Chapter 7 - Abusive Wife

Chapter 7 Same Name

“Of course I’m worried!” Even though Dylan was fearful of Noah’s piercing gaze, he was determined to report the truth. “Did you know what Colt was up to? He snuck to the room by himself and sat on the window ledge to look at the view. When I asked why he was holding an umbrella, he said Angie told him if he jumped down with it, he could fly! Who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t found him!”

Noah’s expression hardened and his eyes blazed with anger. “Angie is Colt’s aunt. She has always been kind to him. Instruct the servants to hide all of the umbrellas in the house.” The man paused when he realized that he was speaking up for Angie.

Disappointed at Noah’s support for Angie, Dylan protested, “You should be wary of that woman. If she has ill intentions, she’ll…” He came to a halt when he noticed Noah’s piercing stare. He then sighed and continued, “All right, you can forget about everything I said.”

Dylan stormed out of the room without waiting for a response. On his way out, he bumped into Wayne, who was standing at the door.

“We have an emergency, Sir!” Wayne reported in a deep husky voice.

As soon as Noah heard the man’s words, his mood took a turn for the worse. He replied in annoyance, “Speak.”

“Someone damaged the alarm system, resulting in a security lapse for about ten minutes. We have sent our men to search the entire villa, but we didn’t find any suspicious activity,” Wayne declared.

“I want this matter investigated. Strengthen our security system, and send someone to protect Colt!” Noah ordered. He was uneasy because the Quincy family used the world’s best security system, and

such incidents had never occurred in the past. Furthermore, he found the matter suspicious as there were too many coincidences happening on the same day. He continued, “Check if the woman is responsible for this.”

“We haven’t found anything suspicious. The woman is very mysterious; there’s no information about her available. All we have learned is that her name is Madeline Grant…” Wayne immediately regretted saying her name. Everyone in Imperia knew that it was taboo to mention “Madeline Grant” in front of Noah. He foresaw the woman’s fate – she would be forced to leave Imperia even though she committed no fault.

“Madeline Grant?” Noah bellowed, his face scrunched into a scowl.

Wayne immediately tried to salvage the situation. “It’s a coincidence that they share the same name. They look so different!” It was impossible for someone who had passed away five years ago to resurrect. Moreover, they don’t share the same looks or personalities.

“There’s something wrong with her. I want a thorough investigation,” Noah hissed. He did not think it was a coincidence that a woman named Madeline Grant was paying her respects to Gordon. Noah suspected that the woman was behind tonight’s security breach. Although she bore no resemblance to Madeline, there was an oddly familiar feeling whenever Noah was close to her. Like Madeline, the mysterious woman could make his heart race and make him feel suffocated.

“I understand.” Wayne paused to study Noah’s face before continuing, “There’s another matter. Someone has been spreading rumors about Ms. Angie today. It is now a trending topic across all social media platforms. Shall we send our men to do something about it?” The man passed the tablet to Noah so that he could view the headline news.

Noah glanced at the reports and threw the tablet aside. “Don’t bother me with such a small matter.” He was annoyed at people reporting Angie’s wrongdoings. He knew her personality and antics well

because she had been by his side all these years.

“Yes, Sir,” Wayne said apologetically.

Meanwhile, Thomas dared not sleep because he was so terrified Madeline would kidnap him when he dozed off. Feeling bored, he decided to sneak into Noah’s study room to listen in on their conversation.

Thomas stood outside the door and attempted to eavesdrop. However, the wood was so thick that he could hardly hear a thing. He could finally hear a little after pressing his ear to the door.

What a scumbag! How dare he check on Mommy? I’ll not let him harm her.

Thomas was startled to feel the door move. When the door opened, he lost his balance and fell forward. Fortunately, he had a quick reaction and grabbed a person’s leg.

“What’re you doing here, Colt?” Noah’s expression softened when he saw his son hugging him. He was surprised to see the young boy opening his arms wide, requesting a hug. He thought, Colton seems to be getting closer to me now that he can speak. That’s great!

Thomas quickly thought of a reason for his presence, as he did not want his father to know that he was listening in on their conversation. He gave Noah an adorable look and asked, “Can you sleep with me, Daddy?”

Thomas recalled Dylan stating that Colton and Noah did not have a close relationship. Even though the latter cared for his son, there was still a communication barrier. As a result, the boy believed he had come up with the best response, as Noah would almost certainly disagree with his request.

“All right.” Thomas was surprised when Noah agreed to his request. What’s going on? Was Dylan mistaken? I thought Colton and Daddy weren’t that close.

In truth, Noah would not usually agree to Thomas’ request. However, he relented as he thought his son needed care and support after going through many incidents today. Despite his reluctance to sleep with his father, Thomas decided to sacrifice for his mother’s sake.

The next morning, Madeline was awoken by a text message alert. She searched for her phone and saw that it was from Thomas. When she opened the message, she realized it was a picture of Noah sleeping. However, the drawing of a giant tortoise on the man’s face caught Madeline’s attention. Another text message arrived while she was happily examining the photo.

Mommy, the scumbag has sent someone to investigate you. Please be careful since I’m not there to protect you. Don’t worry, Mommy. I’ll punch him up if he dares to hurt or bully you.

A few seconds later, Madeline received another message. This time, Thomas attached an adorable picture of himself and said, I’ll be back after making his life miserable for a few days. There’s no need to worry about me. I can take care of myself. Don’t miss me, love you!

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