Ex-husband, Please Respect Yourself

Ex-husband, Please Respect Yourself

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Chapter: 17
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Read Ex-husband, Please Respect Yourself by Po Charen. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereAfter three years of failing to warm Tyrone's cold heart, Cathy knew the truth and decided to let go. She gave him a divorce letter: "Since you don't love me, divorce me." Unexpectedly, she found herself pregnant after divorce. After her ex-husband came across her vomiting, he straddled his legs and blocked her in the bathroom. "Who is the baby's father?" "Less than a month, don’t worry about it. It's definitely not Mr. Raman's." Cathy smiled....
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Chapter 1: Why He Come Back Suddenly?

In the middle of the night,Cathy Lawson seemed to be immersed in a dream,the man's heavy body isclosing to her. It is so hot that she could not help shivering. "Aha" stuffiness let her cannot help opening eyes. It wasn't a dream. The man that comes back only once a week originally is bedside her at the moment. Dim light from thelamp spraied on his body,the muscular texture of the upper body is clear, what is

Chapter 2:Borrow Money

After a time ,Cathy got up slowly,Calmly went to the kitchen and wash the dishes.After cleaning,shechanged her clothes,then went to the garage to get her car .Half an hour later, she arrived at thecompany . Employees greeted her when they saw her,“Good morning, manager” “Good morning "Cathy smiled and nodded.She walked into the office and took off her coat, asked theassistant: "Does Mr.Browne come ?" "yes,he

Chapter 3: Is It Hard to Put Her in the Address Book?

There were twenty days before her father was to be sentenced.She must raise money to bail out herfather within 20 days. Otherwise, his father will be arrested. investor ? She hesitated in what Mr.Browne said.Pulling her cell phone out of her pocket, she found a familiarphone number in her address book. She madeTyrone the first contact and noted "husband".He can be seen first. But over the past three years, h

Chapter 4: Assistant

Tyrone Raman rolled up his shirt sleeves, revealing his thin arms. "I'll do it tonight." "Apron." Cathy Lawson stood on tiptoe hanging on the shelf apron to take it down, unfolded to his tie,"your shirt is white, oil will spill up which is not easy to wash." Tyrone Raman looked at her, turned around, Cathy Lawson quickly put on apron him . Because they both had chores to do, she had bought the apron a bigger

Chapter 5: French Translator

Cathy knew it was a sign of menstruation. Tyrone had been by her side before,so subconsciously shewanted to ask him for help. "Tyrone, I have abdominal pain......." She held out her hand and held nothing. Cathy opened her eyes in a daze, which found empty side.Apparently the man had been left for a longtime.There was a note on the bedside table. "I have to go on a three-day business trip and now I have to ca

Chapter 6: Senior Fellow Apprentice

Not long after, the representative of the other side came. He was a French,while his assistant and another bosses were not. Cathy felt a little bit familiar with onetall man,but she was not able to recall where she had met him. But that man definitely recognized her,and called her with smile:" sister Cathy”. Finally Cathy recognized him,seeing his smiled gentle eyes. He was her fellow brother Matt Spenser,wh

Chapter 7:He Treats You Badly?

She thought about her marriage with Tyrone.They have been married for three years, but nothing haschanged in their relationship.They are like strangers living under the same roof, bound by a contract. Sometimes she wondered why she could face Tyrone for three years.After all, he was so ruthless. At this moment, Cathy's lower abdomen came fits of throbbing pain.Her face was pale, her legs weak,and she nearly

Chapter 8: Don't be Childish

Cathy felt a little surprised when seeing him, after all, it was rare to see him before.To her surprise, hetook her to the hospital himself. It was a bit like a dream. Cathy also did not answer his question, turned her head. Sighing, Tyrone pulled up a chair and sat down . He opened the hot porridge box and said firmly, "youmust give up smoking from now on, understand?” Cathy sneered and said in anger: "ah!

Chapter 9: End the Wrong Marriage Early

After disappointment, Cathy was very calm,dealt with discharge from hospital, returned home and enterthe bedroom directly, pull open wardrobe forcibly. She had brought very few things with her when she moved to Tyrone Raman's apartment. Now shepacked everything in two suitcases in less than half an hour.Only a few heavy clothes were thrown intothe wardrobe. Cathy glanced at the apartment they had shared.It s

Chapter 10: I Am not the Outsider

Tyrone's mother was held by a young woman, who happened to be the woman standing next to Tyroneyesterday. Tyrone's mother was embarrassed when they made eye contact. She greeted Cathy's mother andsmiled,”I'm not feeling well. Tyrone asked Marian to take me to the hospital. Don't get me wrong” "I know, she is Tyrone's assistant."Cathy said with a smile, holding his mother's arm without anyfear, ”Next time you