The Greatest Man Alive

The Greatest Man Alive

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Synopsis about The Greatest Man Alive

Read The Greatest Man Alive by Maverick Bowman. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereAs a prison guard, Nathan Evans was not busy with his work. For some reason, all his prisoners were highly obedient and would always respect him even after they got out of prison. However, not everyone would show him respect. Especially when his fiancé Jade broke their engagement in front of everyone. For over a decade, Nathan had been kind enough to his prisoners. And now, he would show his kindness to the whole world.
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Chapter 1

The Devendill Prison.In this prison, the most vicious prisoners in the world were detained. All of them were famous for theirevil reputation. There were agents who stole state secrets, killers who assassinated the president, andwarlords who slaughtered tens of thousands of captives.Nathan Evans dressed in his prison guard uniform and was practicing handwriting in his father’s study.His writing was firm and e

Chapter 2

“Dad wants me to marry Natalie Johnson?” Nathan looked at the letter in his hand speechlessly.Natalie Johnson was his childhood friend. She had been good-looking since she was a kid and wasprobably even more beautiful now.Nathan’s father’s words were very strict and left Nathan no other choices, so he had to do what his dadhad ordered.***Early the next morning, the prisoners were celebrating when Nathan left

Chapter 3

Miller Walter, the wealthiest man in Mimar City, was a legend. And it was not an exaggeration.He was imprisoned for two years in Devendill Prison, where Nathan had taken good care of him. Plus,he was able to get out of prison because of Nathan. Even though Nathan was young, he was Miller’ssavior.“Mr. Walter, sorry for bothering you. You even came to the airport to pick me up.” Nathan smiled andspoke.“Mr. Nat

Chapter 4

Beep!Nathan opened the gate of the villa.It was located on the top of Mountain Almonube and was known as the Almonube Palace.“Nightking knows how to enjoy life. I’ll beat him up less to appreciate him for giving me this villa.”A satisfied smile appeared on his face.Rudolph “Nightking” Wolfgang was the most respected person on the Underground of Hechland. Heused to serve in the military, and after he retired,

Chapter 5

Nathan declined Hector’s invitation to stay overnight and returned to Almonube Estate.As soon as he stopped the car, he felt someone was watching him.Nathan frowned and said coldly, “Come out!”Several men appeared around him, and each seemed like a cruel beast.“Your relationship with Jade seems to be very unusual. Kneel right now, or we’ll break your limbsbefore we take you away.” A man said slowly with a co

Chapter 6

Hannah immediately stopped Nathan when he was about to leave.“What are you doing? Natalie brought you out to meet her friends, and you’re leaving without sayinggoodbye?” Hannah said.“I guess he probably saw Mr. Luke’s skills and felt ashamed.” Mr. Mandy laughed.Then he said to Natalie, “Natalie, fencing is a noble sport. But he is a bumpkin, so he doesn’t know howto play. Thus, it is understandable if he wan

Chapter 7

“Are you Natalie Johnson?” Jade stepped forward, looked at Natalie, and smiled.Natalie trembled and nodded. She used to be proud of being the Johnson Group’s president at a youngage. However, when facing Jade, this achievement was nothing at all.“G-General Perkins, I am Natalie. Do… Do you need anything?” Natalie said tremblingly.Jade nodded and said, “Not bad…”Just like that, then, she turned around and lef

Chapter 8

Everyone was stunned while watching Nathan count down.“What is he doing? How dare he curse the mayor!”“He’s in great trouble, and even Mr. Walter won’t be able to protect him. Mr. Hopp is furious!”“Look at Mr. Sanders; his face is so dark. This brat offended him greatly!”When Nathan blurted out the last number, Gerard suddenly covered his chest, and his face turneddark. Soon, he yelled and fell unconsciously

Chapter 9

Pedro sneered. The Negino Commerce was a tyrant in Mimar, and there was no need to show mercyto two women.“Who do you think you are? You plead for her; will you drink for her as well?!” Pedro looked at Hannahcoldly and asked.The men around Pedro also jeered Hannah and Natalie with sneers. In their opinion, these two womenhad become Mr. Fisher’s prey.Hannah’s face turned pale, she was not good at drinking, an

Chapter 10

Hearing this, Nathan frowned.“B*st rd, where have you been?! Natalie suffered so much, yet you hid away like a coward!” Afterseeing Nathan, Luisa became furious and scolded him.Nathan didn’t reply, he glanced at Luke and asked, “What’s going on? Why is Luke here?”Luisa growled, “How dare you ask!”“Yesterday Natalie went to collect the debt from Pedro Fisher of Negino Commerce, but she was forcedto drink a wh