The convenient Bride

The convenient Bride

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Synopsis about The convenient Bride

The The convenient Bride novel series by author Jayden has been updated on Novel The convenient Bride in the genre of Romance, drama, ... tells about the troubled love of the male and female leads. Currently, the The convenient Bride novel series is updating the fastest content on the market and continuously on the website. Please visit daily to read FULL The convenient Bride books or download free PDF novel The convenient Bride hereIt’s a hot day and Rosiley,in wedding dress, watched her dear fiance kissing with her sister-in-law whose mother had already usurped her father. Now they marched to snatch her groom-to-be! So pityfully betrayed, she got the news that CEO Sachin was looking for a woman to marry,and she applied for it out of revengeful intention. She never thought this marriage would be such a U-turn in her life…   the convenient bride chinese novel the convenient bride novel the convenient bride hinovel the convenient bride rosiley tang the convenient bride chinese novel read online the convenient bride collection the convenient bride novel hinovel the convenient bride rosiley
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Chapter 1: Let's Team Up For a Wedding

Wearing a pure white wedding dress, Rosiley Tang stood at the door of the bridal boutique. Tearssprang to her eyes as she watched the couple hugging and kissing in a luxurious car parked by thestreet. Rosiley had a date with her fiancé to join her at the boutique, and they planned to meet each otherthere. But the scễene before her wasn't what she expected. Her fiancé had his back to her, totally immersed in

Chapter 2: You Should Call Her "Mrs. Lu”

"What's the matter?" the assistant asked, standing in front of Sachin to prevent Rosiley from gettingany closer. Rosiley strode toward them, ignoring the assistants attempt to stop her. She nodded to the men andmade sure her voice was clear and confident. "I just heard you saying that Mr. Lu needs a bride. Ì need a groom. I believe we may be able to helpeach other." "Excuse me?" The assistant stood there in

Chapter 3: Make Them Regret

After Rosiley said goodbye to Sachin, she went back home directly.Once she entered the house, she saw Rorey, her step-mother Xenia and her father Seneca Tangtalking happily like a happy family.At that moment, Rosiley felt like she was an outsider intruding on a family conversation to which shedidn't belong.Rosiley's face became cold at once. After she shut the door, she just went straight upstairs withouteve

Chapter 4: Slander

At noon, Rosiley and Yayoi grabbed some food outside and then went back to the company. As soon as they entered, they saw many colleagues crowding before a computer while talking fiercely. "My God, this man is really my idol? This is just too spicy for me !” "Apparently, they are doing some nasty things inside!" "Yunis was too careless, right? He was caught doing this in secret and even got photographed. I'

Chapter 5: Protect Prince Charming

Yunis .Jis news shook the internet, so the Ji group quickly convened a press conference to clear thingsup.At the press conference, Yunis told the reporters that the man in the picture was him, but the nightclubgirl' was actually his fiancée he had never mentioned publicly before. By the way, Yunis announced hisintention to get married with his fiancée in the near future on the conference.Once his relationshi

Chapter 6: Come for Her

Now, everyone couldn't help focusing on Sachin. However, he ignored them and was only looking atRosiley. He asked her in a deep and low voice, "Did you get hurt?” "No...No. Thank you." Rosiley shook her head slightly. She was still a little frightened by the accident. Noticing this, he said softly, '"Be careful next time." "OK." Rosiley nodded. She couldrt help glancing at him and seemed curious why he was

Chapter 7: How To Celebrate Our Wedding Night

At dusk, Rosiley went off work and left the company with Yayoi. They said goodbye at the gate. ButYayoi looked at her worriedly, “Rosiley, how about living with me for a few days?” Yayoi worried abouther, thinking Rosiley would have to live with Rorey. lt was highly likely that the bitch would continuemaking her life a living hell. Rosiley was deeply moved by her friend's care, "Thank you, Yayoi. | believe

Chapter 8: Not Intimate Enough

Misunderstood dinner for sex? The atmosphere in the car suddenly became embarrassing.While driving, Lane held back his laughter so badly that his body even trembled a little.But just one stare from Sachin easily prevented him from bursting out laughing and made him seriousat once.Rosileys cheeks were so red that even her fair neck was turning pink.Sachin put on a serious look and said, "You don't have to wor

Chapter 9: Upset

They had spent two hours in celebrating their marriage and enjoying the romantic dinner.Since it was still early, Sachin suggested after paying the bill they should stay on the mountain and takein the night view. They could return to the downtown later.Rosiley agreed. Although she and Sachin were only married on paper, she had to say that it was a verypleasant night for her.Evidently, she knew him for less t

Chapter 10: No One Can Hurt You

The next day after her fight with Seneca, Rosiley moved out. Sachin sent Lane to pick her up. When Rosiley left, she couldn't help looking back at the house andfeeling a little sad. She had lived there for over twenty years. l† was sad to leave the house after all. But she recovered soon enough. There was nothing worth her stay in that house. Sachin lived in the Lennox Villa that was beautifully situated in