Chapter 4 - Abusive Wife

Chapter 4 Well Done, Thomas

Everyone turned to look at the commotion and was astounded to see a man in black dragging a little boy.

They were surprised to see a familiar face and wondered why there were two Colton Quincy.

Thomas lost all confidence when he saw his mother in the room. Lightheaded with fear, his knees buckled, and he fell to the ground. He thought, I’ve tried to get rid of the men chasing after me by imposing as Colton. However, my efforts are futile as I’m about to be returned to my mommy. Why am I so unlucky?

A burly man lifted Thomas to his feet and embraced him before he could think of a solution. When Wayne saw Thomas was alive and well, he ignored the disfigured boy lying on the bed. His first instinct was that he had mistaken the injured boy for Colton. “You’re all right, Colton!” he exclaimed joyfully as he hugged the little boy.

Thomas looked around the room in a daze. When his gaze fell on Noah, he thought, he should be the man I’m looking for, Noah Quincy. But what’s he doing here with Mommy?

He then turned his attention to a young child lying on a bed with his face covered. Thomas wondered, is he the real Colton? There’s no turning back now. I guess I’ve to continue impersonating him if I want to get away from Mommy.

Thomas mustered his courage and ran over to hug Noah’s leg. “I miss you so much, Daddy!”

Noah lowered his head and looked at the child with a puzzled expression. “Colt?”

Thomas replied with a straight face, “That’s me, Daddy. Look carefully, I’m your son! The boy on the bed is a stranger!”

“When did you learn how to speak, Colton?” Wayne asked in disbelief. He was taken aback by Colton’s newfound eloquence. The boy was diagnosed with Autism and had not spoken since he was a child. Despite Noah’s efforts to hire reputable doctors worldwide, no one could treat Colton. Furthermore, the little boy before him had a completely different personality and fashion sense than before.

Thomas had not expected Colton to suffer from autism. He tried his best to cover the lie. “I can finally speak now! The… the… doctor saved me and treated my autism!”

Although it was odd to hear Colton speak for the first time, Noah could not deny that the little boy looked like his son. “Are you speaking the truth?” he frowned as he hugged Thomas tightly.

Thomas nodded his head fervently. Noah pursed his lips and thought, was this a misunderstanding? But she paid respects to my grandfather today. Her actions are so suspicious.

The man lowered his head and asked Thomas, “Do you know her?”

Thomas glanced at Madeline and said firmly, “I have never seen her. Daddy, why do you refuse to let her go? Are you interested in her?”

Noah scoffed before picking Thomas up and walking out of the ward. He avoided looking at Madeline as he said, “Let’s go home. Stay far away from a woman like her, Colton. She’s a liar!” Anger thrummed through Noah’s veins when he recalled how the woman had maliciously deceived him. His deep hatred for Madeline had not lessened over the years.

Even though Thomas was enraged by Noah’s baseless insults to his mother, he was careful not to lose his calm. Instead, he leaned over the man’s shoulder and secretly mouthed his apologies to Madeline. I’m sorry for not acknowledging you, Mommy. Don’t worry, I’ll be back after I’ve punished the scumbag. Take care of yourself and my little brother. Remember to wait for my return!Thomas could not wait to reunite with his family after he taught Noah a lesson.

Madeline scowled at the young child in Noah’s arms as she watched the Quincy family leave the ward. She tried to swallow her frustration as she seethed inwardly, how dare he pretend he has no idea who I am! He even dares to impersonate Colton and put himself in danger! I’m going to teach him a lesson. My worse fear came through. I didn’t want Thomas to follow me back as I was afraid he would get into trouble and disrupt my plans. Things will turn complicated if Noah knows that he has another son. Luckily, Thomas is an intelligent child. I hope he can keep his identity hidden for as long as possible.

In truth, Madeline was more worried about Colton’s condition. She walked to the boy and held his cold hands tightly. She had a suffocating pain in her chest as immense guilt overwhelmed her. She had imagined various scenarios for the reunification, but none involved Colton in a bed with serious wounds. The boy would have been in a dire situation if she had not saved him earlier today.

“How have you been for the past five years, Colt?” Tears welled up in Madeline’s eyes when she thought of the immense suffering the boy had endured. She was certain that Noah was not a responsible father, and Angie would not treat him kindly. That would explain why, despite being a young boy, he could not speak. Furthermore, they must have paid little attention to him, which resulted in his fall down the hill.

Madeline grimaced as she had a horrible feeling that something bad was about to happen. She immediately called Albert and instructed, “Find out why the child fell down the hill at the cemetery today. I want to know if Angie was responsible!”

Knowing the importance of the matter, Albert responded without hesitation, “Yes, Ms. Angie. I’ll check on it right away.”

Madeline turned her attention back to Colton after the call ended. As she examined the boy’s wounds, she vowed to make Angie pay if she was to blame for the boy’s miserable condition.

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