Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Spoiled by Mr. Russell

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Chapter: 1913
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Synopsis about Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Read Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereLily Christian’s former lover had cheated on her, resulting in five wasted years of their relationship going down the drain. Her former lover and his new b*tch even conspired to take advantage of Lily Christian, so what else could she do besides make them pay for what they did and reclaim everything that belonged to her? It was time for payback! A man wrapped his arms around Lily Christian’s waist as he instigated, “Honey, you’re being too soft on them. Why don’t I buy you a bulldozer so you can run them over with it?” Lily Christian was shocked, yet from that moment on, with the man’s help, she began to plan her revenge.
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Chapter 1

Lily Christian woke up with a headache and dry mouth in the middle of the night.She was over the moon because she had finally created the “First Love” formula, the perfume she hadworked on for many years. After winning the upcoming competition, Lily and Nathaniel Hall’s weddingwould be on the agenda.The couple met in university, known each other for five years, and dated for three. Lily left everythingbehind

Chapter 2

Lily had to buck up when dealing with someone like Alexander Russell, so she got straight to the point, “Iunderstand that La Beauté Group is also participating in this season’s perfumery competition tonight. Ihave a new formulation and wish to join your team.”“We’ve already chosen our participating member,” Alexander said slowly.Lily knew about this. “But you can have more than one entry. I just want to be a

Chapter 3

Lily looked down at her instep and raised her head calmly. “What’s wrong?”“Where are the First Love’s documents?! We can’t find it in the lab. Do you know what day it is today?!Rather than staying in the lab, you chose to wander around?!”Nathaniel followed Lily’s line of sight and saw the small cut on her instep. He felt guilty for a while butsoon thought of the upcoming competition, which was more critical

Chapter 4

Alexander placed Lily on the sofa and turned to get some ointment and alcohol swabs. He cleaned Lily’swound and carefully applied some medicine.The small cut had already stopped bleeding on the way to La Beauté. With the ointment applied now,Lily’s skin felt iced cool.Lily looked at the man in front of her, lowering his head and focused on applying the ointment.Alexander’s impassive expression made it seem a

Chapter 5

“In the spirit of fairness, we’ve decided to postpone awarding to the top three. Instead, we’ll announcethem after some investigation.”When the host said that, Nathaniel and everyone else were in an uproar.“Why must they postpone the award ceremony? It’s unfair to everyone!”“The judges should disqualify both companies since they’re involved in a controversy!”“Hey, tell us the names of the two companies!”Vari

Chapter 6

The figure wore a simple and plain white dress. The lights focused on her body, and everyone wasdazzled when she walked out with a graceful aura around her. Lily dressed simply and did not wear anyjewelry. Her makeup was also faint, yet it accentuated her natural beauty.“L-Lily?!” Nathaniel could not believe his eyes and could not digest what exactly happened. Heinstinctively took a few quick steps forward a

Chapter 7

The crowd was astonished. Few people knew Lily’s whereabouts after she disappeared from theindustry, let alone her relationship with Nathaniel.At this moment, the reporters were the most excited ones. Initially, they thought they would only get towrite an ordinary news article about the event tonight. No one expected there to be any plagiarism andbetrayal affairs. It was exhilarating for them just thinking a

Chapter 8

“These two bottles are the samples from Rebirth and MN Inc., respectively. Mr. Hall, please try them andsee if there’s any difference.” Lily raised her hands high so everyone present could see the bottles shewas holding.“So what if there’s a difference or not?” Nathaniel narrowed his eyes slightly. Then he continueddisapprovingly, “Even the judges said the scents and the ingredients are alike. What will char

Chapter 9

Unexpectedly, she took the initiative to admit it. Everyone was stunned, including Nathaniel.“Since Mr. Hall has insisted Ms. Thayner was the one who formulated First Live, she should know itinside and out, so why won’t Ms. Thayner tell me the difference between the two samples? What did I doto the formula, and which note have I changed?”“I-I…” Melanie was ashen-faced. She had hardly been to a laboratory in

Chapter 10

Lily glanced at Alexander quietly but found he was looking at her. She did not know when his sight hadalready fallen on her. She was caught in the act and began to blush.“Do you have other plans tonight?” Alexander asked. He was close to Lily and made her feel butterfliesin her stomach.The stubbornness in Lily’s bones made her refuse to back down. She met his obsidian eyes and tried herbest to maintain a cal