A Cue For Love

A Cue For Love

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Chapter: 1228
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A Cue For Love Chapter 1

A Cue for Love Chapter 1Vehement Hatred“Ugh…”The moment Natalie Nichols woke up, she felt her body hurting as though it was falling apart.She was stark naked beneath the covers, her pale skin littered with hickeys. There were so many that she could not bear to even look at them.What’s this?Suddenly, a memory of a steamy scene from the previous night flashed in front of her eyes.She had entered the room in a semi-conscious state and was ravished by a stranger for the entire night.The man had paid

A Cue For Love Chapter 2

A Cue for Love Chapter 2Encountering A Cutie At The AirportFive years later, a little boy clad in blue overalls and a plaid shirt was attracting a lot of attention at the main terminal of Dellmoor International Airport.His wavy hair, exquisite features, and long lashes curled upward like a doll gave everyone the impression that he would be the dream guy of many girls when he grew up.Just as everyone was curious about his mother’s beauty, a woman with a flat nose, thick lips, and freckles dotted

A Cue For Love Chapter 3

A Cue for Love Chapter 3Calling MommySteven took Sophia home.Ever since they had parted with the unfamiliar woman, the little girl had been sulking.She was obviously in a bad mood as she even rejected her favorite ice cream, running back to her room with reddened eyes as soon as they reached the house.Seeing her pitiful expression, Steven had a feeling that his brother was going to beat him to a pulp.He quietly turned around and looked at the man sitting on the couch.Samuel was wearing a black s

A Cue For Love Chapter 4

A Cue for Love Chapter 4Coroner Instead Of Genius DoctorIn the past three years, a genius female doctor had become world-famous through her usage of her traditional medical knowledge that was passed down for five thousand years in Chanaea to cure countless people with complicated and incurable diseases.Originally, everyone thought that they could uncover her identity through her appearance. Oddly enough, she donned a different face every time she practiced medicine. Because of that, countless pe

A Cue For Love Chapter 5

A Cue for Love Chapter 5Hold Herself BackNatalie changed into a white coat and wore a pair of medical rubber gloves, unperturbed by the questions.“I’m Natalie Nichols, the specially-appointed coroner, and I’m here to report for duty.” With that, she immediately picked up a foul-smelling piece of remains and sized it up without frowning at it. “Unfortunately for you, I do have the authority to tell you what to do. If you don’t like it, hold it in.”Effie and Brandon were aware that the headquarter

A Cue For Love Chapter 6

A Cue for Love Chapter 6Natalie and the other two went to the eighth floor of the Major Crimes Unit building.The eighth floor was shared by coroners and the forensic department. Under the bright ceiling lights, it was colder than other floors, probably because it was closer to the morgue.Natalie did not spare any time to appreciate the new office. Instead, she swiftly disinfected herself and was ready to bring the two coroners into the autopsy room.The moment she turned around, she noticed that

A Cue For Love Chapter 7

A Cue for Love Chapter 7Scared Out Of Her WitsYara pushed the door open and stepped inside.She wasn’t fond of the twins. However, she put on a smile in an attempt to get on their good side as she said, “Hello, my dear children. I’m here to see you.”The twins, who were sitting on a wool rug, felt a chill run down their spine when they heard Yara say that.Even though Samuel had personally admitted that Yara was their mother, they simply didn’t like her. In fact, it could be said that they hated he

A Cue For Love Chapter 8

A Cue for Love Chapter 8Picking Her Up PersonallyNatalie switched off the green light in the autopsy room then took off her mask and goggles before making her way to the office area.When she was about to sit down and sign the autopsy report, she noticed containers of food stacked up on her desk. “Acapella” was printed on all of the plastic bags.“What is this, Brandon?” she asked with her eyebrows furrowed.“Someone ordered delivery for you, Boss.” He eyed the containers in envy as he continued, “

A Cue For Love Chapter 9

A Cue for Love Chapter 9Pulled Into A HummerThe following afternoon, there was complete silence in the conference room. Everyone was at a loss.John Williams, the police officer in charge of the case, began collecting the documents scattered on the table. “If there’s nothing else to add, then the meeting is over. For tonight, follow up on the name list of girls that have gone missing recently. We have to confirm her identity.”Right when everyone was yawning and getting ready to get on with their

A Cue For Love Chapter 10

A Cue for Love Chapter 10Check For YourselfNatalie was forced into the car. Amidst her shock, she was about to swing back in retaliation, but the other party moved faster.Her arm was firmly locked in place by the man. His searing hot breath grazed right past her ear, and she could feel his lips making brief contact with it.“Let go of me! What kind of pathetic man are you, having to resort to kidnapping?” Natalie taunted. The more she tried to escape, the tighter his grip grew. The gap between he