Alphas Possession

Alphas Possession

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 120
State: complete
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Alpha’s Possession By Jessica Hall Chapter 1

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Alpha’s Possession By Jessica Hall Chapter 2

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Alpha’s Possession By Jessica Hall Chapter 3

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Alpha’s Possession By Jessica Hall Chapter 4

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Alpha’s Possession By Jessica Hall Chapter 5

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Alpha’s Possession By Jessica Hall Chapter 6

Zara POVSomething was going on upstairs, and four terrifying–looking men in suits had come in. I watched them move to the VIP level while the other two sat in one booth by the door. Alphas, all of them, yet one of them smelled a little odd. Almost as if he was more than a werewolf. I could feel their hungry leering gazes watching me as I poured a drink for one customer. I kind of wished I washed t

Alpha’s Possession By Jessica Hall Chapter 7

Chapter 7“Omega,” he groaned lewdly when I found myself tossed onto the floor. My backside hit the floor hard. It took everything not to cry out. He just shoved me as if he thought I was diseased and contagious. My omega instincts took over, wanting to please the Alphas and beg for forgiveness, but I squashed that down quickly, yet the sting of rejection was like a slap in the face.

Alpha’s Possession By Jessica Hall Chapter 8

Walking into my room, I glanced briefly at my bed where I made my burrow. I wanted nothing more than to bury myself in my blankets, but I only had an hour. An hour to figure somewhere to go. An hour before was tossed out in the cold of night. Grabbing a backpack, I stuffed some clothes in it that would be suitable for work tomorrow and a pair of heels. I couldn’t take all my shoes, so I had to choose wisely and stuffed a pair of heels and black flats. I set my boots next to the bag, intending to

Alpha’s Possession By Jessica Hall Chapter 9

Chapter 9 in the media,” Leila says, Zara looks between us nervously. “Right, sorry. Just when I applied here, I thought the job was for a floor receptionist downstairs, not working for four Alphas,” she stammered nervously and I rolled my eyes at her fakeness. p.dheopuzn::before{content:attr(cjikfytz)}p.dheopuzn::after{content:attr(rvdowhyj)}p.wxlpcegc::before{content:attr(harryzzn)}p.wxlpcegc::after{content:attr(mcctvolf)}p.fmtyhcgo::before{content:attr(ypelzsgj)}p.fmtyhcgo::after{cont

Alpha’s Possession By Jessica Hall Chapter 10

I‘m cursed. It is the only thing that could possibly make sense. Of all the places to land a job, it had to be from the very people I was running from, and the jerk i tipped coffee in had to be the damn Alpha and my new boss.Great, the first chance&n