyu’s eyes were blazing with fire as he looked through all the list of items sold in the shop. He realized that most of the items sold were clearly for mages only, and those that were suitable for other character classes were fewer, but this made him rejoice at his decision of choosing the berserker.

He glanced at his depot and saw that he had 14 soul coins. Chen Ziyu bit his lips as he purchased the Ogre’s Wooden Club.

Everyone’s curious gaze was on him as an enormous white wooden club appeared out of thin air. Chen Ziyu then reached out and wrapped his fingers tightly around it. A feeling of warmth instantly enveloped his body as he felt his strength intensifying once again.

As he met the envious eyes of his fellow teammates, Chen Ziyu could not help but burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, Lu Wu and Bei Li, who were secretly watching them, also ended up cracking up. The price of every little item that was sold in the shop had been increased by 30% to cover the expenses for the making of the artifact.

In other words, whenever a player purchases an item from the shop, it would partially benefit them. The more items the players purchase, the more income Lu Wu would receive.

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