The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn

The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn

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Synopsis about The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn

"Find out what?" he asks. "That I'm getting married to a woman I don't want to marry?" I fight the ache in my heart at his question. I knew he didn't want to marry me. He wasn't the one in love. I was. And he didn't know how much I loved him. I've hidden it well. "She's right there." His mother snaps. "Have some respect for your future wife and the future daughter-in-law of this family." Atticus takes a step toward his mother; his eyes flash with anger as he says, "the only woman I will marry is Anya. No one else." . . . . . . . . . . . Atticus Fawn is petrified when he finds out he has to marry the best friend of his mate. He tries to escape the wedding but eventually realizes that it is useless to do so. He knows that he can never love another woman like he loves Anya. And definitely not Autumn Rivera. He's, however, unprepared for her gentleness and her caring nature. Before he knows it, she's forcing her way into his life, and if he's not careful—his heart.
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Chapter 1

~AUTUMN~ There he is. The love of my life kissing my best friend. He doesn't know that he is the love of my life; of course, no one knows it, not even my best friend. She's been leading him on, unable to decide if she's in love with him or Damon; I can't forget Dante either. The sad part was that all three of these men were brothers. I've watched their crazy love go on and on for years, if that is even considered love. I've pined for Atticus, felt his pain, and went through it all with him without knowing a single thing. Every time she broke his heart and ran toward Damon, I felt the pain that he felt. Every time she left them both and ran to Dante, I also felt it. I couldn't understand how three men could be that in love with a woman that couldn't choose one.

Chapter 3

~AUTUMN~Something is happening. I don't know what it is. Our parents are too happy. Atticus's parents are shaking hands with my parents like they're about to make the biggest deals of their life. And while I should be overjoyed over this, I can't help but feel nervous and a little skeptical about the entire thing.

Chapter 4

~ATTICUS~ "There you are, son," my grandfather, Gerard Fawn, says as he joins me out at the lake.

Chapter 5

I move away from the crowd, including Autumn. I know she also saw that it was Anya calling me. I take a deep breath as I slide to answer, "Anya."

Chapter 6

The dress drops from my hand. His eyes wander lower. My heart skips a beat. His gaze lingers. I can barely hear my breaths as intense hunger clouds his eyes. I've never seen a man look at me that way before, and I've never seen that look in his eyes, even when he looked at Anya. It was so new to me. The sound of footsteps breaks both of us out of our trance. Atticus steps in and slams the door shut before anyone can see me.

Chapter 7

My hand begins to quiver when he takes a step toward me and places one hand above my head. His gaze is severe and intense as he looks at me. "I've already agreed to marry you, Autumn." He says. "I'm not a man that goes back on his word. This wedding is happening."

Chapter 8

"This is perfect!" The photographer says. "For someone that didn't want to do the kiss, to begin with, you did an excellent job."Atticus looks anything but happy with his praise.

Chapter 9

~ATTICUS~"You need to get Autumn a ring." My father tells me. "It has to be appealing to the eyes. Remember, everyone would be looking at her hand. Make them stop and stare. They must know that the Fawns do not play when it comes to things like that."

Chapter 10

~Autumn ~A ring?

Chapter 11

~ATTICUS~My heart was racing; Damon had informed me that Anya had gotten into an accident. He sent me the location on my phone, and I was almost there.