Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo

Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 2047
State: complete
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Chapter 1

“You’re the one they sent me?”In a luxurious suite, Nicole Lane extended her hand and shoved the surprised man onto the bed.The next thing he knew, she had straddled him.Lifting her slender hand to pat the man’s face, her eyes gleamed brightly with satisfaction as shecooed, “Well, you’re quite easy on the eyes!”The woman’s breath reeked of alcohol, causing Evan Seet’s features to contort with disgust.There w

Chapter 2

Five years later.At Y City’s airport.Nicole’s face was completely covered behind a pair of shades and a face mask. In fact, she was sowrapped up that she resembled a mummy.She wondered whether the man who wanted to “give it back to her a hundredfold” had continuedsearching high and low for her over the past five years.If it weren’t to save a certain someone, she would never risk coming back.She dragged her s

Chapter Chapter3

“Evan, this kid is plain rude. She won’t apologize even after bumping into me. Just look at her…”Evan tipped his chin down to glance at Nina. She was fair-skinned, and her clear eyes had a stubbornglint to them.With her head still lowered, Nicole peeked at Evan, who was staring intently at Nina, all the whilepraying that he wouldn’t perceive the similarities between Nina, Maya, and her.God help me! Please!Sh

Chapter Chapter4

Evan was interrupted by Juan the moment he spoke.“I need to pee. I can’t hold it anymore. I need to pee.”Juan cutely tugged on Nicole’s sleeve. Although he had no idea what was going on, he could feel hismother’s anxiety.Since Mommy is scared of this man, I’ll help Mommy to get as far away as possible from him.Nicole never expected Juan to be so quick-witted. She was taken aback for a split second but quickl

Chapter Chapter5

His voice was bone-chilling as if it came from the depths of hell.Frightened out of her mind, Nicole skirted around him.He can’t stay here. If the three kids come looking for me…With this train of thought, she made a mad dash for the exit.Evan’s gaze darkened, and he quickly went after her.She’s running? So, it’s really her!Nicole panted as she ran. When she looked over her shoulder, she couldn’t help hersel

Chapter 6

Worry was etched between Evan’s brows. “I understand. I’ll be there soon!”After ending the call, Evan’s entire demeanor gave off a cold vibe, causing the temperature in the roomto drop abruptly.Nicole shivered, petrified by how he currently looked.“Change of plans. Letting you die in a car accident is too mild a punishment. You should atone for yoursins first.”Atone for my sins?What… What does he have in min

Chapter 7

Kyle?Is he talking to me?Faced with his silence, the man bent down to respectfully ask, “Kyle, are you here to see Mr. Seet?Well, he just left.”Mr. Seet…He sounds important.The wheels in Juan’s head turned. Since I don’t know how I’m gonna find Mommy, maybe I could…He cleared his throat and took on the regal stance of a leader.“I was sent here by Mr. Seet!”Mr. Seet?Um… That’s a formal way to address his fath

Chapter 8

Evan’s expression instantly sank.“M-Mr. Seet, Kyle took the woman away saying that you gave the order…”Kyle took Nicole away?A hint of doubt appeared in Evan’s eyes.“Are you sure it was Kyle?” he accentuated every word.“Mr. Seet, how could we be mistaken? All of us saw him with our own eyes! Kyle insisted that it wasyou who wanted to see the woman…”Kyle said that?I raised him single-handedly, and that kid ha

Chapter 9

However, Nicole didn’t seem to hear what her children said. Her eyes were fixated on the screen whilelistening attentively to Evan as he described Kyle’s condition.He has been severely ill since he was a baby and is in urgent need of treatment… This sentenceseemed to have formed into a chant that played in her mind on repeat.I’m so sorry, Kyle…It’s all Mommy’s fault. Mommy didn’t fulfill the responsibility o

Chapter 10

“What does that have to do with me?” Kyle scoffed and got up to head back to his room.John was surprised by his reaction. “Little Kyle, this is your family’s company. Of course, it hassomething to do with you-”Bang!Only the sound of the door being slammed shut answered John.His temper is exactly the same as Mr. Seet’s! Like father like son!John stood outside his door with a humiliated look on his face, at a