The Tormented Soul

The Tormented Soul

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Synopsis about The Tormented Soul

Read The Tormented Soul by Mikaela.olsson. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereAleera Hawks is the daughter of the alpha of the moonlit pack and she has suffered years of abuse and torture by her pack members. Since her pack lost their Luna everything did fall apart for her. The first one that started to abuse her was her own father. Her own pack members have imprisoned her in her own home. Starving her and forcing her to do stuff that no one should endure at such a young age. She is a werewolf but she can't fight back yet, she is weak till she can shift. But who would want a broken mate like she is? Follow Aleeras's story from the day she escapes to find out who her mate is and how she has to learn to cope with her traumas, to when she starts to feel alive again. Copyright 2019 by Mikaela.olsson *Trigger warning: This book does contain abuse, rape, and a mention that her father took her first time. To find out why her father did it, you have to find out in the book. There are a few more detailed sex scenes between her and her mate. I am sorry about the mention of incest inside the book that is part of her childhood trauma experience.
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Chapter 1: my living hell hole

I don't know if it's day or night, my room has no windows, my father removed my window years ago.The only way out of my room is through the door that is always locked from the outside. He evenremoved the door handle from the inside just to make sure that I am locked in and so I can't escape.I don't have so much stuff in my room, the only light I have is a small lamp that is stationed in thecorner of my room.

Chapter 2: running for my life

The sky is clear and the moonlight is shining on the dark night sky. I'm running through the woods, I'mcovered in dirt and blood. While I am running for my life I can feel the twigs that scratch and cut all overmy body.I jump over rocks and overturned tree trunks. I dodge the branches that are scrambled everywhere. Itried to avoid them but some scratch my skin and make more cuts all over my body that leaves

Chapter 3: face to face with Selene

It feels like I've slept for days, I opened my eyes slowly and I can see a blue sky and a lot of trees. As Isit up and look around I can see that just behind the trees is a small lake.'Pixie, where are we?' I asked through our mind link, but to my disappointment, I didn’t get an answerback for her.I start to move my head around more to see where I was. Am I dead? I said out loud."No my child you are not dead

Chapter 4: where am I

I can hear an irritating beeping sound that grows louder and louder. And I knew right then that I was stillalive.I can hear a woman's voice in the room "Alpha, she has been out for one week and I don't know whenshe will wake up." I hear the unknown woman say.I thought to myself 'she said alpha, then I’m back at my pack'."Can you give me an update possibly on what has happened to her?"That voice, I have never

Chapter 5: save her

Darius POVI have my hand over the girl's neck and put pressure where she had pushed the scalpel in. Blood wascoming out in large amounts. I have her blood all over my hands. I see the light in her eyes fadingaway. I look over to Celia and Cassie, they are both standing frozen."What are you two doing, don't stand there" I scream out in my powerful alpha tone.They both come back from the shock and start runnin

Chapter 6: second time I opend my eyes

Aleera's POVBeep.Beep.Beep.Beep.In the distance I could hear the beeping sound again. And I know once again that I am alive. I couldhear footsteps close to me. My eyes flickered a little before I started to open them. They felt heavy toopen, but they opened slowly only to shut them again from the bright light that's shining in the room.I tried again but this time I squeezed opened my eyes so they could adjus

Chapter 7: her name is Alea

Aleera's POVA knock at the door made both of us jump. The door opened and Cassie walked in with a plate full offood on it. Celia noticed the frightened look that was all over my face."Don't worry, she is my sister Cassie, I asked her to bring some food because you asked me not toleave you alone." Celia told me in a composed voice.Cassie put the plate with food on the table that Celia had put over the bed and

Chapter 8: calming down

Darius POVI rushed out from the hospital wing and ran towards the forest line. It didn't bother me that I ripped myclothes to shreds when I shifted, I just had to get away to calm myself down. I have never reacted inthis way before. Sure I have in different situations but this was different and I felt so bad about it. Shejust wanted to help her to survive and get better. How could I react that way?I was runn

Chapter 9: help from both sisters

Aleera's POVThe door opened and Celia walked back in. During the time she was outside the room I had turnedaround and was now laying on my left side so I could see the door. I noticed she had some red markson her neck that weren't there when she had walked out. She noticed that I was looking at her neck."No need to worry about the red marks on my neck, Darius lost his temper because he thought I triedto keep

Chapter 10: me and Darius

Aleera's POVFor the first time in a long time I was able to sleep without any nightmares. You can just guess hownice it was, I had nothing to worry about.I felt something move over my right cheek. What was this strange and unfamiliar feeling that this touchleft me with? Why does it feel like my guts are filled with butterflies and electricity that travels over mybody?Then the feeling was gone. It was probabl