Secret Scion

Secret Scion

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 184
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Synopsis about Secret Scion

He remained anonymous for two years to protect her tacitly. The world only knew of him as the good-for-nothing son-in-law. What they didn't know, however, was that his true identity was that of a scion of an affluent family! Others would tremble before him if his identity came to light! Yet, all he wanted to do was to offer her the world on a silver platter.
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Chapter 1 My Brother-In-Law isn't Some Lowlife

"Two years have gone by, Master. The matter is long past.""Go home."

Chapter 2 Your Husband is Amazing

"Are you crazy, Lily? You're actually going to take the punishment in Asher's place?""Livia seems to have gone insane."  

Chapter 2 Your Husband is Amazing

"Are you crazy, Lily? You're actually going to take the punishment in Asher's place?""Livia seems to have gone insane."  

Chapter 4 Seize  

Noelle was taken aback. She had not expected Radley to show up so soon and offer them no time to prepare at all.  Carter was likewise taken by panic. He fixed Noelle an angry stare and hurried out of the study.

Chapter 5 Swept Away   

Asher could not help but clench his fists. His heart was broken.  "I've been worked like a slave for two years, suffered this family's insults and never complained. I'm not vying for the power the Stewards hold, nor do I care about my identity as a man who married into the family. The only thing I cared about was a woman. And, that woman was you, Noelle. 

Chapter 6 Do Not Provoke Him 

It was not until now when he had laid eyes on Asher that confirmed his speculations. Asher Crawford had gone into hiding in Rollinsford for two years, and he became part of the Stewards as a good-for-nothing in-law. "Wait upstairs for me, Dove." Castor Yaeger was a smart man who was aware of Asher's circumstances and knew that he had no desire to reveal his true identity. This was something even Dove could not know.  

Chapter 7 Regrets  

Dove's refined features were twisted with shock. She had never thought that a person who was regarded as trash by everyone would be quite this unfathomable. Before her shock could subside, the butler's voice rang out from the front yard. "Sir, Miss, Noelle of the Stewards is here to see Ms. Dove."

Chapter 8 Family Feud

The news that Dylan Steward had been made an invalid quickly spread in Rollinsford. Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that this was the Leonards exacting revenge. After all, no family would take the matter lying down when it involved the death of their progeny. The Leonards and Stewards had also long been feuding.  The Leonards were also suppressing the Stewards' means of business besides retaliating against the younger generation. The Stewards may have thrived but they were still weak and defenseless against the behemoth that was the Leonards.  

Chapter 9 A Life for a Life  

Noelle Steward stood behind the crowd with an expression of solemnity. She knew that Carter's every word was meant for her. She could not hide the sadness in her eyes as she stroked her hair.  "Elle, if Grandpa asks you to sacrifice yourself for Erick's sake, will you do it?" Livia whispered her question to Noelle after inching her way closer to the elder.  

Chapter 10 Ex-Husband's Intervention

Carter held back his anger as he spat out, "Dylan has already been crippled, and the Stewards are experiencing millions in losses from our business. Is this not enough to make up for Erick's faults? Why do you insist on being this vicious? Why won't you leave us a way out?"Radley said nothing, only smiling in an ingratiating manner.