Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

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Read Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale by Adaminus de Laserose. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereOnce stumbled upon a secret that had been kept for millennia, Artemis’s life has changed forever
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Chapter 0 Prologue Introduction

The full moon slave with the unbreakable curse,Shall returns and the family will divert.Vengeance and hatred he shall seek to pay,Olympus shall be his and his companion's prey.For an oath that made must be believed,Thus, decision contained or blood shall be sheathed.Three times leave and three times return.The concealed heart shall burn.Once stumbles upon a secret that has been kept for nearly thr

Chapter 1 Tale of The Island’s Night

Artemis's POV"Well that's it! I'm out of here!" I screamed, walking out furiously from the place of my stupid yetannoying brother."Come on Arty!" Apollo groaned. "It was just a prank, I got the camera right there!"He was pointing to the bush across the stress from his palace.He always said that whenever he had done something. Life in Olympus is pretty normal if without hispresence. He would screw everything

Chapter 2 Secrets of The Tale

Artemis's POVI froze on my spot.It happened just so fast that I didn't know what to do. The monster growled, trying to bend the silverbars. It's teeth glowing in the dark, like the razor of a saw, trying to cut the metal bars off. It's eyes wereon fire. Red and glowing full of anger and madness.The monster was no bear, but no wolf either. It was big, two and a half meters at least. It's head was ahead of a b

Chapter 3 Tales of Rivalries

A/N Helooo my lovely fellas, I'm back!!! Sorry for not updating the last 2 weeks. I had a lot of stuff to doand I was out of ideas to write. Anyway, it took me few night to dream and think how to make thischapter exciting. Not waste your time anymore, here comes the story.Artemis's POVThat night wasn't a pleasant night to sleep. But I manage to put my mind back to the realm of Hypnos.Even when I was asleep,

Chapter 4 The Better Tales of Perspectives

Artemis's POVWe ate quietly in the old dinning room. But that didn't seem too kill the fact that there was a Cold Wargoing on.I still had a pity on Perseus. I wanted to get my vengeance, but Leto was sitting close by made itimpossible for me to lung at him from across the table.I occasionally glanced up at his direction. It wasn't that I took interest on him or something. It was justmy curiosity, maybe just

Chapter 5 Tales Under the Glittering Carvens

Artemis's POV"We're here" he said.In front of us was the entrance of a cave. It was opened at the side of a cliff. It was wide, with diameterof two meters and high about one. One either sides, crystalline rock had been shaved into Greciancolumns. The arch was glittering with little diamonds or some kind of precious rocks. At the top, mossand some kind of seaweed plants dropped down like curtain. The aroma of

Chapter 6 Confused Saviour’s Tales (Part I)

Third person Point of viewArtemis sat by the lake, her finger drew circles on its surface. She gave out a frustrated sigh.Why does that idiot take things so serious anyway? She thought. She admitted it was part of her fault.But she did try to apology earlier, well almost...but still. There wasn't any apparent reason for him to bemad and run away. Now she stuck here without knowing what to do.she couldn't ret

Chapter 7 Confused Saviour’s Tale (Part II)

Third person Point of ViewThey both fell into unconscious on the wet and mossy floor in that dark cavern.As time passed, for the Fates to know who would be the one to be awakened, and the dead. Artemisslowly opened her eyes.She felt as if her bones had been cracked, her head had hit a rock that she started to see stars dancingaround. Slowly, little by little, everything came flooding back to her. Artemis sta

Chapter 8 Tale of The Night

Third person Point of viewPerseus and Artemis arrived home where Leto was already waiting at the table, a bored face resting onher hand.They both walked in cautiously, closing the door quietly by Perseus. They knew they had screw up forarriving late. But the night on the island was the most extraordinary moment in the world. The Starsfreely expressed their beauties and mights. Clearly Perseus had seen this a

Chapter 9 Storm of The Tale

Artemis Point of ViewArtemis heard the sound of birds singing outside the window, a warm and comfortable feeling washedover her. She slowly opened her eyes, blinking a bit from the sunlight shining in from the window.She found out herself laying comfortably on the sofa supposed to be Perseus laying. The blanket sheput on him was now on her and Perseus was no where to be seen. Why didn't that idiot carry her