Alpha's Surrogate

Alpha's Surrogate

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Chapter: 81
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Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 1

Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 1The cool, bright,  enchanting light of the full moon added to the beauty of every corner of the Sirius Bright Pack’s four-story packhouse. Earlier that evening, every wolf in the pack had run into the forest from in front of the large well-appointed sixteen-bedroom packhouse to enjoy a romp in the light of the full moon.They had been summoned by the call of the wild. It was a spectacular moment in a werewolf’s life, so how could it be overlooked? This was a day th

Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 2

Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 2The next morning as the sun shone brightly, around half a dozen luxury cars came to a halted in front of the Sirius Bright Pack house. For the first time, no one had come out to greet Alpha Roman upon his arrival. When he had been called here to face the repercussions of his only daughter’s indiscretions, he had anticipated that they would respond in this manner.Alpha Roman was the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack, one of five large and prosperous packs like Xavier’s. Alpha

Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 3

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Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 4

Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 4Xavier stormed into Ardara Moon Pack territory after burying his cousin’s body. He hadn’t even given his enemies a chance to defend themselves as he mercilessly murdered over half of them. His Uncle and his family had suffered unexpected misery at the hands of this pack.Due to the stupidity of his forefathers, years of enmity had been resolved. But in order to make amends to his pack’s past blunder, Xavier vowed to eliminate Ardara Moon Pack. He should’ve removed this

Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 5

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Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 6

Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 66. Holding a stranger’s hand.“You are going to be my surrogate, and I will determine the rules,” he growled. Kiara gasped in fear at his words. What exactly had hemeant?The only sound that had resonated in the room was the pinging of the ring bouncing against the floor, followed by a soft moan as she had begun to lose control. What was he up to with her? It was wrong. There was no question she should have absolutely pushed him away. She should have urged him to stop, b

Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 7

Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 77. New Pack, New Life.Kiara could see nothing but forest once the car had entered the Sirius Bright Pack’s territory after two hours of driving. They had been on the highway for quite a while but she could tell the driver had been afraid to drive slow. He had been driving so fast that Kiara had been afraid that they would get in an accident.The beauty of the woods had made her feel alive again. Her sad tears had long since dried up, she had accepted that her life had a

Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 8

Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 88. Mistreated Miss Of Her FamilyBarely five minutes after leaving Kiara with Jennifer, the driver spotted Xavier exiting the Pack house. The Omega swiftly opened the car door for the Alpha and Beta, not knowing where he needed to drive them now. What were they up to this time?Xavier sat in the passenger seat, sending an indirect hint to the driver that Kaiden would be driving. So there it was, the end of his shift for the day. He was free to return home. The driver had

Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 9

Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 9Xavier had a tendency to sleep very lightly so that he could remain watchful, as usual. As a result, while he had been asleep, he could feel every slight movement of the bed the entire night. He and Dean had been driven insane by the enigmatic, attractive, and sweet fragrance of the young female that happened to be sleeping beside them.He hadn’t been able to sleep because he couldn’t relax, nevermind dreams he’d forgotten about those a long time ago. Thankfully she had

Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 10

Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 1010. If It’s not you, then it’s no one!“I will mark my Luna,” Xavier declared. Kiara who had been sweating profusely, turned to stare at him in disbelief. He must have goneinsane. Instead of refusing, he was making commitments! Why? Xavier’s emotions were erratic. This was not what he had hoped for. Only the mention of marking had made him want to vomit, but he realized that his Grandpa had been involved in a mind-link with the otherelders.f**k! Kiara’s surrogacy would