Tasting All My Mates

Tasting All My Mates

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Chapter 1

His Personal Cum BucketI am Enya Fosters, an omega of the Crimson Fangs Pack. My parents died when I was only 6. I stayedin an orphanage until I was adopted by a Gamma family at the age of 12.One would think my miseries came to an end when I got adopted by gammas, but sadly, the bullyingcontinued. The pack doesn’t like me, a mere sight of me makes them gouge their eyeballs out.T have somehow lived the fact t

Chapter 4

Room Full OT Sexy AlphasI stood by the door, staring at the first guy who had come out of the bathroom with a towel hanging solow from his waist that I could see a visible V running down to his genitals.He had six-packs, wet long brown hair, and green eyes. He was brushing his teeth and standing in frontof the bathroom with a smirk across his lips.The way his eyes stared at me from head to toe, I gulped and

Chapter 5

He walked straight after he had stretched his neck, leaving his black shirt open that he quickly pulledon and reached me. He was probably 6 feet 2 inches tall, an inch taller than the other boys. Once hehad stood face to face with me, I lowered my eyes to avoid the eye contact and focused on the gun inhis hand. Why did he have a gun waving around? He sneakily put it away while maintaining contactwith my face

Chapter 6

I didn‘t even turn around to push Maynard away because the horror of coming in contact with his dickwas already enough for me. I dodged Thiago and rushed into the bathroom, locking the door while myheart pounded like a drum.“Hey! just so know, I am always this hard,” Maynard shouted from the other side of the door while theothers chuckled.‘This is torture,’gasped to Nia, who was probably shaken up as well.

Chapter 7

7–1 Found Myself An AlphaOnce I was in his car, 1 froze for a minute before I turned my face to watch him get into the car andclose the door after us.The driver didn‘t wait and started the engine, hitting the road. There was an awkward silence creepingover us and why wouldn‘t there be?The last we had spoken was in the court when he had accused me of something he should have beencharged for.“Seems like life h

Chapter 8

8–The Nasty RumorAfter my wolf kept calling Thiago her mate, I ended up not murmuring anything to him again. It wasweird how quickly the Moon Goddess had blessed me with a brand new, much sexier mate. Theonly issue was that he had many issues,Well, after he applied the ointment to the back of my head, he excused himself and left the room. Iam assuming he had felt the mate bond as well because he was very awk

Chapter 9

9 Mated to the Angry AlphaI walked over to his bed and stood facing him while he put his phone down and bent his arm under hishead to raise his face and look at me.“You told her that I am the reason you broke up with her?” I asked him, a finger pointing at my chest andmy eyes demanding a truthful answer.“Umm! Let me think.” He mumbled as he pretended to think, “Ah! I guess I did,” he bobbed his head witha sm

Chapter 10

‘Mate!’My Mates Are DespicableI felt my heart losing its beat while Lazlo held me closer. He too didn‘t look in his senses anymore;he was shocked at what just happened.“Umm–,” he suddenly shook his head and let me go, stepping back from me as quickly as he could.He felt it too.“Give her the shirt back,” He ordered Maynard, who frowned first and then stretched his hand outfor Lazlo to grab the shirt and then