Three Little Guardian Angels

Three Little Guardian Angels

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Synopsis about Three Little Guardian Angels

Read Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereCaught in a ruthless conspiracy, Maisie Vanderbilt lost her chastity and was forced to move out of her home. Six years later, she returned to the country with three little rugrats tagging along, ready for revenge. To her surprise, her adorable angels turned out to be much more resourceful than herself. They tracked down their birth father, a man powerful enough to protect her, and had him kidnapped. “Mommy, we kidnapped Daddy and brought him home!” The man gazed down at the three miniature versions of himself. Then, he backed her up against the corner of the wall. With a brow raised, he suddenly smirked. “Since we already have three, how about another?” Maisie retorted, “Scr*w you!” Read FULL the novel The Three Little Guardian Angels  at here
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Chapter 1

“Ouch…” As Maisie gradually regained her consciousness, all she could feel was her splitting headache and thethrobbing pain all through her body, as if she had just been hit by a car. She furrowed her brows at theunease, but she could not find the strength to shrug it off.She could barely make out the silhouette of the man in the dark but could smell the unique fragrance ofGucci cologne, lightly wafting thro

Chapter 2

At the airport of the royal capital of Bassburgh… Among the sea of tourists, a mother and child walked out. At that moment, all eyes were on them.To be precise, it was actually a mother with three exquisitely beautiful children.The woman was glamorous and poised. What made people stop and stare was the stunninglygorgeous little girl she was carrying in one arm. The girl had thick, curly locks, which made he

Chapter 3

As Maisie turned around, she met the man’s sharp gaze. She was dumbfounded by the sight of thisman’s face. The man had pale white skin, exquisitely profound facial features, distinct amber eyes that seemed tohide a pool of unfathomable coldness, and tight, thin lips that could cut like a knife.His face was so similar to both Colton and Waylon. Even his eyes were the exact same color!Maisie had only found ou

Chapter 4

‘Everyone knows that Nolan is a VIP who the royal family of Stoslo once received, and he’s also friendswith the princess of Stoslo. It’s only natural that he’s seen the commemorative medal of the royalfamily. He’ll see through her tricks even if she were to be able to show him something!’ Maisie scoffed. “Why would I show you such a precious item?”This implied that she was unworthy!Willow was trembling from

Chapter 5

Maisie took the cell phone to the balcony and answered the call. “What happened, is DirectorVanderbilt regretting your action now?” Willow gnashed her teeth furiously when she heard this. “Maisie, don’t try your luck. It’s your honor thatwe’re willing to pay $150,000,000 just to hire you!”“Oh really? You make it sound like I’m in urgent need of your millions.” Maisie leaned against the rail ofthe balcony wi

Chapter 6

‘Apologize? He wants me to go back and apologize to Willow?’ Maisie scoffed and glared directly at him. “Over my dead body.”Out of Nolan’s expectation, not only was this woman presumptuous and atrocious, but she was alsovery stubborn. His facial features stiffened. “If you don’t apologize, Zora’s name will disappear from thefashion and jewelry field tomorrow.”He did not want to make it difficult for her at

Chapter 7

“Madam Beautipul, we’re here to audition!” Daisie raised her head, her eyes looking crystal clear as if astar was hidden in each of them. Nova took a deep breath and calmed her racing heart.‘How could such adorable and lovable children belong to Mr. Goldmann? According to myacquaintance with Mr. Goldmann, there’s no way that he would’ve been able to give birth to such lovelykids.’She knelt and rubbed their

Chapter 8

“Mommy told us we can only tell anyone who asks her name that mommy is Her Royal Highness.”Daisie giggled. Nova could not help but burst into laughter, but she quickly held it back.‘Haha, aren’t these two pumpkins way too adorable? What kind of mother has been teaching them allthis while?’Nolan’s gaze moved away, and he glanced at Waylon, who looked exactly like him.If it weren’t for the fact that Willow wa

Chapter 9

The next day, at Vaenna Jewelry… Maisie sat in her own office going through the designs of the company’s jewelry collections over theyears and flung the files on the desk. “Where’s all the creativity? From what I see, they don’t even knowthe definition of the word ‘design’. Are all the jewelry that Vaenna Jewelry has spent so much money tomanufacture over the years there to only make up the number?”The staf

Chapter 10

Willow had heard that Nolan and Maisie had come to the raw material warehouse, as well as thatDirector Chester had gotten summoned. Thus, she had hurried over in fear that something would beunveiled. She suppressed the panic in her heart and asked as if she did not know anything about the matter,“What happened? Nolan, why are you here?”‘D*mn it. This b*tch has come back here just to make my life difficult,