Submitting to My Best Friend's Dad by Scarlett Rossi

Submitting to My Best Friend's Dad by Scarlett Rossi

Author:Scarlett Rossi
Chapter: 720
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Synopsis about Submitting to My Best Friend's Dad by Scarlett Rossi

For Becca, going to Miami brought up old childhood memories with her best friend, Tally. She needed the break after a rough year attending Yale and a break-up with her boyfriend, Chad. She didn’t expect for her summer of fun to include sleeping with James, the Italian Stallion–Tally’s father. Knowing it’s wrong, she allows James to pull her into a vortex of pleasure that has her breaching the surface of reality and grasping for survival. Can Becca endure this pleasure without Tally finding out? Or will her secrets cause her world to crash around her?
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All Chapters of Submitting to My Best Friend's Dad by Scarlett Rossi

chapter 1 : The Italian Stallion

Becca.Tally's house was a dream home—literally.

chapter 2 : Late Night Conversations

Going out with Tally had been more of a headache than I wanted it to be. What started out with dinner turned into an all-nighter at a local club. The stench of stale cigarettes littered my clothing from earlier in the night, as well as, the few droplets of puke Tally had managed to get on me when I was holding her hair.It shouldn't have been much of a surprise how the evening turned out. Yet, once again, I was left to babysit her while she dabbled in the fun.

chapter 3 : Unexpected Choices

James.“Daniel, as you can see, there are numerous ways we can better help you profit from your industry if you use our company. Our importing and exporting section far surpasses that of our competitors."

chapter 4 : Poolside Altercations

Becca.The warm Miami heat toasted my skin as I lay on a white lounge chair by the pool. As much as I wished I had this kind of comfort back in Savannah, I didn't. It was more humid there than enjoyable, and Miami weather was much different.

chapter 5 : Saved by a Sex God

James.The moment that I walked into the house and saw the situation Becca was in, I lost it. I had heard her plea for help when I opened the front door, but it wasn't until I saw her that I realized how desperate she was for someone to step in.

chapter 6 : Caught by a Sex God

Two days. For two days, I had avoided him, and I was becoming more nervous every day. I didn't know how to face him after what had happened to me the other day. The altercations with Alejandro had been traumatic in a sense, yes, but I was more embarrassed James had seen it.

chapter 7 : Challenge Accepted

James.She stood speechless in front of me, staring. The way her teeth bit at her plump bottom lip had my cock going hard in my pants. I wanted to bite her bottom lip more than anything, and have thought about it since the moment I laid my eyes on her.

chapter 8 : Playing the Game

Waking the next morning, I tried to come to terms with what had happened. James had kissed me and played dominating daddy in my room last night. The lingering feeling of his lips on mine had my mind reeling since the moment my eyes had opened.How could he do that and just walk away?

chapter 9 : Ignoring the Chad

“Tally, where the hell is your toaster?" I asked as I scanned the kitchen, looking for the only appliance that didn't seem to sit on the counter.“Uh, you're really asking me?" Moving towards the kitchen counter, she pulled herself up on it, taking a seat as she bit into a golden red apple, watching me search through every cupboard.

chapter 10 : Moment of Weakness

Most girls would have been afraid in my situation. Being grabbed in the darkness by an unknown man, ready to be used for his pleasure. I knew that voice though. I knew that deep, earthy scent that wrapped around me, constantly driving me crazy.It was James. A sinful daddy that made me want to do so many bad things. The only problem was, I couldn't let him know that. I couldn't allow myself to be the fish that took the bait.