To Be Yours Again

To Be Yours Again

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Synopsis about To Be Yours Again

Read To Be Yours Again by Aya Taylor. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereJenny Walter had only ever seen her husband, Alec Faust, once in the two years they’ve been married, and that was on TV.Now, they were divorced. What she doesn’t expect is for her ex-husband to keep showing up in her life starting from the second day of her new-found freedom. First, she has to save his lover, and now he wants to pursue her?“Alec Faust, do you know who I am?” Jenny asks him.“You’re the world-renowned Dr. Walter, the last mentee of Mr. Birkett, the top hacker J, and the founder of an haute couture fashion brand. Do you mean you have another trick up your sleeve? Please do share.”Alec was confident that he knew everything there was to know about Jenny Walter.“Actually…” Jenny starts as she approaches him, whispering straight into his ear, “I’m also your ex-wife.”
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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 1

Chapter 1 DivorcedJenny Walter walked out of the divorce court with a divorce decree in hand. Warren Duncan, her butler,looked somewhat embarrassed as he said, “This is for you from Old Mr. Faust, Miss Jenny.” Then, hepassed her a bank card. Even though he didn’t explain what it was for, Jenny understood. She was alittle taken aback. After a moment, she responded, “There’s no need for this. Please

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Showing UpOn the next day, at the president’s office of the Faust Group, Vincent Duncan hung up the phone. Heturned to look at the man sitting behind the desk, who was preoccupied with work. “Mr. Alec, I receiveda call from home informing us that the divorce decree has been issued.” The words did nothing to stopAlec’s hands from busying themselves with work. “Okay. How much money did she

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Alec FaustJenny frowned immediately. She turned to Morgan and said, “Check the patient’s condition and let meknow if any help is needed.” “Okay, I’ll do that!” Within five minutes, Morgan rushed back to Jenny’soffice. “Dr. Walter, please take a look at the patient. His condition seems very se—” Before Morgancould finish her sentence, Jenny was already out of the office, walking toward th

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 4

Chapter 4 What Do You Want“I’m Alec Faust, the president of Faust Group. If I vouch for her, is that enough for you?” he asked,looking at the patient’s wife.Alec from Faust Group was here! There was a mixture of panic, curiosity,and disbelief on everyone’s faces. While they may not know Jenny, they all knew who Alec was.Staringat Alec, who often appeared on TV, the patient’s wife finally nodded. W

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Faye’s Condition“I don’t blame you for not understanding medical law, Mr. Faust. However, I must inform you it prohibitsme from practicing outside my place of registration, which happens to be Parrington Hospital, so…youunderstand, right?”Usually, she would provide a shorter explanation. However, for the sake of herpatient, she was willing to go to further lengths.“So, you can’t perform

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Jenny’s Pride“I never joke,” she said with a proud smile. Clearly, she was very confident.If she hadn’t divorced Alec,she would probably still be living her retirement life, so she wouldn’t have had a chance to save Faye.Perhaps it was fate telling her that Faye deserved to live.After a brief discussion about Faye’scondition, she and Alec left the room. Only then did the smiles on their

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 7

Chapter 7 I’m DivorcedEveryone from the neurosurgery department gathered at Fig Garden for dinner. That night, the spotlightwas on Jenny, who had just joined their department.“Let’s raise our glasses to Dr. Walter. I hope shecan lead the neurosurgery department of Parrington Hospital to success,” said Dr. Ledger, the directorof Parrington Hospital’s neurosurgical department.He wasn’t exactly a ski

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 8

Chapter 8 My Life Is HardWhen the equipment donated by Alec arrived at Parrington Hospital the next day, the director greetedAlec in person, showing how necessary the equipment was for them.On the other hand, Jenny didn’tcare about it. She was busy studying the results of Faye’s medical examination and discussingpossible complications that may arise with other doctors in the department.When the equipment had

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 9

Chapter 9 I Don’t Like FaustsVincent was stunned by his question. After a moment of thought, he answered, “I think that isn’t thecase…maybe Dr. Walter just doesn’t want to see you—”Before he could finish his sentence, he felt acold wave sweep across his body and instinctively shivered. When he raised his head, he saw Alecstaring at him gloomily. Startled, he realized he had said something wrong.“T

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Mr. Faust’s Love LifeNot understanding the reason behind Jenny’s taunting tone, Alec answered solemnly, “We wereincompatible, so divorce was the best choice.”Incompatible? Jenny sneered secretly. How could he tellthey were incompatible when they had never even met once in the two years they were married? Itseemed that he never intended to get along with her from the very start. After al