All Too Late

All Too Late

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 The Return Of His First CrushKathleen Johnson was sitting on the bed with a blanket wrapped around her.There were small red bruises on her exposed smooth shoulder and delicate collarbone. Although she was in a daze, it was undeniable that she still looked sexy.The sound of running water from the bathroom stopped abruptly, and Samuel Macari came out of the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around his waist after a while.He had broad shoulders, a lean body, well-defined abs, and the ch

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Help Me Hide ItSamuel picked up the call from Nicolette.There was a gentle look on his face.Samuel was also gentle to her, but that was only because he saw her as another woman.That was what broke Kathleen’s heart the most.Not once had he seen her for who she was.Instead, she was just a replacement.Kathleen hated herself for resembling Nicolette so much sometimes.They weren’t even related, but they looked almost identical.“Don’t cry. I’ll come over right now,” Samuel assured tenderly.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 LeukemiaKathleen turned around with a faint smile. “I don’t intend to get you involved, Ms. Williams.”With that, she proceeded to make her way out.Tears began to drip down Quinn’s face.Kathleen’s mother used to be her mentor, yet there was nothing she could do to help Kathleen.She didn’t know how she was going to face her own mentor.When Kathleen came out of the obstetrics and gynecology department, she showed Tyson the report in her hands. “Take a good look. I’m not pregnant, so you c

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Family SpecialtySamuel nodded.This is unbelievable. Seriously, what a f*cking cruel twist of fate! Kathleen, who played the part of a gentle princess most of the time, cursed internally. Is God playing tricks on me?“I’m not going to donate to her.” Kathleen bit her lip. “I will never donate my bone marrow to a woman who destroyed my family and stole my husband away.”Truth was, those actually didn’t matter that much.What mattered was that she was pregnant with a child, so she couldn’t d

Chapter 5

Kathleen did not respond, but Wynnie was well aware because she knew her son very well.Wynnie did not understand which part of Nicolette was attractive after seeing that the latter could not walk.She did not discriminate against Nicolette’s background and upbringing but because her actions were undignified."Why don’t you go back to your room to rest? I’ll call Samuel and ask him to come back," said Wynnie calmly.Kathleen pursed her lips and replied, "Okay."After that, she turned to leave.Wynnie

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Will You Miss MeSamuel didn’t deny it.Kathleen was both furious and frustrated.However, because of her appearance, she didn’t look intimidating at all even though she was angry.“Samuel, you’d better listen up,” she said as she looked at him seriously. Her red cheeks were obvious on her fair skin, the straps of her shirt were loose, and her slender legs were exposed. It was a beautiful scene.Samuel narrowed his eyes at her as his gaze darkened. “What did you just call me?”“Samuel.” Kath

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 You Wanted To Marry MeKathleen was shocked.She turned around and saw Christopher. “Oh, Christopher, it’s you.”Christopher smiled. “Did something happen between you and Samuel?”“Why do you think so?” Kathleen blinked innocently.She had tender features with a pair of eyes that sparkled.“The Yoegers told me Nicolette’s back.” Christopher was very straightforward.The smile on Kathleen’s face slowly faded. “So everyone knows about it already.”Everyone in the Yoeger family knew that Kathleen

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 All Alone“Why aren’t you driving? Isn’t Nicolette waiting for you?” Kathleen asked coldly.Samuel had wanted Kathleen to take the front passenger seat, but he changed his mind when he heard what she said and started the engine.Neither of them spoke a word on the way home.The atmosphere in the car crackled with tension.Samuel felt that it was all Kathleen’s fault.If she had behaved like she was before, they would not have argued.Halfway through the journey, Samuel’s phone rang.It was Nic

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Emergency Contact“That won’t be necessary. Old Mrs. Macari is in poor health, so it would be better if you don’t tell her, lest she worry for me,” Kathleen said.“Have you been alone throughout the years?” Gemma hung her head low as she sat beside Kathleen.“I suppose,” Kathleen replied.“You suppose? What does that mean?” Gemma was confused.Kathleen smiled ruefully.Ever since marrying Samuel, she was mostly alone even though it seemed as if they lived together.“Kathleen, you’re quite luc

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Get The Papers SignedBenjamin rang the doorbell after he finished his call.Kathleen was standing inside when the door opened.She had just finished her shower, and her face was still pale.“I bought some pizza.” Benjamin did not know how to react when he saw Kathleen’s expression.They felt awkward meeting each other because they had experienced the same trauma.“Thank you.” Kathleen took a step back and allowed Benjamin to enter.Benjamin walked to the table and put down the pizza in his