Her Alpha's Orders

Her Alpha's Orders

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Synopsis about Her Alpha's Orders

Jo-anne wakes up mated to West the future Alpha of her pack, neither he nor her have any memory of how this came to be, forced to stay with him due to wolfen laws. Neither of them want to be in the Mate Bond with each other. Jo-anne begs him to reject her want's out of their Bond as much as he does, demoralized by his constant Alpha ordering of her to tell him why she did this to him. she can not tell him what she does not know. Wants to be free, tries to kill herself but survives and is brought back to him. now wolf-less. Rejects him just hours before she is to be announced as the future Luna to the Pack A mysterious set of marks appears down her back on her 18th birthday at the time of her birth and brings about her what she calls the Shivers, and erotic sensations that fills her body with pleasure, to which she has no control over, when, where or for how long it happens, no reason she can not explain it, has to learn to live with it. Jo-anne has years of therapy to get over her past and move on with her life. 10 years of freedom and she is now 28 is required to go back to the pack to pledge allegiance to the new Alpha, West himself as he becomes the Alpha to her pack. She is happy and healthy, happy for him who has a Mate on his arm, but he is not happy. Jo-anne is expecting to be able to leave the pack for a 2 year period once she has pledged loyalty to her new Alph., An agreement made with her former Alpha, Alpha Damien. West does not like this and Alpha orders Jo-anne to never set foot in Korea. Can Jo-anne survive his Orders, can they find out about the past and can she figure out her mysterious markings and her true identity, can they get past the history to find a way to a peaceful future. Can she survive inside the pack long enough to find all the answers to the mystery that brought them together and ripped them apart.
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Jo-anne POVFor a year now, Jo-anne had been Mated to the future Alpha of the Eclipsed Moon Pack. She had tried for a year to learn about him, do the things that he liked, was being taught by his own mother how to be the Luna of the pack, for when the time came.

Ch 1

Jo-Anne POV 10 Years LaterJo-anne was all packed, most of her belongings already given away to good will, just a few boxes left and they were all being shipped back to the Eclipsed Moon Pack, to go into storage until she was due to return in 2 years.

Ch 2

Jo-anne POVThis was not the first time it had happened around others. She had no idea why it happened, and there was no pattern to it at all. Although it was mostly an early morning or middle of the night thing, her shivers could come on at anytime of the day or night. She had experienced it at all times of the day and night.

Ch 3

West POVKnowing Jo-anne was coming did not go down so well, he’d stalked out of his father’s office, soon to be his office. Slammed the door shut behind him. He understood why, but didn’t honestly see why she had to be here. She was still loyal to his father, wasn’t that enough?

Ch 4

Jo-anne POVIt was so good to see all her old friends again. Lots of hugs and “oh my goddess your back’s” she found that most of them had been Mated off. No real surprise there they did lead full pack lives, not out in the human world like she did, isolated off from other wolves most of the time.

Ch 5

West POVWest knew she was out there taking pictures of him, could hear her talking quietly to some of her friends, seemed she had picked up right where she had left off with them as well. Heard her laugh softly a couple of times, as he stood up on the stage in the ballroom, being given his official title. Was now the actual Alpha of this pack. It was now his pack.

Ch 6

Jo-anne POVJo-anne woke with the sun, dressed and stood by the window, kept the curtain closed all bar the gap she was looking out of. She was waiting. West had yet to come banging on her door, angry about what had happened last night. Neither had Miranda, for that matter.

Ch 7

West POVHe trained the boys very hard this morning, ran them a good 15k’s at his pace, set the sprinklers off on the obstacle course before the run, so it would be a complete mud pit, super slippery and hard to manage, everything would be hard to climb and manoeuvre over or on, then made them complete it twice and then do an hour of hand to hand combat. He did not hold back, which meant they couldn’t either.

Ch 8

Jo-anne POVCalling her new employer Ji Ah, and trying to explain to her that it was now no longer possible for her to come and work for her at the art gallery was not fun. She had been really looking forward to this job, and it had taken a lot to get this job secured, not just interviews but contracts and phone calls to Alpha Damien. Who wouldn’t approve anything or even consider a contract until she had received confirmation of getting a job.

Ch 9

West POVIt was confirmed that his order for her not to set foot in Korea was in effect. Trying to figure out where she went after she got off the plane was the issue. Being here would have caused enough pain for her to want to flee and leave. So where did she go was now the question?