Leaving The Country After Divorce

Leaving The Country After Divorce

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Synopsis about Leaving The Country After Divorce

Read Leaving The Country After Divorce by NovelSquare. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereHer marriage, which has lasted for three years, ends in a divorce. The whole city laughs at her and mocks her for being the abandoned wife of a wealthy family. Six years later, she returns to the country with a pair of twins. This time, she has taken a new lease on life and is now a world-renowned genius doctor. Countless men are now lining up to court her and marry her, until one day, her daughter tells her that "Daddy" has been on his knees for three days straight, begging to remarry her.
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Chapter 1

“Lucian, I’ve been married to you for three years, but you’ve never once touched me. I’ll give myblessing to you and your first crush by giving up on our marriage. Tomorrow, you’re free to go after her.But for now, just make it up to me for my feelings for you all these years, please?”With that said, Roxanne Jarvis leaned down and pressed her lips to the man before her as though shewas a moth drawn to fire.

Chapter 2

Roxanne hurried to Harvey’s office.After pushing the door open, she spotted the little rascals inside. They were sitting on the couch in theoffice and swinging their legs nonchalantly.The boys lit up at the sight of Roxanne. Scrambling off the couch, they ran toward her excitedly.“Mommy, you’re finally done! I thought you’d be staying in the laboratory forever!”“Mommy, you’ve worked hard! Are you tired? Sit

Chapter 3

Roxanne’s heart lurched to her throat and remained there as she hurried out of the airport. She keptturning at her shoulder to confirm he didn’t come after them.Fortunately, his figure remained nowhere to be seen even after they exited the airport.Roxanne could finally heave a sigh of relief.The kids found it strange that she kept turning her head to glance behind them.As Roxanne seemed anxious, they knew it

Chapter 4

The same thought popped up in Roxanne’s mind. Is this little girl a mute?Her sympathy for the little girl increased. In a gentle voice, she asked, “Can you give me yourhand?”With that, she stretched her hand outward.Despite staring at her timidly, the little girl seemed to be less rigid after hearing her words.Roxanne waited patiently for the little girl to accept her hand.After a long hesitation, the little

Chapter 5

Lucian glared at her silently for a few seconds.Meanwhile, Aubree dug her nails into her palm to stop herself from revealing her real emotions.“You’d better not be lying.”Lucian averted his gaze a while later and turned to Cayden. “Did the police get back to you?”Cayden’s voice was grim. “Not yet.”He glanced at Lucian carefully and asked, “Could someone has kidnapped Ms. Estella?” Concernwas evident in his v

Chapter 6

The Drunken Fairy was one of the best private restaurants in Horington. Every dish served wasexemplary, and the place only accepted the most high-profile clients. Reservations also had to bemade at least one month in advance.Madilyn had managed to book a table yesterday using her connections.The restaurant’s interior was exquisite; a screen separated every table, each room’s entrance wasmade of wood, and the

Chapter 7

There were now only two people inside the room.Lucian scanned his surroundings before his gaze fell on his daughter.The little girl was still upset by Roxanne’s sudden departure, so upon seeing her father, not onlywas she completely unafraid, but she even turned away with a huff.A faint scowl appeared on Lucian’s face.Well aware that Estella was just as enigmatic and difficult to handle as her father was, th

Chapter 8

Seeing how restless their mother looked, Archie and Benny asked deliberately, “Who’s Lucian,Mommy? Why are we hiding from him?”Roxanne slowly returned to her senses and stroked their heads, smiling as if everything was fine.“He’s no one important. I just have a bit of a personal grudge against him. I want you both to hide ifyou ever hear his name, okay?”The two boys nodded. “Okay, Mommy.”After Roxanne looked

Chapter 9

Twenty minutes later, the car slowly stopped at the Farwell residence.Estella did not want anyone to carry her. She quietly got down from the car by climbing down slowly.Lucian followed right behind and did not utter a word.The moment the father and daughter stepped into the house, they heard someone calling Estella.“Essie!” Aubree, who was playing on her phone in the living room, exclaimed when she lifted h

Chapter 10

The four of them then returned to the mansion.Roxanne and the two children were so hungry that they gobbled up all the leftovers Madilyn broughtfrom the restaurant.After dinner, the children went upstairs to take a shower.Madilyn cast a doubtful look at her best friend. “Why are you running away from him? I don’t get it. Ithought you two had a divorce agreement? Why are you so afraid of him? And you didn’t t