Chapter 8 - Abusive Wife

Chapter 8 There’s Trouble, Mommy

Madeline smiled to herself as she looked at the photo from Thomas. I have done a good job raising him. He misses me when we are apart.

Madeline knew that Noah would send someone to do a background check on her. Hence, she spent much effort ensuring that the hackers would not be able to search for any information about her. In addition, Madeline made sure to get rid of any evidence that would suggest she had been to Quincy residence. This included the trails that were left behind by the helicopter.

After much thought, Madeline conceded and allowed Thomas to stay at the Quincy residence. It was an opportunity for the boy to experience fatherly love, which he had lacked since he was a child. At the same time, she wanted Noah to suffer from having to deal with a mischievous child.

Madeline texted, don’t worry, he won’t be able to find out who I am. Take care of yourself. I’ll come to fetch you in a few days.

Once she was done replying to Thomas, she went to check on Colton. Even though the boy’s life was no longer in danger, he required a lengthy recovery time. Madeline began to worry when she saw that he was still in a coma since the surgery yesterday. She remained by his bedside so that the boy would not be afraid when he awoke alone in an unfamiliar environment.

Madeline felt a wave of sadness when she thought of the sufferings that Colton had to endure all these years. She thought, I should have been back earlier! Noah hates me so much. He’ll never treat my child kindly. The crushing guilt left the woman feeling breathless.

Madeline’s thoughts were interrupted when the phone rang, and she exited the ward to answer it.

“Angie has made over a hundred phone calls to us, Ms. Grant. She wishes to see the members of the charity committee,” Albert reported.

“Wow, she’s in such a hurry,” Madeline scoffed.

“Of course! Angie spent nearly two hundred thousand dollars yesterday to remove the trending topics on social media. She’s desperate to get the committee members to clarify on her behalf,” Albert explained.

“Our men spent so much effort to broadcast her news on social media. It’ll be a waste of their efforts if she’s able to take them down with a mere two hundred thousand dollars. Order our people to comment actively on social media. I want it to remain a trending topic. Tell Angie that the Chairman of the charity committee would not agree to meet her unless her rumors are no longer trending on social media,” Madeline instructed.

“I’m on it!” Albert nodded before hanging up the call. He quickly ordered his people to continue posting on social media.

Madeline discovered Thomas had sent a new text message after she had hung up the phone. She leaned against the wall and read the message, oh no, Mommy! This is an emergency! Hurry, find a place to hide! The scumbag is using me as an excuse to condemn you. He’s heading to the hospital now!

Appalled by the news, Madeline immediately planned to make her escape. However, the moment she turned, she bumped into a grumpy man. Alas, it was Noah!

The man was dressed in a well-tailored black suit, looking clean-cut and polished. Standing two steps away from Madeline, his eyes blazed with anger as he scrutinized the woman. Finally, he said in a threatening tone, “Madeline Grant!”

A lump formed in her throat when she realized that Noah had managed to find out her name. He was indeed the most powerful man in Imperia, and nothing could escape his clutches.

Madeline quickly composed herself and tried to act natural. She flung her hair and smirked before saying, “Did you purposely search for my name, and pretend to bump into me at the hospital? There’s no need to go through so much trouble. You can always ask for my contact number if you wish to be my friend. After all, like you, I find it hard to resist making friends with good-looking people.”

Madeline placed her fair slender fingers on Noah’s chest and deliberately touched his taut muscles.

Wayne was taken aback by the woman’s brazen acts. He thought, is she openly seducing Mr. Quincy? This is such an awkward situation. Should I abstain from watching? He trembled with fear when he turned and saw Noah’s face twisted with anger.

Noah could not believe that the woman before him was so shameless. He grabbed her fingers and pulled her closer. “Are you called Madeline Grant too? Don’t you think it’s too much of a coincidence for a woman named Madeline Grant to be paying her respects to my grandfather on his death anniversary?”

Madeline’s expression dulled and her eyes bored into him. She complained, “You’re hurting me, Mr. Quincy.”

“I want a reasonable explanation. I have ways to make you hurt even more,” Noah threatened.

Madeline sneered inwardly, I have already experienced the pain five years ago.

The woman flicked her wrist and broke free from Noah’s grip. She took a few steps back and gave the man a triumphant mocking look.

“Your grandfather assisted me in the past when I was in the country. Now that I’m back, it’s only natural that I pay my respects to him. All I did was gift him a bouquet.” Madeline’s tone turned harsh as she continued, “I shall be questioning you instead, Mr. Quincy. Your grandfather was such an honorable man. Why did he die all of a sudden? It’s your fault that you failed to protect him. Now that he’s dead, no one even bothers paying their respects to him. What kind of man are you!”

Color drained from Noah’s face when he heard Madeline’s chastise. He clenched his fist in anger as he thought, what a daring woman! How dare she challenge me and retort everything I said! How dare she say that I’m undeserving to be a grandson! How dare she ask why Grandpa died so early! It’s all that woman’s fault. Madeline Grant deceived and betrayed me. She made me an utter fool!

Noah stared at the woman in front of him, trying hard not to strangle her. For some reason, he felt that the woman was oddly familiar. In fact, she questioned him in a manner that made him think of Madeline Grant. Noah wondered, is this a coincidence?

The atmosphere turned tense as both of them stayed silent. Madeline’s hands began to perspire as she felt anxious about the situation.

Just then, Dylan broke the silence, “There you are, Noah! Colt has finished his medical examination. Let’s go!” He carried Thomas and walked over to the duo. However, when he saw Madeline, his eyes widened in surprise. ”You’re alive, Madeline?” he exclaimed.

Madeline did not expect Dylan to recognize her even though she looked drastically different. She was secretly thankful that the change in her appearance allowed her to feign ignorance.

Thomas was astounded that Dylan recognized Madeline despite her physical transformation. He thought, it’s amazing that he recognized Mommy. Regardless, it’s my fault that I didn’t warn Mommy earlier, and allowed the scumbag to find her.

The boy blinked his eyes, in an attempt to ask if Madeline required assistance to escape the situation. However, the woman replied with a reassuring look.

“Who are you?” Madeline gave Dylan a confused look as she asked. The man experienced a strange sense of familiarity that caused him to lose all his senses.

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