Billionaire’s Reborn Baby

Billionaire’s Reborn Baby

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Billionaire’s Reborn Baby Chapter 1

The door was pushed open with a click, which sounded exceptionally clear in the quiet room.A pretty girl in a white dress staggered in. With her cheeks flushing red, she leaned against the door panting. It was quite dark in the room, and she cried out in grievance and fear, “Eliot?”Her voice was soft like that of a newborn kitten, which was enticing.The man in the room wore a cold expression, but he felt his throat tighten upon hearing this.“Eliot?”The girl cried out again in a broken voice. She

Billionaire’s Reborn Baby Chapter 2

At that very moment, the sound of footsteps came outside the door, accompanied by cries of panic. “Emily! Where are you? She couldn’t have run to Mr. Vincent’s room, could she?”Immediately after, a group of people came to the door. Someone knocked on the door and said softly, “Mr. Vincent?”Flustered, Emily struggled to stand up. When reaching out, she touched two strong legs. With her hand trembling slightly, she tried to touch where her face had just hit. Then the man’s cold voice sounded. “Wha

Billionaire’s Reborn Baby Chapter 3

Having lived a harsh previous life, the formerly retarded Emily understood everything before her rebirth. Besides, her brother never treated her as a retard. He told her everything about the outside world, be it great or small.Right now, it was as if her entire body was in a furnace, and she almost lost her consciousness from the burning sensation. However, she still managed to utter in a hoarse voice, “Chinese medicine.”A look of surprise flashed across Vincent’s face, and all of the guards sta

Billionaire’s Reborn Baby Chapter 4

Emily was dumbfounded. “You are Mr. Vincent?”She had always heard that Vincent was an exceptionally handsome man, but she had never met Vincent in her previous life, so she had no idea what he looked like.The doctor that had served the Scavos for more than twenty years was now gripped by fear. He even wanted to cover his ears, for he couldn’t stand listening to this girl’s nonsense. How could she say “die young”?To the doctor’s surprise, Vincent didn’t throw her into the river to feed the fish.

Billionaire’s Reborn Baby Chapter 5

Standing on the stairs, Emily was in a pure white dress. On her delicate face were two big but glazed eyes. She looked quite adorable with her lips pouting. The man beside her was in a black suit. He looked exceptionally tall with handsome features, characterized by thick eyebrows, a straight nose, and a well-defined jaw. However, his profile gave an air of aloofness. When his cold eyes swept around the hall, many guests did not even dare to look at him.It was Vincent who didn’t turn up at tonig

Billionaire’s Reborn Baby Chapter 6

Of all the ladies coming to the banquet arranged for him today, he was interested in that retard of the Britt family?If Mr. Rolando, Vincent’s father, hadn’t left early, he would have fainted from anger!Emily was puzzled for a while and then she continued to pout and whine, having no idea what Vincent was up to.Beverly pushed her towards Vincent and said, “Quick, follow Mr. Vincent.”An unhappy look showed up on Emily’s palm-sized face, and this time she wasn’t faking.Vincent swept a glance at he

Billionaire’s Reborn Baby Chapter 8

Eliot Britt, the eldest child of the Britts, didn’t come home until nearly midnight. As soon as he went in, he heard what happened from the butler. Normally, he would only say goodnight to Emily after taking a shower. But today, he walked straight into her bedroom.Emily was pretending to be asleep.Ever since she realized that she was reborn, she had no idea how to face Eliot. In her previous life, Elsie told her Eliot loved her before she died. His words still echoed in Emily’s mind.In her previ

Billionaire’s Reborn Baby Chapter 9

Emily always got up late in the morning, so she didn’t get to see Eliot so often. But she woke up very early the next day. When she went downstairs, she saw him having breakfast in the dining room.Eliot liked to wear white shirts. With the collar unbuttoned, he looked casual and carefree. He had single-edged eyelids and thin lips. And he liked to read the news on his phone when he had breakfast. Emily had always felt that Eliot was the most handsome guy until she met Vincent yesterday.However, V