The Carrero Contract - Selling Your Soul (Mafia Romance)

The Carrero Contract - Selling Your Soul (Mafia Romance)

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Synopsis about The Carrero Contract - Selling Your Soul (Mafia Romance)

Read The Carrero Contract - Selling Your Soul (Mafia Romance) by L.T.Marshall. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereCAMILLA WALTERS thought she had come to the end of the road when fate caught up with her. No where left to run or hide, on the verge of becoming fish food at the hands of drug runners she owed a lot of money to.That was until fate brought her ALEXI, head of the family CARRERO - The unexpected hero who saved her ass and changed her life in one easy manouvre.Who knew she would have to sign her soul over to the devil in a bid to stay alive and in doing so, lose her heart and mind in the process.This is not your typical hearts and roses story - Let the games begin and the war commence.This is book 7 in The Carrero Series, although you can read this without prior books. There are back story hints from previous books worked in, so this new trio can be read alone.For a fuller understanding then start with The Carrero Effect .Contains some mature, adult content, and language.
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Chapter 1: 1

I turn in the uncomfortable, hard bed pulling the sheets up over the itchy hospital gown and try not towince with every single pain that runs through my body. Even with the number of drugs they havepumped into me, it’s no picnic having broken ribs and a body that looks like it lost a fight with a train.I’m in agony and barely able to take a breath without the aching, burning shuddering waves, of a goodold-fa

Chapter 2: 2

I don’t know why I’m telling him this, I have never had a need to be honest with anyone in my life, but Iget the vibe that lying to him about anything would probably be the single dumbest thing I ever did.Possibly the last too, as he seems like someone who can sniff out a lie at a ten-mile distance.‘‘I’ll take care of it. Call this number in the morning and give my man the details.’’ He extendssomething to m

Chapter 3: 3

‘‘Here, just like you wanted ... Today’s receipts, invoices from the deliveries, the tips, takings, and the tillprint off; would you like me to do anything else for you? Seeing as I am obviously not busy in Happyhour with serving customers and running myself ragged with your demands?’’ I glare at Luciano,throwing the papers on his cluttered desk, completely pissed that he made me do this on a Saturdaynight a

Chapter 4: 4

A dick is a dick and when you are facing them shoved your way daily by over amorous arseholes whosee you as a vessel for their pleasure and nothing else, it kills the buzz and suddenly your best lay is abattery operated boyfriend. At least it won’t smack you around or push itself down your throat and won’tstop until you reach your climax.My ‘’BOB’’ keeps me happy while I avoid disappointing sex and it’s less

Chapter 5: 5

‘‘Miss Walters? ’’ He eyes me sideways with more of a smirk than a smile and shakes his head lightly,almost a little cutely for someone like him. I hold my breath as he leans achingly close to me, shoulderto shoulder, dipping that huge height to meet my smaller frame a little. I have always had a thing for bigmen who make me feel delicate, and Alexi does exactly that; a perfect specimen.I inhale that heady s

Chapter 6: 6

I feel a little sobered and pipe down, reminded that yes, he is still the same man who stood in theshadows of that room that night and made me almost shit myself. Handsome and fuckable doesn’terase cold-hearted killer with no soul. I need to remember the reputation that precedes this man—hedidn’t get it from being a pussycat.Wake up Camilla! This isn’t some toy you can manipulate for shits and giggles; this

Chapter 7: 7

Carrero is very good at sticking to business and ignoring my wit, even if I was only half joking.However, I like that there is a chance at long-term involvement when I am no longer under his thumbper se.I imagined this was going to be the worst kind of deal, but it's sounding sweet to me. I get to utilisewhat I am already good at without worrying about keeping the funds coming in at all, plus a pretty little

Chapter 8: 8

I know I shouldn’t start off this little arrangement on the wrong foot, but something tells me bringing hisgood-time girl up here after making me wait this long was more of a power play and a message thananything. Carrero is a devious one, and he’s trying to put me in my place.I really do toil over whether I should suck it up and play nice, or tell him where to get off. Stuck for amoment in deciding what to

Chapter 9: 9

I swear I think I might hate him already; eyes as empty as I suddenly feel, my heart pounding in myribcage as I try to control every inch of desire to tell him to go fuck himself. I would rather be in a riverthan this.‘’I don’t think I like you as much as I thought I might. You’re no fun and you have serious controlissues.’’ I start to get up slowly and deliberately, telling myself to walk away before I erup

Chapter 10: 10

Alexi lets me go and walks around me into the open area of his desk to where his seat is and carries onlooking in a drawer for something. ‘’You have skills, London, use them. Make him think you possiblywould behind my back, but not enough that he thinks you will. He knows better than to cross me in thatway and you are well versed in the wiles of the fairer sex. You drop practised mannerisms constantlyand liv