Abusive Wife Novel

Abusive Wife Novel

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Abusive Wife Chapter 1

Chapter 1 You’ll Regret This Someday “Madeline Grant, you’re a murderer! Why are you still alive? You should have died instead!” Noah Quincy angrily shoved her away from him. His expression was as somber and desolate as the funereal black suit he was wearing. Taken by surprise, Madeline lost her balance and fell, landing on her heavily-pregnant belly. The pain was so intense that spasms shook her entire body, and she cried out in agony. Blood began slowly trickling onto the ground. Nonetheless,

Abusive Wife Chapter 2

Chapter 2 The Little Punk’s Run Off Again Madeline could care less about the wealth and possessions of the Quincy family or the Grant family. To her, they were nothing at all! However, at the very beginning of her ordeal, she had sworn that as long as she was still alive, she would return and have her revenge on Angie! She would not let Gordon’s murderer go unpunished, neither would she allow those who had framed and vilified her to get off scot-free. She refused to bear the burden of their wron

Abusive Wife Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Turn Me In At the very moment that Madeline was busy on her laptop, Thomas Grant was in the lobby of the Imperia airport. He had on a baseball cap and was fully masked up. He was also furtively trying to hide, afraid that his mother’s employees would recognize him. He really wished that they would stop pursuing him! He had gotten rid of all the electronic devices he carried the moment he landed in Imperia, but there were still at least a dozen people on his tail. There was nowhere for

Abusive Wife Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Well Done, Thomas Everyone turned to look at the commotion and was astounded to see a man in black dragging a little boy. They were surprised to see a familiar face and wondered why there were two Colton Quincy. Thomas lost all confidence when he saw his mother in the room. Lightheaded with fear, his knees buckled, and he fell to the ground. He thought, I’ve tried to get rid of the men chasing after me by imposing as Colton. However, my efforts are futile as I’m about to be returned to

Abusive Wife Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Bad Woman Noah and Thomas soon returned to the Quincy residence. They were greeted by Colton’s long-time doctor, Dylan Felch, and Angie. The latter was astonished to see that the little boy could make it back alive, with no injuries. She fumed inwardly, I thought I had the perfect opportunity to get rid of him without anyone knowing. All my efforts have gone to waste. What did I do wrong? Noah handed Thomas to Dylan and said, “Something amazing happened to Colt. He can speak now. Pleas

Abusive Wife Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Go Away“Yes, Ms. Madeline. What about Thomas? Shall we send our men to bring him back?” Albert asked.“No!” After some consideration, Madeline stood up and continued, “I’ll look for him myself. Take care of this child for me. I’ll be back soon.”“Shall I send someone to escort you?” the man inquired.She instructed, “Prepare a helicopter. I’ll meet you at the Quincy residence.”“Okay,” Albert replied.Madeline walked out of the ward and into the parking lot. She hopped on the motorcycle, pu

Abusive Wife Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Same Name “Of course I’m worried!” Even though Dylan was fearful of Noah’s piercing gaze, he was determined to report the truth. “Did you know what Colt was up to? He snuck to the room by himself and sat on the window ledge to look at the view. When I asked why he was holding an umbrella, he said Angie told him if he jumped down with it, he could fly! Who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t found him!” Noah’s expression hardened and his eyes blazed with anger. “Angie is Colt’s a

Abusive Wife Chapter 8

Chapter 8 There’s Trouble, Mommy Madeline smiled to herself as she looked at the photo from Thomas. I have done a good job raising him. He misses me when we are apart. Madeline knew that Noah would send someone to do a background check on her. Hence, she spent much effort ensuring that the hackers would not be able to search for any information about her. In addition, Madeline made sure to get rid of any evidence that would suggest she had been to Quincy residence. This included the trails that

Abusive Wife Chapter 9

Chapter 9 I Can Make You Hurt Even More Dylan was quick to react. He knew that Madeline Grant was not a name Noah wanted to hear. Despite that, Dylan was unable to control himself as he was charmed by her looks. Without even glancing at the boy in his arms, he immediately passed the boy to Noah and said, “I’m sorry, it must have been a mistake. You look a lot like a friend I know. I’m Dylan. Please don’t misunderstand, this is not my son. I’m still single. In fact. I take in a 7-figure salary mo

Abusive Wife Chapter 10

Chapter 10 What Kind of Jerk is He? Meanwhile, Madeline moved to the villa with Colt. Colt had no objections even though it was a new environment for him because he had been sleeping most of the time due to his injuries. Madeline left without worry after arranging for professional medical staff to take care of him. Albert had been waiting outside the entrance. Madeline sat in the car and started to decrypt the cemetery’s security camera footage with her laptop. Although the footage was deleted,