Alpha Nocturne"s Contracted Mate

Alpha Nocturne"s Contracted Mate

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Chapter: 250
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Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate By A E Randell Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1 Betrayal “Yes! That’s the one! That’s exactly what I want!” A*n exclaimed almost giddy with excitement as she reached forward and ran her hand over the beautiful material. The white fabric seemed to shimmer in the light and the effect was almost spellbinding. “Fantastic, would you like to try it on now? It’s a match for your measurements, but it may need a little alteration…” the sales assistant began before A*n interrupted her excitedly. “No, it’s fine. I’ll take it home and have the

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate By A E Randell Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2 The Curse She sniffled miserably as she looked around her. Somehow she had ended up in the popular club district of the city, well known for its nightlife. The pulsating beats that emanated from inside some of the buildings did nothing but remind her of the strong, rhythmic heartbeat that she would hear when she laid her head on Brad’s chest, and the grief would hit her all over again. ‘Perhaps you can find a quieter bar,’ Maeve growled. A*n jumped at the sudden gruff voice in her head

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate By A E Randell Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3 The Arrangement “Can you be sure that they would be truthful about that matter? The curse took away your ability to find your true mate. Who’s to say the blasted witches won’t send imposters to attempt to take over the pack, hmm? This isn’t something trivial to be laughed at!” The man identified as Allen answered in frustration. A*n’s eyes were wide. Just what had she stumbled into?! She didn’t recognize the voice but his predicament seemed to be difficult. As she leaned forward onto t

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate By A E Randell Chapter 4

bCHAPTER 4 Not That Woman, She is Your Luna “You will also be required not to disclose information regarding this contract or the Alpha’s curse to anyone. The consequences will be both swift and brutal if you do. Is that clear? “That’s fine by me. I do have a request though of my own.” Alpha Nocturne narrowed his eyes slightly at her. What was it that she would demand from him exactly? He steeled himself for extortionate demands and retained his impassive demeanor as he waited patiently. “You ca

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate By A E Randell Chapter 5

CHAPTER 5 No Longer Endure It She snorted quietly and leaned in to whisper in A*n’s ear. “No wonder Brad couldn’t wait to be inside me, just look at the state of you.” She sneered. A*n clenched her fingers into fists as she fought desperately to stop Maeve from launching at Ada and escalating this further. ‘Don’t just stand there and take this, the little b*tch needs to know her place. Let me teach her a lesson she won’t forget.’ Maeve snarled angrily. ‘Maeve, we can’t, she doesn’t have a wolf y

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate By A E Randell Chapter 6

CHAPTER 6 I Will Take Everything From You! The shocked silence lasted only a matter of seconds before her father exploded angrily, shouting incoherently as Ada and Narcissa did their best to calm him down. A*n watched their struggle emotionlessly. It was about time they all heard a few home truths. “A*n, that’s enough you’ve gone too far! Look at the state of your father! After everything I’ve done…” Narcissa snapped as she grappled with her husband, trying desperately to soothe his wolf. “Every

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate By A E Randell Chapter 7

CHAPTER 7 I A*n Veritas Reject You… A*n woke with a start to the incessant vibrating of her phone on the bedside table. With her heart beating wildly at being forcibly woken unexpectedly, she fumbled around trying to find the d*mn thing with her bleary vision. When her fingers finally closed around the familiar surface of her phone, she hurriedly checked the caller display and saw the name of her cheating ex flash up on the screen. She narrowed her eyes and pressed the reject button before throw

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate By A E Randell Chapter 8

CHAPTER 8 She is Pregnant A*n’s eyes were ablaze with a fury that she hadn’t known she was capable of and she snarled menacingly, her tone conveying her deadly intent clearly. “You’ve pushed me too far this time, Ada. You’re welcome to the ba*t*rd. Keep him, ride him to your heart’s desire, pop out as many pups as you can for him, and live happily. While you do so… NEVER darken my door or speak to me again, do you understand me?” Ada nodded furiously, rapidly turning a frightening shade of purpl

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate By A E Randell Chapter 9

CHAPTER 9 Urgent Matter ‘Don’t you miss your father? Does he speak with you at all?’ Ann asked hesitantly. She felt a pang of pain and a soft whine, swiftly followed by a snarl of anger. ‘He is worse than your father. Constantly silent and never responds my to attempts to link with him. It’s as if he’s dead.” She snapped. ‘If that’s what he wants, then so be it. A shitty excuse for a father for both of us.’ Ann’s mouth set in a grim line as she focused on the road ahead. Just then her phone rang

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate By A E Randell Chapter 10

CHAPTER 10 Breaking News This time, A*n did laugh. She had missed Lexi’s dry humor and wit terribly. “Listen, tiger, what’s going on with you and Brad, hmm?” She asked, placing her cup down and staring intently into Anne’s eyes. A*n sighed and glanced out the window. “News travels fast then huh?” “I’m surprised you haven’t seen it if I’m honest,” Lexi answered as she leaned to the side and began rummaging through her bag. “Seen what?” A*n frowned. Lexi scrolled through her phone until she found