The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President

The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President

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Chapter: 20
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Read The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President by mangguomusi. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereBefore replacing her twin sister marry Lucas, Evelyn heard the outside rumors that Lucas was a cold-hearted person. Later, she learned that the rumors were deceiving. Lucas was the man who really loved her. When she was hurt and depressed by her family, Lucas firmly defended her, gave her warm home, his tender love and support. Evelyn gradually indulged...however.....
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Chapter 1: Going to Have a Baby with Her

The room was decorated with classical elegant style and the lights were dim. Evelyn Davis sat lazily on the sofa and sipped the red wine in her glass. Her eyebrows showed that shewas a little drank and eyes were slightly blurred and her face was full of inexplicable sadness... Today was the first day that she had entered the Hawk family instead of her twin sister Nora Davis. This family is the most rich fami

Chapter 2: They Met for the First Time

Lucas glanced at him coldly and said, "Who else would I have a baby with?" Cater hesitated and said, "But I heard that the young mistress not only had a chaotic private life, butalso she was obstinate, arrogant and domineered. Everyone in the family had been offended, even theMrs. Hawk and the chairman..." Living with such a woman whole life, it was a disaster! Lucas 's eyes darkened, and apparently he had h

Chapter 3: Wanton(1)

The next day, the sun softly came through from the window. Evelyn slowly opened her eyes, her brain also had a dull pain. She pinched her eyebrows and slowly raised herself. She just moved a little, and felt all her bones ache. She frowned with pain. Until now, she regained consciousness She thought the thing of last night that the lingering in bed like fire, and the man's insatiable plunder.She's kind of in

Chapter 3: Wanton(2)

Lucas regained his composure and went to open the door. Outside the door stood Cater Wood with a respectful face."President, Mr. Hawk is looking for you." Lucas squinted his eyes and looked at him with some unkindness. He said: "You said that the Evelynliked to buy famous brand clothes, cosmetics and high heels, is it a lie to me?" "Ah?" Cater Wood was puzzled and couldn't react well."This... I didn't lie to

Chapter 4: Today, I Will Teach You a Good Lesson

Evelyn gnashed her teeth in anger and angrily threw her mobile phone onto the sofa. At this time, the phone rang again. It's the ringtone of a text message. Evelyn stood in situ for a long time before she reluctantly took it back. Then she saw the message on the screen: Nora, can you come to the Changting? The sender was a number without note. This mobile phone belongs to Nora. This person called her so inti

Chapter 5: She Was the One Who Cheated You the Most

Seeing that she was about to fall. Suddenly, a strong force came to hug her waist and struggled to theside. Then, Evelyn's whole body had steadily fallen into a warm embrace. At this time, their postures were a little ambiguous. Evelyn snuggled on the chest of the coming person. Hearing a burst of strong and powerful heartbeats. She could smell a faint cologne scent during the breath,such as fresh as wood an

Chapter 6: Don't be Ambiguous with Other Men (1)

Because of the requirements of Lucas, Evelyn was ashamed to refuse. About half an hour later, they arrived at the Qianxi Building. This was a Chinese restaurant with unique design and high-end atmospheric garden-style exteriorlandscape. The inside was an antique loft balcony with classical and luxurious texture.It was thepreferred place for many famous and wealthy families to meet and gather. Not only that,

Chapter 6: Don't be Ambiguous with Other Men (2)

Amelia clenched her fists and scolded constantly in her heart. Bitch! Bitch! But soon she suppressed her anger and looked straight at the restaurant door. It happened that a man in a suit came in from outside. He was very handsome, and extraordinary elegant, but he was a little cynical. When Amelia saw the man, the corners of her mouth aroused slightly unconsciously at once, and shehad a glance at Evelyn. Sh

Chapter 7: Do You Want to Kill Him?

In the afternoon, Evelyn never saw Lucas again. After dinner, she went to bed early. In the middle of the night, her throat was like having a fire in throat,so she woke up because of thirsty. She fumbled up and went downstairs, wanting to get a cup of hot water into the kitchen. When she passed the study, she saw the lights were still on. Evelyn stopped, and she was awake more. She pushed open the door gentl

Chapter 8: Nobody Can Take Away Your Belongings

Evelyn was slapped inexplicably, feeling half of her face numb and her head muddled. The housekeeper also did not expect that the dignified and elegant lady would do that, and he wasstunned for a long time before he could react.He said, "Madam, the young mistress does notunderstand probably, just..." "What is it? I think she's just undisciplined! She doesn't know how to be a wife." Mrs. Hawk spoke harshly. I