The Claiming By Cooper

The Claiming By Cooper

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Read The Claiming By Cooper by Blair Cooper. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereRead The Claiming By Cooper At The werewolf population is dying out. She-wolves have become exceedingly rare. Male werewolves are going feral in increasing numbers because there are not enough females for everyone to have a mate. Fated mates are a thing of the past and the privilege of having a mate is based on the male’s ability to prove that he is the strongest, fastest and most intelligent werewolf to ensure a stronger generation in the future. Unmated males do this during the annual claiming where they battle against other males to be the first to catch and claim a she-wolf as their mate. Jara is the last unmated Alpha female and will enter the claiming this year, having just come of age. She is furious that she must fight for her freedom simply because she’s a female. She has no intention of being claimed after seeing the savagery her sister suffered after her claim. If she can hold out for seven days, she will be given the option of choosing her own mate. Mason is an unmated Alpha who wants a strong and powerful Luna to be his partner and strengthen his pack. Mason intends to capture the last remaining Alpha female before he turns feral. Then, together, they can create a new generation of Alphas, hopefully with several Alpha females.
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The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 1

Chapter 1Jara“This entire process is archaic and barbaric!” I say for the hundredth time.“Sweetheart, we agree with you. But there’s nothing we can do. Your father and I have tried everything.After Mila…,”I sigh. I know my parents tried everything. After the death of my sister by her mate’s mistreatment, theytried to have me removed from the claiming pool. But the elders wouldn’t hear of it. They insisted th

The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 2

The Claiming by Cooper (Jara & Mason)Chapter 2Mason“Alpha! It’s here.” Elijah, my Beta says, coming into my office.I set aside my paperwork and take the envelope, noticing the significant size difference from any otheryear’s claiming package. I’m not surprised, every eligible male in my pack signed up. Since everyonewill have a chance to hunt a mate this year, it’s our best opportunity knowing that no on

The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 3

The Claiming by Cooper (Jara & Mason)Chapter 3JaraI’ve packed my things. I won’t be coming back here unless I’m extremely lucky. Seth, on the otherhand, is packing for six weeks. There is a week before the claiming begins where the claimants can getto know the females eligible for the claim. It’s also the tune where the rules are announced and agreedto by all contenders, and the lotteries are drawn. This

The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 4

The Claiming by Cooper (Jara & Mason)Chapter 4MasonWhen we arrive at the claiming territory, it’s a madhouse. The line to get in was ridiculous, made longeras we had to wait while a car in front of us was surrounded by an escort and taken away.“Which one do you think that was?” Elijah asks beside me.Title of the document“The Alpha or the Beta, if I had to guess.”We finally make our way through, getting t

The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 5

The Claiming by Cooper (Jara & Mason)Chapter 5JaraI like Hana immediately. She and I are obviously in the same situation, not wanting to be a part of thisridiculous pageantry put into place by the Elders to ensure a ‘stronger generation’.I follow the guard who is pushing my luggage. “Do you mind if I join you?” Hana asks me.Title of the document“Not at all. When did you get here?” I ask her, as we move t

The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 6

The Claiming by Cooper (Jara & Mason)Chapter 6MasonTo say that things were tense after Alpha Typhon walked into the dining room would be theunderstatement of the century. The smug smile fell off his face as he felt the animosity from nearlyeveryone in the room. No one thinks that he should be allowed to participate. He mistreated one of thefew remaining Alpha females and now she’s dead. None of us can af

The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 7

The Claiming by Cooper (Jara & Mason)Chapter 7JaraAs we pull into the area, I can see the ma*s*s of males pushing to see this year’s trophies.“Savages.” Hana says.Title of the document“May they choke on their excitement.” I say as we watch the omegas get out, listening to the wolfwhistles.“I have no intention of acknowledging them.” Hana says. I can’t help but smile.“You ignore them, and I’ll basically c

The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 8

The Claiming by Cooper (Jara & Mason)Chapter 8MasonShe’s magnificent. I already love her fire. To threaten a large group of males, half of us Alphas andBetas takes some grit. She didn’t even flinch, however, I think it probably had the opposite affect thatshe was going for. Now, most of us want her, some to tame, some to possess and some like me, tostoke her fire.The Master of Ceremonies really doesn’t k

The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 9

The Claiming by Cooper (Jara & Mason)Chapter 9JaraContestants? They call us contestants as if we chose to be here. As if this is some beauty pageant thatwe applied to participate in.I don’t bother to pay any attention to the ones that are pulled for my “social gathering”. I have nointerest in getting to know any of these a*s*sholes.Title of the documentThey pack us back into our SUVs and we return to our

The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 10

The Claiming by Cooper (Jara & Mason)Chapter 10MasonAfter spending an hour with Beta Hana, I’m tempted to rethink my desire to enter her claiming. That isuntil we nearly walk into Elijah and Jara. He is escorting her to dinner, just as I am escorting Ilana,although I doubt the reason he was chosen was the same.Hana had come right out and asked if there was anyone in the room who did not intend to be in h