The Return Of God Of War

The Return Of God Of War

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The Return Of God Of War Chapter 1-10

Chapter 1“Damn! You’re amazing, Samuel!”Shaun regarded Samuel with admiration.“Melanie has indeed married a good man! You’re surely the happiest woman in the world! Unlike Zoey, who married a criminal!”…“I’m sorry that my husband is too amazing, Zoey. Just say the word if you need our help in the future. But I dare not get too close to you, though,” Melanie paused. “Lest someone tries to jump his sister-in-law…”Zoey could feel her anger boiling up.It was obvious that Melanie was insulting her, b

The Return Of God Of War Chapter 11-20

The Return of God of War Chapter 11In actual fact, Zoey had been awake for a long time now, but she didn’t make a sound.She looked at Levi wonderingly.He was right.The Lopez family really wants me back.But why?Zoey’s heart leaped into her throat when she heard Levi requesting Harry to come pick her up in person.Harry had always been high and mighty. Never in a million years would he accept Levi’s proposal. Levi was just provoking him by having him personally invite her back.“Fine. Forget it if H

The Return Of God Of War Chapter 21-30

The Return of God of War Chapter 21“Don’t think we are ignorant of what you’d done to the Garrison family,” Aaron scoffed, “they have warned us to prepare ourselves for a bloodbath.”“Why do you have to piss off the Garrison family? Are you looking to get yourself killed?”Caitlyn and Aaron were raving mad.“If it’s not for Zoey, I’d have kicked you out of our house a long time ago.” Aaron spat with such fury that his veins stood out in his neck, “You could have been sleeping at the streets by now!

The Return Of God Of War Chapter 31-40

The Return of God of War Chapter 31The students knew they had been outnumbered by the dozens of thugs who had now occupied their VIP room.It petrified them when they looked at the faces of these thugs, who appeared to be contorted with menace.It made their legs wobbled with fear and their eyes filled with horror.They had completely forgotten about their female classmates now. All they wished now was to flee as far away as they could.“I want all of you to get down on your knees! Let’s see who’s g

The Return Of God Of War Chapter 41-50

The Return of God of War Chapter 41“Oh? It’s you?”Levi recognized Chloe as well.Chloe was Levi’s high school classmate. She was one of the most beautiful and popular girls in the school, with plenty of admirers pursuing her.Chloe had tried to pursue Levi in the past, but Levi rejected her.After high school, Chloe merely entered a normal university and ceased all contact with Levi.But she kept herself updated about Levi’s news.Chloe was especially grateful for Levi’s rejection after she heard abo

The Return Of God Of War Chapter 51-60

The Return of God of War Chapter 51Trey could not help but ask after listening to Nueve’s words. “Is Zoey the boss of that project, Lord Nueve?”“You’re right. There is someone named Zoey there. What’s the matter?”Trey was astounded after receiving Nueve’s confirmation. Nueve is in deep shit now.He warned Nueve cautiously. “I am telling you as a friend, Lord Nueve. Do not meddle in this matter.”Nueve was bewildered. “Oh? Why is that? Is there something wrong?”“That woman should not be provoked. L

The Return Of God Of War Chapter 61-70

The Return of God of War Chapter 61Even Chloe, who was slightly aware of Levi’s capabilities, thought he was mad. You are rich and packed with connections. But Stephan’s father is the Chief of the district council! Are you out of your mind to ask him to apologize to you? Are you seeking death?Chloe did not expect Levi to be so full of himself.Stephan nearly exploded with rage when he heard Levi’s words.He stretched out his hand to slap Levi’s face. But Levi grabbed Stephan’s hand in a split seco

The Return Of God Of War Chapter 71-80

The Return of God of War Chapter 71Everyone was astounded as they looked at Levi and Chloe in disbelief.“Vi… villa?” Vernon asked with a shaky voice.“That’s right. If we are talking about a normal house or flat, Bayview Garden will have served the purpose.” Chloe said.Larry Tate and his son were flabbergasted. Our family can barely afford a house in Bayview Garden, not to mention the villas owned by Bayview Garden Real Estate. These villas cost at least thirty million to over a hundred million.

The Return Of God Of War Chapter 81-90

The Return of God of War Chapter 81Holly was not afraid of Levi because of her current status. But she was reluctant to meet with Levi because she felt guilty towards Morris.Levi smiled. “That’s me. Why are you so nervous?”Holly’s legs were wobbling. But she put on a tough front. “What are you talking about. I’m not nervous in the slightest.”Levi took a seat on the sofa. “I am here to visit you. You were the bridesmaid for my wedding, after all.”“I am doing well. But we are not really close anyw

The Return Of God Of War Chapter 91-100

The Return of God of War Chapter 91“Hahahahaha…”Nueve and Trey sneered this time round.It made Jack Smith feel strange.“His status and identity are what all of you desire and aim for!” After Nueve said this, everyone began mocking him again.No one could believe that a person who had just been released from prison would actually be someone so powerful and admirable.Rick, who was more prudent, digested Nueve’s words properly to figure out what he meant.It seemed like Levi had a bit of power and st