Chapter 5 - Abusive Wife

Chapter 5 Bad Woman

Noah and Thomas soon returned to the Quincy residence. They were greeted by Colton’s long-time doctor, Dylan Felch, and Angie. The latter was astonished to see that the little boy could make it back alive, with no injuries. She fumed inwardly, I thought I had the perfect opportunity to get rid of him without anyone knowing. All my efforts have gone to waste. What did I do wrong?

Noah handed Thomas to Dylan and said, “Something amazing happened to Colt. He can speak now. Please help him to do a full body check-up.”

Everyone was taken aback when they heard the news. Dylan’s eyes widened in surprise as he asked, “Are you serious?” The man had been trying to treat Colton for five years. All of the world’s respected doctors could not get the boy to speak. Despite this, he was promptly cured after going missing for a day.

Thomas muttered reluctantly, “Yeah!” He had no choice but to fool everyone into thinking he had finally recovered. He was confident that he could deceive the doctor into believing he was Colton.

Feeling eager to understand the reason behind Thomas’ sudden recovery, Dylan hurriedly carried the boy upstairs for the medical examination. As Thomas followed the doctor, he became aware of someone glaring at him. When he turned to look, he saw a young, stunning woman giving him a chilly stare.

Thomas wondered, she’s definitely a bad woman. Who’s she? Did my hateful dad marry her? Is she my stepmom?

With its well-polished hardwood floor, high ceiling, and abundance of sunlight, the Quincy residence’s living room was as grand as its exterior. Noah sat on the couch with his long, slender legs crossed. His

powerful aura was further enhanced when he removed his black coat and rolled up the sleeves of his fitting white shirt.

Angie sat next to him, feeling uneasy. It never occurred to her that Colton could return home unscathed and with the ability to speak. She thought, the boy knows too many of my dark secrets; he may even know that I’m responsible for the incident at the cemetery. I can’t sit here and do nothing. He may reveal all my secrets!

Angie pretended to be concerned about Thomas and asked, “What happened to Colt, Noah? Who was the woman who abducted him?” She bit her lip and her eyes reddened as she continued, “What did she do Colt? How did he learn to speak in just a day? Something weird is going on. We can’t let her off so easily.”

Noah became increasingly annoyed when he heard Angie’s incessant questioning. He closed his eyes and snapped, “I know what to do. It’s late. You should head home and get some rest.”

The woman was still afraid that the boy would reveal the truth. As a result, she reasoned that it was best to keep an eye on him to err on the side of caution. “Can I stay for the night, Noah? I’m worried about Colt.”

Apart from keeping a watchful eye on Thomas, Angie wanted to take the opportunity to get closer to Noah. They were about to marry, but he had not even held her hand once. In addition, he became even more hostile to her after the incident involving the young boy.

Noah was not in the mood to deal with Angie’s willful behavior. He glanced at her and warned, “Go home!”

Angie knew that the man was about to explode in anger. Hence, she decided to obey his instructions and hurriedly left the Quincy residence.

Once Angie got into her car, her worried expression turned sinister. She threw her bag on the car seat and yelled at her assistant, Ronald Klish. “What the hell is going on? Didn’t you say that the punk was thrown down the hill? Why does he look perfectly fine?”

The woman fumed inwardly, not only does Colton look all right, he can even speak! He’s like a walking time bomb. If the punk reveals my secrets, all of my efforts will have been for nothing.

Colton’s return had also left Ronald feeling perplexed. “Cool down, Ms. Angie. There’s something odd about the matter. Our men have confirmed that the boy was pushed down the hill. I’ve also discovered that the mysterious woman has nothing to do with Colton’s rescue.”

“How’s that possible? Hurry get to the bottom of this matter!” Angie shrieked.

“Yes!” Ronald replied. After a short pause, he continued, “There’s another matter, Ms. Angie.”

She asked irritably, “What’s wrong now?”

Ronald stammered, “The… the organizers of the charity dinner informed that you have been blacklisted from future charity events. The news has also been announced on various websites, and it’s trending on social media.

Angie was simmering with anger as she took out her tablet and read through the trending topics on social media.

Breaking news! Imperia’s charitable princess, Angie Grant, is a fraud!

Discover Angie Grant’s true identity!

The liar, Angie Grant, has been blacklisted from charity events!

Angie Grant has been kicked out of the charity event’s invitees list!

As Angie continued to read the harsh comments from the netizens, a wave of rage washed over her. She yelled, “I want to know who’s responsible for this right now!” Her hands started trembling, but this time it was out of fear. She knew in her heart that she was guilty of all charges. She had spent all these years using Gordon’s name to perform acts of charity. As a result, she earned the title of “Imperia’s charitable princess”, garnered many devoted supporters, and gained favor with the Quincy family.

Despite her charitable acts, Angie did not truly care about helping others. In fact, she believed that the common people deserved to suffer and that it was not worth her time and effort to help them.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Angie. I have already sent out men to find out who’s responsible for this,” Ronald assured.

The man’s words brought Angie back to her senses. She glared at him and instructed, “Contact the charity dinner organizers and request that they reinstate my name on the guest list. I must attend the charity dinner no matter what.”

Angie made a pact with Noah that they would marry once she was crowned the Global Ambassador for Philanthropy. She had spent all of her time and energy persuading the man to agree to the marriage. Hence, she could not stand anyone or anything standing in her way of joining the Quincy family.

I’ll get rid of anyone who tries to hinder my progress. They’ll face the same fate as the old man and Madeline.

Meanwhile, Colton was still in a coma at the hospital, but his condition had stabilized. Madeline stayed by his side the entire time to keep him company. She browsed through the headlines on her laptop and realized that the hateful comments for Angie were increasing. She leaned into the couch and thought in satisfaction, it’s been five years since we last met, Angie Grant. I hope you like my gift. It’s all right if you don’t. This is just the beginning. I’ll make sure you know what it feels like to be abandoned and hurt by the person you love.

Madeline raised her hand and signaled to Albert. “Proceed to the next step, one hour later.”

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