The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss

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Chapter: 2569
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Chapter 1 Divorce

Ding! A message alert sounded. [Please go to the hospital to donate blood as soon as possible.] When Nicole saw this message, she was stunned for a moment like she had sustained a huge blow to her chest. The sender’s name was “Hubby”. Ding!Another message immediately followed. It was a notice from the bank that she had received a fund transfer of 500,000 dollars. Nicole scrolled up to look at her message his

Chapter 2 A Lesson

Nicole put away her phone. She suppressed the pain in her heart and the burning sensation in her body then braced herself and took a taxi to the City Hall. Time passed by the minute. Eric Ferguson called Nicole twice, but no one answered, so he refused to call again.Nicole sat on a bench looking very pale. An hour later, Eric walked over with a stern, expressionless face as he looked down at her with his col

Chapter 3 Retaliation

Eric’s eyes sank and his face was stormy as he yelled, “Nicole! What are you doing?!” The man’s voice was cold. ‘He showed up fast enough. Was he so afraid that I’d hurt Wendy?’ Nicole thought.Wendy pouted and looked panicked. Her eyes suddenly brimmed with tears as she covered her cheek and looked behind Nicole. She argued in a loud voice, “I didn’t do anything, Nicole. You misunderstood me.” ‘Is Nicole cra

Chapter 4

RemarryNicole did not care in the slightest whether Wendy was embarrassed or not. She looked at Wendy’s bandaged left leg and ripped off the bandage despite Wendy’s struggle. Suddenly, the temperature in the ward instantly plunged to a freezing point.Nicole looked at the graze on Wendy’s leg and scoffed. “Wow, it’s so serious that there’s not even a drop of blood flowing out. If I came a little later, I’m a

Chapter 5

RidiculedAs soon as Floyd Stanton walked over, Nicole jumped into his arms and cried hysterically. Floyd sighed, heartbroken and angry at his daughter. She had never suffered the slightest bit since she was a child, yet she acted so lowly in front of Eric Ferguson. To make things worse, Eric Ferguson never once appreciated his darling daughter.If not for their prior agreement, Floyd Stanton would have crush

Chapter 6

StolenYvette tilted her head back and laughed from exasperation. She wanted to jump up and curse at Quinn. “Nicole, is this the result of you working so hard for these people for three years? We smell of poverty?! How did you put up with this for three years?! Well, you can put up with it, but I can’t!”Yvette stepped forward and shoved Quinn, who stumbled backward and almost fell. “I’m telling you, if it wa

Chapter 7

Gone ViralAfter Nicole and Yvette left Imperial Gardens, Yvette had been cursing the Fergusons until they got home. “That old hag is senile! If it wasn’t for her age, I would’ve taught her a lesson!” Nicole was used to it and smiled. “Forget it. Don’t stoop to her level. Anyway, we won’t be seeing them anymore.”The two ladies were talking and laughing. When they finally returned to the Stanton Mansion, they

Chapter 8

ApologyThe photo Nicole posted was the one of Wendy Quade and Eric Ferguson sleeping together. Their intimacy was self-evident. What was originally a sharp weapon used to hurt Nicole became a shield for her to protect herself. Nicole’s statement was as follows: [Dear Mr. Ferguson, I was deeply sorry to hear that ‘Daydream’ was stolen, so I hired a private detective to track it down overnight.The detective f

Chapter 9

BanquetEric Ferguson hung up the phone and rubbed his temples. His face was glum and he felt extremely irritable.He dialed Nicole’s number, but as expected, she did not answer and even blocked him.Eric slammed his phone so hard on the desk that it made a loud clang. He looked at Mitchell coldly.“Go find out where Nicole is. I want an answer in fifteen minutes.” Mitchell felt like he would lose his job and h

Chapter 10

Abandoned WifeThe glorious banquet hall was filled with important people. Every guest present was at the top of their field. Nicole was mentally prepared to see Eric Ferguson again. Her heart did not fluctuate when she saw him because she had already let him go. Although everyone knew that Eric Ferguson had an ex-wife, Eric had never brought her to any formal occasions. Even when the last statement went vir