Seven Nights of Sin (Penthouse Affair #2)

Seven Nights of Sin (Penthouse Affair #2)

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Chapter: 42
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Read Seven Nights of Sin (Penthouse Affair #2) by Kendall Ryan. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereHe's the powerful CEO. I'm the know-it-all intern. Things went further than they should have, but I don't have any regrets. Well, maybe just one... I went and did the one thing he told me not to – fall in love with him. Now I have seven days to prove my trust and devotion. Turns out money is a powerful drug, but love is even more addictive. Seven Nights of Sin is the stunningly sexy and heart-tugging conclusion to The Two Week Arrangement.
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Chapter 1 Dominic

DominicPresley is standing on the curb as I pull up to the gas station. I took the Porsche, not the SUV; shedoesn’t get to see that part of my life anymore. She lost that privilege about the same time shedestroyed whatever trust we had built, shattered it like a crystal glass thrown against a concrete floor.It’s messy, the ugly remnants still there, mocking me by reminding me of what happened and of whatwe h

Chapter 2 Dominic

Back at home, I take a deep breath, trying to slow my heart, and guide Presley toward the guest room.She watches me with wide eyes, pausing in the center of the plush carpeting with her heels danglingfrom one hand.“Get comfortable,” I say in a gruff voice, then head straight to the kitchen to pour myself a neat Scotch.On second thought, I make it a double. I’ll need some serious alcohol if I have any hope in

Chapter 3 Presley

PresleyI’m frozen, staring at the guest room door. I can’t move an inch, not even to bury myself under thecovers in the bed behind me. To think, not long ago I was in his bed, thrumming with the amazingclarity of knowing I was exactly where I wanted to be, giving him a gift I’d held on to for someonespecial.Oh God.The knot in my gut tightens with each passing second. My mind is racing with questions, and not

Chapter 4 Presley

Dominic takes two steps forward, and then he practically attacks me, his mouth on mine in a hard,brutal kiss of passion. No matter how angry he may be, no matter how confused he is, right now I cantell that he wants me, that he wants to put all this behind us. And with the way his tongue sucksshamelessly on mine, he can have whatever he wants. I melt into his touch, my heart now hammeringfor an entirely diff

Chapter 5 Dominic

DominicAfter my roller coaster of a weekend, coming into work on Monday morning is a relief. The atmosphereat Aspen is fast paced and high pressure, as always, but it’s also familiar. I’m in my element here. Incontrol. Unlike in certain other areas of my life.I grab a cup of coffee and settle in at my desk with an in-box full of emails, and release a heavy sigh.My improved spirits last for all of an hour bef

Chapter 6 Presley

Presley“Wait, let me get this straight. Austin was like a spy?”Bianca sits across from me in a small café a block away from our apartment. Her hands are tightlywrapped around her tea mug, her fingernails a deep navy blue. She leans forward like an angstypreteen, hungry to eat up some hot gossip.“That’s really not the important part,” I say with a sigh.I had my reservations about telling her any of this . . .

Chapter 7 Dominic

DominicMy flight to London and the hotel room are booked. Francine has confirmed she can stay in myapartment for a week. I’ll pay double her normal fee as thanks for her trouble. She insisted I didn’t haveto, but she’s going the extra mile at the last minute, and there’s no one I trust more to care for my girls.There’s only one detail left to arrange. I almost buzz Beth, then think better of it and dial Pres

Chapter 8 Dominic

“It’s seven nights, Presley. You can do as you please while I’m busy during the day, but in front ofRoger, out at dinner, we’ll pretend we’re still dating.” I fix her with a sharp look. “Assuming you canhandle that.”She sucks in a breath. Was that a tiny shiver or just my imagination?“So . . . when you say ‘pretend we’re dating,’ I assume . . .” Her voice is quiet. “I assume we won’t bedoing anything date-li

Chapter 9 Presley

Presley“London is colder than Seattle, right?” I ask Bianca. She’s lounging across her bed next to animpressive pile of sweaters in all shapes and colors. I leave for England with Dominic this afternoon,and in my distracted state, I’ve procrastinated packing the necessities. Like clothes. And toiletries.Which means I’ve emptied my suitcase and duffel bag onto her bed so she can help me pack.Bianca pulls out

Chapter 10 Presley

Later, I roll my suitcase down to Bianca’s little sedan, and we make the short drive to Dominic’s luxuryhigh-rise building.“Okay, I have to ask. Are you sure you want to go through with this?” Bianca’s hands are on the wheeland her foot is on the brake pedal. We’ve just arrived outside of Dominic’s apartment building and I’mabout to step out.My hand slips from the lock on the door. “What do you mean?” I’m no