The Diary Of My Dead Wife

The Diary Of My Dead Wife

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Chapter: 41
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Read The Diary Of My Dead Wife by Dwein. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereDuring the past three years of their marriage, every time they made out, he would cover her mouth, not allowing her to utter any sound.  “Zac, you bastard. I'm gonna divorce with you! I'm done with you!”  “You were saying you were done with me? What a pity. I'm not having enough fun yet! Since the day you killed your sister, you should know I'll always torturing you until my death!"
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Chapter 1: Cover Her Mouth

The room was filled with a quiet but tense atmosphere during the night.Sophie's mouth was covered with a white cloth, and she was tightly tied to the bed.A man was raping her, but she was not allowed to make any noise.The man did not show any mercy on her.She endured everything that the man did to her for a very long time.However, she felt that it was too much this time so she did not conceal her pain anymor

Chapter 2: You can't get rid of it when you die!

His footsteps evoked an unexplainable strange sensation in his mind, caused a tightness in his chest,and suffocated him."Unless Edith comes back to life, you won't be free from this hell!"After Zac finished speaking, he left the room and shut the door heavily.The next morning, Sophie decided to visit her parent's home.Although her parents did not like her, they were still blood-related.If she wanted a divorc

Chapter 3: Premonitors of Abortion

The rain continued to fall from the sky, and it was colder than usual.Still, Sophie continued to wait at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.Ten minutes...Twenty minutes...One hour...Two hours...Sophie didn't know what she was waiting for, but she continued to stand there.The rain made her cold, and it was getting dimmer and dimmer from her eyesight.She finally fell in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau and

Chapter 4: Blood dripping wet, miserable Sophie was startled.

She had no idea things would turn out this way.Her slap was powerful, but it would never dragsomeone down the stairs.After all, she hadn't realized she and Edith were standing on a stairway."Edith! "Zac was distressed and enraged when he yelled.Sophie turned to where the voice was coming.She saw that Zac had run up from the bottom of the stairs.He held Edith in his arms, who was now unconscious.", I

Chapter 5: Sophie, you can't!

Zac didn't go home, and instead went straight to the hospital.Edith was still in the hospital.She saw Zac come back and couldn't help but jump into his arms excitedly."Zac, you are back, I miss you so much.""It's good that we will never be separated again"He stroked the back of her head, and his voice was softer than ever before."Did you really divorce with her?""Hmm.""Great! Zac, I knew you still love me.Th

Chapter 6: The baby in her belly is not his?!

Zac looked back unhappily, "Edith, you're still not in good health.Why are you running around here? Goback to your ward.""I don't want to! Zac, don't let yourself be fooled by this woman.It's obvious that she deliberately gotpregnant because she wanted to tie you down! You can't let her give birth to this child, otherwise, shewill depend on you all her life!"Edith, who felt that she was wronged, ran over to

Chapter 7: He laughed with anger

A month later, Sophie was discharged from the hospital.But it was a bleak day for her.No one was there to pick her up.Her parents did not care about her, to the point that they had already forgotten her whole existence.Her ex-husband had never loved her and she had been living in dire straits for the past three years.On top of that, she didn't even have a single friend who can pick her up from the hospital.Z

Chapter 8: You will go to hell!

When she regained consciousness, Sophie found herself lying on a cold operating table.‘What am I doing in a hospital? No, this isn't a hospital.What am I doing here?!’ Sophie realized she was inside a moving car.There were two men in white coats, similar to that of a doctor's coat, beside her.One of them was injecting something into her arm."Who are you? What are you doing to me? Let me go!"She tried to stru

Chapter 9: The child was lost

Outside the operating room.Zac's hand was trembling as he combed it through his hair."Nothing must happen to her.Oh God, please keep Sophie and our child safe!’ Zac prayed solemnly.‘As long as they are safe, I am willing to pay any price’ It was at this moment that Zac had suddenly realized that Sophie had occupied a huge part of hisheart, and before he knew it, she became important to him.He regretted how l

Chapter 10: Sophie, Becoming a Vegetative

Zac had never seen any parents as biased as the Williams.They had pampered and showered Edith with love but left out Sophie in the cold.If it wasn't illegal to take someone's life, he would have strangled these three Williams already.He was really blinded by this family of hyenas.They had incited him to hurt Sophie and he was a fool to believe them.Edith realized that Zac already knew that she was the culpri