The First Heir

The First Heir

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Read The First Heir by Master Yu Who Smokes. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here(Alternate Title: The Glorious LifeMain Characters: Philip Clarke, Wynn Johnston) “Oh no! If I don’t work harder, I’d have to return to the family house and inherit that monstrous family fortune.” As the heir to an elite wealthy family, Philip Clarke was troubled by this…
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Chapter 1

At Riverdale Public Hospital.“Excuse me, make way!” Philip Clarke was carrying an unconscious little girl as he rushed into thehospital, yelling madly, “Doctor! Doctor! Quick, save my little girl!”The nurses and doctor who had rushed out quickly took the child from Philip’s arms, and entered theemergency room.“Oh, you can’t go in!” A nurse in an azure-colored uniform with a face mask stopped Philip fromenter

Chapter 2

Philip’s expression changed, frowning slightly.Seeing Philip in his delivery uniform, looking shabby, Lily pointed at the door and said, “Get out now,we don’t allow delivery men here.”“I’m not here for delivery,” explained Philip.Lily tidied her bangs before crossing her arms and said icily, “This is not the first time I hear this.Everyone that comes in here says they’re not delivery men. Please!”“I’m not. I

Chapter 3

“It’s just money. Who said I didn’t manage to borrow any?” Philip glared viciously at Juan.Juan was dumbstruck as his expression froze. When the surprise was still evident in his eyes, Philiptossed the plastic bag in his hand in front of him and Wynn. The bag fell with a loud thud and rolls ofcash appeared before their eyes. The corner of Juan’s eye twitched slightly as his lips trembled. Hishands had subcon

Chapter 4

Wilson was now boiling with anger!That madman blocked the new boss’ Bentley! Was he looking for trouble?“Philip Clarke, what are you still standing there for? Get out of the way!” Wilson pointed at Philip andbarked at him.Philip had only just parked his scooter when he received another round of scolding from Wilson.“Oh no! Philip’s done for this time. Brother Wil’s going to have a fit.”“Ten complaint calls,

Chapter 5

“Why are you here?” Wynn frowned and glanced at the Bentley beside Philip. ‘Did he just come outfrom that car? Is this my wretched husband? Or do delivery companies now deliver meals in Bentleys?’“I… I, uhm…” Philip stammered then swept a look at George who was smiling like a flower through thewindow.The old man quickly put out a hand and said, “Young man, thank you. It’s thanks to you that I finallyfound th

Chapter 6

Philip casually made a call to George Thomas. “George, help me check for the latest projects thatWynn Johnston is handling within Beacon Pharmaceutical. Is there a million-dollar order? Let me knowwho is the client and the person in charge.”From the other end came George’s respectful voice, saying, “Young Master, Beacon Pharmaceutical isone of the companies that the Clarke family invests in. I’ll get Preside

Chapter 7

The Bentley soon arrived at Riverdale Virtuous Court. This was a famous restaurant in the city whereonly the wealthy and prestigious could dine. Virtuous Court also required a membership reservationwhere the minimum requirement was to spend at least one million to keep the membership.At that moment, standing at the entrance of Virtuous Court was a well-known entrepreneur. Thechairman of Civil Trading Group,

Chapter 8

This voice was unpleasant. Philip lifted his head and saw a fat man with a protruding beer belly staringat him with a mocking expression.What does it have anything to do with you, whether or not I’m a kept man? Do I even know you? Philippouted, planning to ignore him, turned to leave.The fatso, however, did not plan to let him off so quickly. He went over to block Philip’s way andridiculed him indirectly. “I

Chapter 9

At the front desk, Rose was waving the card as she swept an arrogant glance at Philip before saying,“Help me check if this card can reserve us a private room.”Everyone was holding their breaths, waiting to watch Philip make a fool of himself.The girl at the front desk received the card, swiped it, and all of a sudden, her expression lookednervous. She asked, “Miss, is this your card?”When Rose saw this, she

Chapter 10

Philip glanced over calmly and expressionlessly.Kyle was looking at Philip, clearly displeased. This guy seemed so normal, how could he be so calm?Interesting!“Bro, can you pay the three hundred thousand?” Kyle was not a gangster who would just start gettingphysical for no apparent reason. Three hundred thousand was a humongous sum for a normal person.Kyle felt that a man like Philip could never afford this