You More Than Anything In The World

You More Than Anything In The World

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 1027
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Chapter 1

“Help!” Arissa felt a humid, warm breath at the tip of her ear as a man held her from behind. Thrashingreflexively, she tried to break free from his forceful embrace but to no avail. Her eyes brimmed with fearas her body shuddered violently in desperation. She was sold by her own father! “Let me go!” shewhimpered before her voice was eventually muffled. “Don’t be scared. I’ll be sure to take responsibility,”

Chapter 2

Five years later, at Dellmoor International Airport, Arissa inhaled deeply, taking in the familiar air of theplace. Her sharp eyes behind the sunglasses screened the bustling crowd as she immersed herself inthe typical liveliness of the country. She was back. Though half-shaded by the sunglasses she had on,her dainty complexion looked exquisitely stunning. The onlookers could hardly avert their gazes fromher

Chapter 3

“I’m sorry! We don’t want to take any pictures! Thank you for taking an interest in us, but you betterstop taking pictures,” Zachary pleaded. After turning down the crowd’s request, he approached Jasperand tapped him on the shoulder to warn him not to let other people take pictures of him. Jasper stuckout his tongue at his elder brother. Nevertheless, he followed Zachary’s advice and ceased his posesobedient

Chapter 4

“How long has Oliver been inside? Zachary, go check if he has diarrhea,” Arissa instructed her eldestson. She was concerned that her children could not acclimatize to the weather back home. “Okay!”Zachary went off to rush his brother. Arissa looked around for the aforementioned store, but she couldnot find it. “Jesse, where did Jasper go to buy cotton candy?” “Mommy, it’s over there! The one with ablue plane

Chapter 5

Zachary chastised his brother, “You’ve been told to return after buying the things. Yet, you wandered offand made us worry. You must not do this again next time, or I will smack you!” Gavin froze as it was thefirst time a kid had ever scolded him. Excluding Benjamin, he was always the one who wanted to hitpeople back at home. At that moment, cheers erupted in one corner of the airport. “Dani! Dani!” “Dani!Ah

Chapter 6

Benjamin noticed his son’s expression and assumed he was looking for a gift. He then explained,“Daddy was busy this time, so I didn’t get you a gift. I’ll make it up to you next time!” Benjamin used tobring Gavin a present whenever he went on a business trip. Gavin, on the other hand, never saidwhether he liked them or not. He did not bring any this time, yet Gavin had come to fetch him from theairport. Henc

Chapter 7

“Stop crying!” Benjamin had never seen his son cry out loud. He did not know how to calm him down.“No one thinks that!” “Really?” Jasper buried himself in Benjamin’s embrace and held him tightly. Hisbody was trembling. His pitiful voice could cause others to choke up. Benjamin could tell from his voicethat Jasper was afraid of being abandoned. His heart sank as he patted the boy’s head. “Really,”Benjamin sai

Chapter 8

He had a puzzled look on his face, but he remained quiet. Tch. Like father like son. Shaun thought theboy had lost his temper. “Your daddy asked me to check your body because he was worried about themole on your hand. He said it wasn’t there before. That’s why I need to take some of your blood,”Shaun explained quickly. “A mole?” Jasper blinked and raised his arm to look for the mole. “Oh. This…”he trailed of

Chapter 9

That’s weird. I’ve been gone for so long, but they haven’t called me yet. Usually, they would bescrambling around to look for me already. Aren’t Mommy, Zachary, Oliver, and Jesse worried about meat all? With that thought, Jasper checked his phone, which resembled a watch. Uh-oh. The batterydied. “Gavin, your food’s ready!” Edwin called out when he noticed Jasper as he was about to bring thefood over to Gavin

Chapter 10

Zachary stared at Gavin angrily. “Why didn’t you admit it previously?” No wonder something felt offabout him. He wasn’t Jasper. Tsk. Can’t you just come clean when you blow your cover? “I was afraidthat you would tell Mommy the moment you realized I wasn’t Jasper. Would you guys still bring meback with you if you knew?” Gavin asked. He felt conflicted as he also worried that Arissa might not likehim. “Of cou