The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

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Synopsis about The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Read The Innocent Wife of Scheming President by Yaya. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereShe can’t stand the indecency of her superior. She went straight to the new president’s office to protest. Who knows she fell into a deeper trap. When a runaway heroine meets a cynical handsome man, is the pure assistant captured and taken home, or is the scheming president voluntarily upgraded to a good and obedient husband?
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Chapter 1: Disaster

Highways built around a mountain,they were very winding.Along the way, the scenery was beautiful,clouds and mists hung over the sky, it was a place where people could forget to leave. "Squeak!"The sharp scratch and crash suddenly broke the calm of the forest.A BMW coming downfrom the mountain seemed to be out of control, driving at crazy speeds, drifting from time to time. It waseager and dangerous, like a r

Chapter 2: The Myserious Lady

"Three months ago, as an alumnus and a successful personage, you gave a speech on the centenaryanniversary of Jiangcheng University. Unfortunately, I was sitting in the auditorium. Although yourspeech is short, it's wonderful. Compared with our headmaster's lengthy speech, I like yours muchmore." "So you are a student in Jiangcheng University." Alan Hoyle was a little relieved. "Why must I be a student, mayb

Chapter 3: He Really Looked Handsome

"Looking at your sunny face, I can't imagine it is so dark in your heart. There is someone doing harmsto you and you just think all the people in the world are bad. It is absolutely wrong to all people with astick. If someone help you, you should be grateful for them. If I know you are such a person early, I willnot save you from that mountain and just let you be eaten by wolves." The girl hummed unhappily.

Chapter 4: I Fell in Love with You at First Sight

"Aren't you afraid to see a very ugly woman standing in front of you at the time of your recovering youreyesight?" Her naughty fingers circled around his chest. "Then I will accept it." He answered. Thinking that she said she was a super beautiful girl, he was funthat she might have seen too many cartoons. There were also times when she was not confident. The magic of love, perhaps was really incredible. A w

Chapter 5: Disappeared in the World

Unable to get through to her cell phone, he ran frantically back to the rented small courtyard, which wasempty. She took away all traces of her as if she had never appeared in his life. Only a glass bottle was placed at the head of a bed filled with colorful lucky stars,there were threehundred sixty-five stars in it.He didn't know when she folded them,they witnessed the joy and their love. But she,from then

Chapter 6: Meeting Without Knowing

"Never mind." The Man's voice was as light as water. Even though he was so cold that made peoplefeel never to contact. He did not know her. Olive did not feel surprised, but felt boundless loss flowing in the body. The lift went up and the feeling of weightlessness drowned her. She stood beside him and watched himquietly. Five years’ long time seemed to have left no traces of time on him. Only the resolute

Chapter 7: Women Are Frightening

"I heard from Mr Hudson of Darui Company that you drugged him yesterday and wanted to trade withhim with your body?"Susie's voice was so loud that she could be heard even you standing outside theoffice. She immediately attracted countless attentions. People all looked at her. Susie was intentional. Olive raised her head and looked blankly at the woman in front of her. She was beautiful. Her chestnut algae-l

Chapter 8: Lamentable Women

Although this practice was applauded, but resignation? Sabrina quickly pulled at Olive. "Olive, you'recrazy. Don't be so impulsive. You're not really going to resign, are you?" Isn't she lose a companion in this way? Susie was shocked too, then her joy was hidden in her eyebrows, but she still said in her overbearingvoice, "Olive, do you need to say it so loudly? It's as if I forced you to resign." "Isn't th

Chapter 9: Men Are the Same Disgusting

She had thought resignation was a difficult thing, she had too many things to worry about, but whenshe really had this idea, she found it was quite simple. It was just that life had to go on and her bank card had no extra money to let her rest for too long. Pretend to be unyielding, and sure enough, there was a price to pay. But if she went back now, she also despised herself. A good horse will never turn ro

Chapter 10: Do You See Something

They took a seat and the waiter brought all the dishes they ordered. Chloe glanced at the several bags she had put aside,"eh, you have gone shopping, I am almost bored tothese days, you even didn’t call me, you are really not a nice friend.” Although the words was complained, Olive knew, she was just saying, this woman’s heart was soft butthe mouth was tough. "I quit.” Olive said with understatement. "You qu