You Are Still My Wife!

You Are Still My Wife!

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Read You Are Still My Wife! by Foru. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereFrieze was finally off to set a new life when she found out that her husband is attracted to his ex-girlfriend. Idri and Frieze had a love marriage a year back. They were head over heels. But, somehow his ex girlfriend came back pleading him to come back to her life. Seeing her in sorrow state he starts dating her and eventually hands over the divorce papers to Frieze. She is heartbroken but accept the divorce proposal just to see him happy. She leaves home after signing the papers without informing her husband and the Idri goes crazy looking for her. Will he be able to find her? Will he end up marrying his ex-girlfriend? Do read to find out!!!
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Chapter Final Chapter The Inauguration

One year later….Frieze finally completed her first project in the company. It has been a year already and Idri and hisentire family waits at the entrance of the shopping center to inaugurate it for the public. All mediareporters stand slightly away from the entrance and the whole crowd is being controlled by thebodyguards. As she speaks to one of the reporters, she gives the construction credits to Mr. Kane.

Chapter 1: The Wedding

Frieze dressed in her beautiful peach gown waited to leave the church with her husband on the limodecorated with red roses as Frieze loved red roses. She hugged her parents and sisters with tears inher eyes. Idri stood right next to her looking at her with an adorable smile on his face. He was finallyable to marry her after running after her for two long years. Frieze was finally his and Frieze co

Chapter 2: A New Journey

After 5 hours, the plane finally landed at the Kiy City Airport. Frieze looked around with a tiredexpression but felt a little nervous. This was her life now in this city. She is married to one of the mostsuccessful Software Engineer who has been able to set up his own Software firm at the age of 30. Hisfirm, Softectonic has become one of the best technology companies in Kiy City with a Handsome CEO,Idri tha

Chapter 3: A New Home

Frieze was happy that she has a home that she can finally call hers. It was her husband's home butshe was the Hostess of the manor. She loved the luxury around her. She never thought she would beliving a rich life. She belongs to a middle class family and hoped to live a middle class life. But, thingshave changed.The decor of the room was changed from manly look (as Idri stayed alone before marrying her) to

Chapter 4: Freedom

First Person FriezeI am finally in a home away from home. Idri's house seems to have more warmth and love than my ownparents house. My parents are wealthy and had a good home but I always felt like they were just tooimposing. I never had the freedom but ended up breaking rules to earn my freedom. I never liked it.However, Idri was able to let me be just me. He helped me seek freedom and definitely does not m

Chapter 5: Freedom 2

First Person Frieze continued...Coming back to my present day as a wife of Idri. He is funny and cute. This is one personality I alwayswanted in my man. I don't mind with his super excessive farting scenes and even gis snoring. He is ahard working man. I really love him and I will not stop his smile from going away. It is my promise tohim. I will fulfill every wish I can that is within my realm of possibilit

Chapter 6: Husband Idri

First person Idri:I am a married man now. I have never been this happy. Well, this is the second time. The first time waswhen she accepted my marriage proposal and I realised I will be her man soon. It is like a fairly tale forme. I was pretty nervous when I fell for her and I was on high alert of not letting her know my feelingsbecause I didn't wanted to get rejected. She is known in the friend circle for r

Chapter 7: Husband Idri Contd

Hard work always pays is my motto in life. I did work pretty hard to gain her trust and probably a goodopinion. I sent her a friend request in Facebook and apologized for being creepy at the party the otherday. I was glad she took it like a sport and accepted my apology. She was laughing too and I am sureshe indeed judged me as a weirdo. Then, as usual, I pinged her in Messenger and we started talking. Ifelt

Chapter 8: Finally, Married

We dated only for five months until we got married. Today, frieze as my wife sits right next to me havingdinner. I call it a wedding date. She is shy and calm. I know she is just trying to analyze her life all thistime. She must be feeling the changes that came about in these two and a half years. I am so lucky tohave her. Her pink lips are the cutest I have ever seen. She is a cute doll and I am glad she is

Chapter 9: A Good Night Sleep

Idri and Frieze moved to their bedroom after dinner. It was the moment of their life that they finallymarried their true love. Not everyone is lucky to marry the person they love. Idri made sure he does buthe did it in a slow pace. They removed all the roses and chocolates from the bed, cleared all the messof clothes around them. They did not realize that they were so hungry that they threw everythingaround