Chapter 10 - Ex-husband, Please Respect Yourself

Tyrone's mother was held by a young woman, who happened to be the woman standing next to Tyrone yesterday.

Tyrone's mother was embarrassed when they made eye contact. She greeted Cathy's mother and smiled,”I'm not feeling well. Tyrone asked Marian to take me to the hospital. Don't get me wrong”

"I know, she is Tyrone's assistant."Cathy said with a smile, holding his mother's arm without any fear, ”Next time you don't feel well, you can ask me to take you to the hospital.She's just an outsider.”

Tyrone's mother was even more embarrassed.

Marian was very arrogant, she knew that Cathy was satirizing her, her face is not good, "Miss , I am Tyrone's assistant, taking care of Tyrone's mother is my job, I am not an outsider.”

She was so arrogant, Cathy’s mother was not happy, wanted to fight for her daughter.

Cathy stopped down, lightly said,"your boss is Tyrone Raman, I am his wife, you should call me Madam, not miss , you have no manners, I really doubt how you become an assistant."

Marian Johnson 's face grew darker.

“Mom, I have some things to do right now. I can't take you home.Just let the outsider take you home.”Cathy glanced at her, said.

Tyrone's mother nodded and said nothing.

Cathy also glimpsed Tyrone mother’s contempt to her, she pretended not to see it, holding her mother

and passed them, but her heart is very heavy .

Before marriage,Cathy is very kind to Tyrone's family and often visits them with gifts.But their family is not satisfied with Cathy, is not good to her. Only his mother, for the sake of their money, was kinder to her.

When Tyrone's mother was in hospital for kidney stones, Cathy cooked meals and took it to the hospital for her every day. She took care of his mother for nearly half a month until she went out of the hospital.

She treated her like her own mother, but she didn't pay attention to her. Cathy was tired.

She was really tired.

No matter how good he was to them, her efforts were in vain.

When she left the hospital, Cathy found that she had forgotten to take the medicine, so she went back to take the medicine.

In the corridor, Cathy saw Marian Johnson again, this time Tyrone's mother was not with her.

Marian Johnson saw Cathy, stepping on high heels to block her up: "Cathy, let's talk."

She looked domineering

Cathy tried to avoid her but was blocked again.

“What do you want?”

“"My name is Marian Johnson , you can check my family background.I know about your father's arrest," Marian said contemptuously.

Cathy said sarcastically,,”My father's arrest was known all over the city.So what?”

In the morning, she checked the information of Marian with her mobile phone. Her father, a real estate investor, is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Such a rich woman to be a man's assistant, her intention can be imagined.

Marian Johnson obviously didn't want to talk nonsense to her, so she just said, “I know you need $2 million, and if you divorce Tyrone , I can give you $2 million.I know you need money.”

She took a check directly from her bag, wrote down the amount, and handed it directly to Cathy

Cathy glanced at the check. It was real. Cathy could cash two million dollars if she took the check to the bank.

Cathy did not answer, just looked at her.

“I have a good relationship with my husband. Why should I divorce?I can borrow the money.”