The King's Tainted Mate

The King's Tainted Mate

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Synopsis about The King's Tainted Mate

Shyla thought she was saving her sister when she so selflessly gave up her innocence and risked an instant rejection from her true mate for having tainted their bond. She was fine with that, because she loved her sister and the thought of losing her was not something Shyla wanted to live through. She still had a few more months before her first shift, so she would worry about her mate later. But then it turned out her sister was never dying at all. There was no poison, no enemies out to get her. She'd tricked Shyla into losing her innocence just so she'd eliminate her as a possible bride to the prince of their kingdom. Shyla was never even interested in the spoiled royal and if her sister had only asked, she would have simply stepped aside and let her have her fantasy. Shyla would have gladly done it, well, that was before she met the prince and his wolf screamed 'Mate'. As per the kingdom's tradition her mate rejected her. Despite her shameful status, Shyla hoped he wouldn't, but she knew it couldn't be helped. The royal decree was so very clear on that, but then he chose her sister and Shyla knew it was nothing to do with the decree. He was punishing her for tainting their bond. Her sister got exactly what she wanted and Shyla remained with nothing but a broken heart and a very precious ring that the man who'd deflowered her had slipped into one of the crevices of her dress. She felt like a 'p********e' for even thinking of keeping the precious looking jewel, but choosing to leave everything behind, Shyla knew she needed it for the new beginning she hoped for. Little did she know the tumultuous new beginning that piece of jewellery would inflict on her poor little soul. Elian did not deserve her. This was his punishment from the moon goddess. For that night of drunken passion with a stranger. For giving away his mate's rightful precious ring that would have cemented their bond just like the many royal couples before them. His own misdeeds did not make his mate's betrayal hurt any less however, and neither did it stop him from unleashing his anger on her. How could she give herself to another man? He rejected her, but his punishment would not end there. He knew she did not even realize it, but he kept her from accepting his rejection. That way she'd know pain each and every waking day he got intimate with her sister. He banished her too, branding her a traitor to his kingdom. An announcement that would warn anyone who'd dare to give her shelter that they would be going against his entire kingdom. He made sure she'd spend her days utterly alone or was that his fate? Mates forced apart by one sinful misdeed. A bond so tainted it should have died, but what happens when instead of dying, the bond grows stronger, pulling at the very strings of their hearts and drawing them closer against their will.
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Forever Tainted

"You are not dying?" I stared at my older sister, stunned at her flawless beauty that greeted me the moment I walked into our small house. After the regrettable night I'd had and the tears I'd cried, I couldn't put it past my eyes to deceive me. It was not that I was so jealous of her and wished her dead, but up until I left our small village house last night, she had looked almost dead. Eyes sunken, her usually glowing skin was paler than a wee lad's bottom that had stayed too long in a wet napkin. Her lips were so cracked, I could not let her smile as I was afraid they'd split into pieces with the effort.


"Elian!"I winced at my mother's scolding tone. Even when I was set to take over the kingdom from my father in a few months, that tone still made me relive my most mischievous childhood days that had earned me some serious scolding and whipping from the king and queen of Xatis.


Everyone claimed one would never feel anything to do with their mate before their first shift. Not their heavenly scent, the undeniable attraction. Not even the pain of their rejection. But as I sat on the spot I had crashed on moments after the royal carriage had disappeared from my sight, I proved those theories wrong. At least the part about being rejected. I felt it. All of it. His anger. His pain. The hate he’d instantly had for me when he realized what I’d done. But above all else, I felt the ocean of pain that rose all over me when he’d uttered the words I thought I could take if it came down to it. How wrong I was.

An Outlaw

My saving grace had turned out to be a devil in disguise. The moment I hit the water, it had sucked me in, drawing me down deep and violently taking the little breath meant for the life I was so desperate to hold on to.I had kicked, thrashed, fought in its belly, but it would not let go. For a beat, then two and eventually more, leaving it to pronounce its victory. With nothing to hold on to I had given up for the first time that day. My tears blending in with my unlikely enemy as it carried me to wherever those who lost to it were doomed to spend their eternity.

More Than A Chance

"She did not strike me as someone who would do something of the sort for the fun of it.” “I do not care!” I growled at Rakon and that was the truth. I did not care about anything that had to do with my ex mate. Not her life or where she had ended up after I banished her and definitely not the reasons that had made her betray our bond.

A Precious Gem?

"With a grip like that, you will surely be dead meat before you can draw in your fleeting breath." Gol spat as he tried to get me to firm my grip on his arm. We'd been wrestling all morning. Or he'd been trying to get me to wrestle him. Something about knowing how to make my escape if ever I found myself trapped in the arms of an enemy. It was unlikely, because he'd forbade me from going anywhere without him. And as long as I remained under his roof, I had to follow his orders which he had laid out plainly, together with the consequences of breaking any. He had also taken it upon himself to teach me a few ways I could protect myself while in Dovah, just in case.


"What's happening to me, Gol?" I hunched over grabbing my middle in a futile attempt to keep the searing pain at bay. Wave after wave of pain pounded my insides, taking my breath away. I felt like I was going to die, or burn or shatter into a thousand pieces all at the same time. Some moments felt as though I was being crushed from the inside out. And why wasn’t he carrying me inside? The sun and everything out here was making everything worse. The light was too much for my eyes, the heat from the sun even though it was still morning was burning my skin, and all those sounds coming from everywhere where driving me insane. “Gol!” I cried out, hand’s shifting to my head. I could feel it splitting in two, leaving me breathless and barely hanging on to life.“Let go Shyla.” Gol kept saying that and it infuriated me. How could I when the pain was eating me alive?

No Bond To Be Betrayed

"Make it stop." I pleaded while sweat and tears rolled down my face. After all the pain I endured while shifting, one would think I could bear just about anything. That was not the case. I was hurdled in a corner inside our shack, desperately clutching onto my chest as wave after wave of pain hit me. I had cried, cursed, pressed, rubbed and even hit my chest in a violent manner, but whatever was lodged in there kept on piercing further. Digging deeper into my heart's flesh and thickening the sadness and sense of loss I felt.


"The people are getting anxious, your Majesty." I glared at the assembly of council men, seeking to spot whoever had dared to anger me so early in the morning. The sun was not yet up and I had barely put my behind on the seat reserved for me at the head of the table before the culprit dared to open his mouth. It was the usual practice, but my mood this morning was not exactly as usual. It hadn’t been for a while now. I was more beast that human and that person should have discerned that. That is if they wished to keep their head on their shoulders."Over what exactly?!" I growled, ready to pounce when my blazing eyes spotted him.

Wishing Upon The Stars

Fate had come to bite me in my behind. The moment I had stepped into my study and had been bathed in waves and waves of that sweet scent, I knew that to be true. It was her. She still held on to the ring. That familiar piece of jewellery I had held so many times before while I dreamed of gifting it to the one who’d held my heart even without knowing. My perfect other half…her.