The Ultimate Husband

The Ultimate Husband

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Chapter: 2555
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The Ultimate Husband In Chinese Chapter 1- 5

Chapter 1“Yue Feng, poured out the water to wash our feet.”Three women sat on the sofa and had just finished soaking their feet. From a distance, the three beauties are sexy and beautiful, each with its own merits. These three women are Yue Feng’s wife and her two best friends.Hearing his wife’s order, Yue Feng bent down and poured out the three basins of foot-washing water, not daring to complain at all, just because he was the son-in-law who came to the house. After three years of marriage, he

The Ultimate Husband In Chinese Chapter 6- 10

Chapter 6Yue Feng glanced at Han Yue. If you guessed correctly, she is the secretary in the mouth of the uncle.“President, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be late. There was a traffic jam on the road…” Han Yue said in a low voice, not daring to look directly at Yue Feng, but bowed slightly.“Han Yue, what nonsense are you talking about!” At this moment, Yang Xinran took a step forward, her beautiful face was a little angry: “This is our company’s new security guard, what are you calling me.”“Security

The Ultimate Husband In Chinese Chapter 11-15

Chapter 11Stepping on her high heels, she stomped her feet and said, “Let him call me Mom, and then throw him out.”“Little brat, did you hear what Miss Zhao Lu said? Call her Mom and listen. Otherwise…” Zhong Haoran growled loudly.The voice fell, and more than 20 strong men behind him put their hands on the back waist, and then pulled out the sticks one by one.“Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude. I’ll show you a clear path now, so you can call me mom.” Zhong Haoran said with a smile, and t

The Ultimate Husband In Chinese Chapter 16-20

After more than half an hour of Chapter 16, almost everyone’s gifts were presented. Although everyone’s gifts are not that expensive, they are not cheap either. No less than two hundred thousand.It is worth mentioning that the gift from Liu Qianshuang is also very eye-catching.It was a pair of jade bracelets. The color of this bracelet can be described as almost flawless. Really very beautiful.After seeing it, the old grandmother didn’t like it, and she praised Liu Qianshuang again and again. Af

The Ultimate Husband In Chinese Chapter 21-25

Chapter 21“Is Mr. Yue there?” Wu Dedao asked again when he saw that no one was talking.Everyone still shook their heads.You must know that Wu Dedao is at the door. How can the Mr. Yue in his mouth be a waste like Yue Feng?Wu Dedao was also dazed, no, he has already sent someone to find out, the second young master is in Liu’s house! Today is the second young master’s birthday, so I came here to give it a gift. And after coming to the Liu family, I found that someone in the Liu family had a birth

The Ultimate Husband In Chinese Chapter 26-30

Wow!There was an uproar in the audience, but grandma spoke up, and no one dared to refute.In the end, grandma still loves Liu Zhiyuan, and she can make a decision with just one sentence.Liu Wensheng was very excited. With the assistance of the Liu family’s chief financial officer, he transferred the Liu family’s only 400 million into his account.—Datang Community in Donghai City.Police cars were parked at the gate of the community, and dozens of police officers rushed down and surrounded Xu Xian

The Ultimate Husband In Chinese Chapter 31-35

Chapter 31The man beside Liu Xuan, in suits and shoes, behaves decently!Liu Xuan had a far-fetched smile on her face, looking a little gloomy. But still stay by the man’s side.The man’s name is Lu Chen, and he is the best son-in-law in Shen Man’s heart.There are countless people who pursue Liu Xuan, but this Lu Chen is the one that Shen Man is most satisfied with. In addition to a list of talents, Lu Chen is also a senior executive of Audi. The regional manager in charge of this area of ​​Dongha

The Ultimate Husband In Chinese Chapter 36-40

Chapter 36Lu Chen quickly stopped: “No need, no need, I can handle it.”At the same time, Lu Chen secretly broke out in a cold sweat.He is the boss of Ziyun Company, and you are Liu Xuan’s best friend, but you don’t know, and you speak so meanly.“Alright then, I won’t interfere. If you and Liu Xuan make up your mind, you must treat yourself to dinner.” Xu Jie put away her phone, said goodbye to Lu Chen with a smile, and turned to leave.At that moment, Xu Jie didn’t realize how far-fetched the smi

The Ultimate Husband In Chinese Chapter 41-45

Chapter 41When he woke up again, Yue Feng found himself lying on the floor in the office, sweating all over his body, and his clothes were soaking wet.And the burning pain in his body disappeared.Nima, that kid Xiang Riyue must have been deceived.It’s been two years, and all the pills have failed.Even foolishly ate it. But luckily nothing happened. Fortunately, the phone suddenly rang.Seeing that it was an unfamiliar number, Yue Feng frowned and answered.“Hello, Yue Feng?”After the connection wa

The Ultimate Husband In Chinese Chapter 46-50

Chapter 46A few police officers hurried over, and sure enough, a mask was also torn off Zhang Liang’s face.A year ago, a wealthy businessman who came to Donghai City to invest was defrauded of an ancient painting worth tens of millions by a partnership of two people.But the two were too cunning, Zhou Qin tracked them down for a year, but couldn’t find out their whereabouts.Unexpectedly, they were caught today? !Zhou Qin’s delicate body is trembling, this is definitely a great achievement!And sev