The Legendary Man

The Legendary Man

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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 1

Chapter 1 The Return Of AsuraAt Northern Crimson Prison located in Sanguine Desert, wind and sand swirled in the air, seemingly intent on submerging the entire prison.The prison confined the most sadistic murderers in the world, including serial killers who were the world’s most wanted fugitives.That aside, the Rainy Night Butcher who had slaughtered a family of more than a dozen people and top-notch hackers who had infiltrated the Sanctum were also imprisoned there.Furthermore, the prison incar

The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Bumping Into The WitchJadeborough was a third-tier city.In actual fact, it fell short of even being a third-tier city.Many people fled the place as soon as they had money, heading toward the more prosperous and developed capital cities or first-tier cities.To Jonathan, however, Jadeborough was the place he had dreamed of countless times in the past three years.After all, someone whom he would never forget in his entire life was there, and that person was his wife, Josephine Smith.More

The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 3

Chapter 3 I Do Not AgreeYsobel drawled with a sneer, “Of course! Isn’t it more than benevolent of her to have waited for you for three whole years? Or did you expect her to live like a widow for the rest of her life?”“Bring me to her!” Jonathan had no time to contend with her, for he only wanted to see Josephine as soon as possible.Snorting, Ysobel commented, “Why do you want to see her? To continue clinging on to her and pestering her endlessly? Besides, what right do you have to go and see her

The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 4

Chapter 4 The Birthday GiftBang!Jonathan kicked the door open and stormed into the private room.The moment Josephine caught sight of him, her expression changed drastically.Jonathan? He… He’s still alive…After having not seen him for three years, even she had gradually started believing the rumor of his death.“You don’t agree?” Alvin threw Jonathan a frigid look with a trace of contempt in his eyes. “Who do you think you are? Do you think you have the right to disagree when it comes to my marria

The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Not Selling Even For A Billion“I made it myself!”No matter how they derided him, Jonathan remained unfazed.In fact, he couldn’t even be bothered to entertain them.Thirty or fifty? They might not be able to buy this necklace in my hand even if they spend thirty or fifty million! I once found this necklace at the residence of the most prominent family in the West Region back when I went to battle there. It’s rumored that this piece of jade alone is worth more than a hundred million! What

The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Get On Your Knees And Apologize“Okay, that’s enough! Drop the act!” Someone finally lost his patience at the sight of Jonathan putting on an act with the elderly man, going back and forth. “Do you really think that your worthless beer bottle can become a treasure by finding two extras to put on a show with you?”Put on a show?Realization immediately dawned on the crowd.That’s right! How could a useless man like Jonathan be able to come up with something worth a few hundred million?“Jose

The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 7

Chapter 7 As UsualSebastian Langford? If he’s standing right here, he would’ve thrown Jonathan into the Goda River to feed the fishes!Several people among the crowd regarded Jonathan as though they were looking at an idiot.Who in Jadeborough doesn’t know how Langford Group made it big? Back then, it was with Sebastian’s ruthless methods did he climb to the top, sacrificing countless people as stepping stones. As such, half of his wealth is stained with blood! Even those with a net wort

The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Is That Reason Enough“Understood, Captain!”Following that order, the few police officers from the Vice Enforcement Division whipped out a set of handcuffs and strode toward Jonathan without a single word.At that sight, the crowd couldn’t help sneering.“Aren’t you almighty, Jonathan? Fight back! Why don’t you dare make a move against the police?” Ysobel derided.“Fight back? Look, he appears to have been scared silly! How would he dare retaliate? Don’t tell me he has peed his pants in fr

The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Shall Be ExecutedThe loud noise shocked everyone on the scene.Just when they instinctively looked toward the direction of the sound, they saw hundreds of armed soldiers rushing in through the door.The soldiers, clad in military uniform, strode in with rifles in their hands. Once they entered the scene, they surrounded everyone in a swift and orderly manner.Needless to say, everyone else was baffled. Even Greg Jawson, who Alvin invited, had no idea what was going on.The same thoughts ra

The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Cannot Afford To Trifle WithAlvin stared intently at Jonathan, his eyes flashing with deep hatred.This can’t be possible! No way! Jonathan’s nothing but a loser!When Alvin first set his eyes on Josephine, he had sent someone to investigate her ex-husband and realized the latter was merely a live-in son-in-law who married into the Smith family because he was hunted down. If Josephine had not saved his life, Jonathan would have been killed by his enemy ages ago.There’s no way this loser