The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 158
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Synopsis about The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Winter has only ever known love for a short time in her life. When her mother is killed by rogues, her father and brother blame her even though she was only five years old at the time. That's when the abuse and the bullying starts. When she's rejected by her mate upon their first meeting, she doesn't even put up a fight, used to being disappointed in life. Her mate failed to sever the mate bond completely though and when something traumatic happens to Winter, she becomes mute, silent, unable to trust anyone and anything anymore. She runs, eventually finding her second chance mate who is not quite what she's expecting. Will he be able to break down the barriers she has up and show her what love is? In the end Winter is forced to realise that sometimes you have to trust, not only the people around you, but in yourself as well.
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chapter 1

Winter's POVI stare into his eyes and I don’t even bother trying to struggle when I feel his hands wrap around my neck, instead staring up at what I see as a monster, as he tries to strangle the living breath out of me, my blue eyes swimming with unshed tears as he tightens his grip. Another punishment, another day.

chapter 2

Damien POVIt's night time and I’m hanging out with my best friends and laughing at their stupid jokes, beer in hand, all of us in the forest and blatantly smoking weed while drinking. Like we give a shit if one of the patrols comes across us. Hell, it's not like dad cares what I do.

chapter 5

Johnathon’s POV My mother is standing in my doorway, and I roll my eyes and mutter something under my breath “geez can’t she leave me alone?” knowing she can plainly hear me. Good, because right now she's being her usual annoying, overprotective self.

chapter 9

Johnathon POVGod, I’ve been at school for not even two minutes and everybody is sucking up to the big bad Alpha. Do they not realize how embarrassing that is? All I want is to be left alone. Not gushed over. Girls are flocking in from everywhere and it’s all I can do not to get crushed by the crowd, or suffocated. God, I’m annoyed. This happens at every school and I'm so sick of it. I start to glower at everyone but no one seems to get the hint. I sigh. At this rate, I'm going to have to use my alpha tone on everyone if it doesn't stop.

chapter 11

Winter POVI'm sitting in class, listening to the teacher, who I'll admit was rambling a bit when the door to the classroom crashed open. I don't even have to turn to know it's the new Alpha everyone's been talking about. The teacher thankfully falls silent and everyone begins to talk while I wonder what it is he wants. He smells nice, I think drowsily, like sandalwood and bergamot and I inhale deeply, my eyes suddenly narrowing as I work out why that is. There's only one reason another person would smell this good to me and that's if they are my mate. Sure enough, he points at me.

chapter 12

Johnathon's POVI head back to my next class, listening to my wolf's growls and protests, pushing them aside. But something doesn't feel right to me. Why did she look so defeated back there, as though she'd been expecting to be rejected? Mates generally stayed together and I felt a pang as I remembered the sad look in her eyes. She'd looked so broken and I had helped make her that way.

chapter 13

Winter POV I sat in the bleak-looking hospital room, grateful that Johnathon had the common sense to leave me alone and sit in the hallway. I'm so angry at him for forcing me to come here when I don't want to go. I feel a sense of panic. What if they call my father and tell him I'm here? He'll kill me for sure. I try to hold my tears at bay as a young woman comes walking in, dressed in a doctor's coat. She looks concerned and I wonder if she's been told about my injuries already. I bet Johnathon told her.

chapter 14

Johnathon POV I'm hurrying to the car, aware of Winter's condition. She might seem tough, but right now she looked like a strong wind would knock her over. The car is too far for her to walk to and I get in and drive around to the front of the hospital, violently hoping she hasn't tried to leave on her own again. I can't believe she tried to do that. She's absolutely mad and the most stubborn girl I know and I've only known her a few hours.

chapter 15

Damien POVI'm hanging around behind the school building, waiting for my mates and subtly smoking when I hear the snooty cheerleaders coming past. Christ, I can't stand shallow, vain creatures. For some reason, Jessica keeps trying to search me out and I know it's because she likes me. A shame because I really, really dislike her. I press my back against the brick wall and pray I'm not seen as they walk past.

chapter 16

Winter POVI'm dreading going into the house after being so late. My father is going to be pissed that dinner's not on the table, but to my shock, the house is pitch black, with no lights in the house on at all. Even my brother appears to be missing. I almost shouted out hallelujah in my excitement, shuffling along in pain until I reached the kitchen.