The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General

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Synopsis about The Almighty Dragon General

Read The Almighty Dragon General by Crazy Carriage. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereFalling victim to an ingenious scheme, the entire Caden family was burned alive. Risking her own life, Thea Callahan pulled James Caden out of the inferno. Ten years later, James makes a triumphant return with two purposes in mind. Repay Thea for saving his life, and take revenge on those who killed his family. Meeting Thea once again after all these years, he makes her a single promise. With him, she will have the entire world in the palm of her hands.
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Chapter 1

Cansington Station.A tall, muscular man in a dark coat and dark glasses walked out, his phone glued to his ear.“Have you got the information?”“Yes, General. The girl who saved you from the fire ten years ago is Thea Callahan. She survived afterthat, but she’s been badly disfigured due to the fire.”The man tightened his grip on the phone, his expression darkening.It was a hot summer day, but the temperature d

Chapter 2

The House of Royals.At 20,000 square meters, the House of Royals was the most luxurious villa in all of Cansington.It had everything from a garden, swimming pool, and golf course.At the foyer of the villa.Thea sat on the soft couch, looking around at the villa in disbelief. It resembled a palace more thananything.When her grandfather chose a husband for her, she knew that anyone with a backbone would neverag

Chapter 3

None of the Callahans bothered to look for Thea even though she had been gone for ten days.To the Callahans, Thea was the black sheep of the family and the laughing stock of Cansington. If itwere not for Thea, the Callahans’ business would be booming.Once Thea had recovered, she picked up her marriage certificate with James and they went hometogether.Lex Callahan had three sons.According to birth order, they

Chapter 4

After leaving the Callahans’ villa.Thea was crying. “Jamie, I’m so sorry. I don’t even have any control over my marriage.”James took her hand. “It’s okay. Grandfather has made the statement. If I manage to get an order fromCelestial Group, he’ll have no choice but to acknowledge us as husband and wife.”“It’s Celestial Group we’re talking about.” Thea was worried.Born and bred in Cansington, she knew all ther

Chapter 5

The Xaviers were the leaders of The Great Four in Cansington.It was a day of celebration for them. Megatron Group, one of their many businesses, had signed anagreement with Celestial Group, and they were now the best of business partners. In other words, theXaviers’ influence would be even more widespread thanks to this agreement.Also, the patriarch of the family, Warren Xavier, was turning 80.Outside the Xa

Chapter 6

Early the next morning, James received a call from Thea.“Hey honey, I’ve managed to get in touch with my classmate. She’s willing to help and has set anappointment up with the chairman, Alex Yates. Where are you? Let’s go to Celestial Group’s office nowand secure the order. Grandfather will accept you then!” Thea’s excited voice sounded through thephone.“Wait for me at home. I’ll pick you up in a bit.”After

Chapter 7

Linus looked like he wanted to eat Thea up right there and then.Ever since he became the manager, he had slept with countless women, offering them benefits with hisrole.At first, most of them rejected him.However, after a while, they started to offer themselves up to him to gain access to deals, partnerships,and other benefits.Jane was keen to make Linus’ plan a success as well. Making him happy was imperati

Chapter 8

James shrugged. “What do you mean? I’m just an orphan. How could I possibly meet Alex Yates?”“Oh, come on. What about the House of Royals then?”James launched into an explanation. “How could I afford it? It belongs to a friend. We grew up togetherat the orphanage. He’s out of the country and knew that I needed a place to stay, so he graciouslyallowed me to stay there and look after the house for him.”“Really

Chapter 9

The girl was Tommy’s younger sister and Howard’s daughter, Megan Callahan.As soon as she entered, she noticed Thea and James. She could not help staring at them.She then approached Lex and showed him an article on her phone.Lex saw an image of Alex bowing to Thea, his arm outstretched. He was gobsmacked.That was Alex Yates, the chairman of Celestial Group.In Cansington, even The Great Four had to play by his

Chapter 10

Joel slumped to the floor.Celestial had canceled the partnership with Megatron.How was this possible?Did Thea call the actual chairman of Celestial Group?Looking at Joel, James knew that Celestial had canceled their agreement with Megatron.In the director’s office at Megatron Group.Mark Xavier was busy yelling at Joel. Celestial had told him that this had come straight from thechairman. Joel had offended som