Always Been Yours

Always Been Yours

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Chapter 1

A Painful Separation“She’s the woman who can bear my child?”“Yes, Master Nicholas. She’s the only one in the entire Brentwood City who is genetically compatiblewith you.”In the darkness, Tessa Reinhart was half-delirious as she lay on the king-sized bed, clutching andclawing at her thin clothes. She felt as if flames were licking her body, and she whined, “It’s so hot, Ican’t stand it…”The door closed with

Chapter 2

SetupFive years later, Tessa sat in the lounge of a luxurious private yacht treading through the waves of theexpansive, glittering blue sea. She had an arm around her mahogany-colored violin as she quietlytuned it.The other members of the orchestra took up their own space around her, chattering excitedly amongthemselves about the owner of this very yacht, who happened to be the regaled Little Prince of theS

Chapter 3

Miniature KnightUpon hearing this, everyone present turned to look in the direction where the voice came from.An adorable little boy had, at some point during the ruckus, shown up unnoticed at the doorway. Helooked to be around four or five years of age, and he was dressed in a white blouse and black trouserswith suspenders, coupled with a pair of matching leather shoes. He was the very picture of the perfe

Chapter 4

Are You Single, Pretty Lady?Hmm? Tessa was a little stunned to give an immediate response.“Pretty lady, I want upsies,” the little boy repeated, this time with a bit more emphasis as he stared upat Tessa with wide eyes, which were lit with a childlike gleam.At the sight of how endearing he was, Tessa felt her heart melting, and she quickly picked him up. Itwas like holding a soft bundle, and as she carried

Chapter 5

I Could Keep You“Pretty lady, it’s just right up ahead!” Gregory exclaimed as he pointed at the lounge up ahead.Daddy must be in there right now, and once he sees the pretty lady, he’ll fall in love with her for sure!Then she’ll finally become my mommy!In stark contrast to the little boy’s excitement, Tessa was uneasy. They were presently at the VIPlounge, which was tucked within the core of the yacht.Stand

Chapter 6

I Don’t Want Her Near Gregory“Well, I…” Tessa cast the briefest of looks at Nicholas, unsure how to answer Gregory’s question.The next second, the little boy’s eyes turned red, and he pressed his lips into a thin line as he tried tokeep from crying, but alas, his tears fell anyway.His tears alone were enough to make Tessa’s heart shatter into a thousand pieces.To one side, Kieran felt his heart twist at Gre

Chapter 7

Love at First SightThe ceremony was getting off to a slow and steady start in the banquet hall, and midway through, theemcee went up on stage to read out the name of the violinist for the solo performance. Gregory, whohad been sufficiently bored since the beginning of the banquet, immediately lit up as he exclaimed,“Daddy, it’s the pretty lady!”Nicholas’ gaze flickered over to the stage.Presently, Tessa had

Chapter 8

Gregory’s Lone Visit“Yes,” Nicholas said, just to humor the kid. He was convinced that it would only take a few days forGregory to forget all about that woman, and he was even more convinced that there was no way awoman unknown to the Sawyers could make such a long-lasting impression on a tender-aged child.Alas, Nicholas had spent every waking moment of the following three days keeping Gregory company,only

Chapter 9

Gregory Has Gone MissingOver at Sawyer Group, Nicholas was still in the meeting when he got a call from Andrew. As soon ashe heard that Gregory had gone missing, he stood up abruptly and walked out of the conference roomwith a steely expression, announcing through gritted teeth, “Dismissed!”There was no hiding his anger and hostility. The sheer incompetency! What’s the use of keeping thestaff if they can’t

Chapter 10

Who Are You Calling a Mongrel?Gregory appeared to be considering the proposition, then nodded with a hum. “Daddy, I thought aboutit, and you’re right. I can’t just stick to the pretty lady and get in the way of her work if she has a busyday ahead.”Next to him, Tessa broke into a bemused smile. He’s so well-spoken for his age that it’s hard toremember he’s just a toddler.Having heard his father acceding to t