Chapter 6 - Bring Your A Game

A Lady From a Rich Family

Elise’s lips curved up in a smile, making her gorgeous face look especially charming. “Sorry, but I have no time for that,” she replied. Then, she dropped her helmet, turned around, and walked away.

Jamie looked at Danny with a gloating smirk. “Hehe, you’ve lost. How does it feel, huh? Look who’s eating their own words now?”

Danny’s face was livid with rage, but he was at a loss for a retort.

Just then, Elise walked up to them. “Take me back to my place.”

“Gotcha, Boss,” Jamie replied before leaving with Elise in a servile manner.

Seeing how displeased Alexander looked behind him, Danny asked in puzzlement, “Did you let her win the race because she’s pretty, Alexander?”

Alexander gave Danny a dirty look before glancing at Elise’s receding figure. He had a vague feeling that the figure seemed somewhat familiar to him, but for a moment, he couldn’t recall where he had seen it.


Elise went to sleep happily after getting the five million. The next morning, she put on her unfashionable makeup and her wig again. Meanwhile, the scene downstairs was rather lively, with all the Griffith siblings present except Alexander.

“Here’s a photo of her. She’s a real knockout, isn’t she? The way she raced last night was so cool! Now that I think about it, Alexander losing to her wasn’t all that bad after all.”

The other three glanced at the photo, which had been taken last night by one of Danny’s friends. They discussed with great interest how Alexander had lost the race.

“Hahaha! How rare it is to hear that the unbeaten Alexander has actually been defeated!”

“She’s a stunner indeed. How I wish I could get her to model for our company,” said Brendan, who owned a designer label.

“It’s a shame that she doesn’t enter show business with such good looks,” said Jack, a Best Actor winner, with a sigh.

“Sigh, I forgot to ask her name last night. But Alexander has sent someone to find it out, so there’ll probably be news very soon.”

It wasn’t until Elise came downstairs that the four men ended their discussion. They glanced at her, thinking, Her looks are so far from being a match for that lady’s.

Elise could only be thankful that her makeup skills were good enough. Otherwise, all of them will probably fall in love with me if they see through my cover, she thought narcissistically to herself.

After she finished breakfast, her cell phone rang on the table with three consecutive text messages from Jamie. The first read, ‘Boss, you know what? Danny’s so shameless; he actually paid me money to get your number!’ The second read, ‘I guess he’ll be pissed off if he finds out that the person he’s looking for is actually living under the same roof with him.’ The third read, ‘By the way, Alexander is also tracking you down, so be careful.’

Elise smiled in disdain. That depends on whether or not Alexander’s able to track me down, she thought.

Finally, it was Friday. It was Alexander’s turn to take Elise to and from school today after Brendan and Jack. However, neither of the two spoke on their way to school that morning.

To Elise’s surprise, when school was over, Danny followed her all the way out of the school compound.

“Why are you following me around?”

Danny pursed his lips and replied in disdain, “I’m not following you around! Ashlyn is back; she came with Alexander. I’m going to meet her.”

Ashlyn? Who? Elise thought.

Seeing how puzzled she was, Danny explained delightedly, “Ashlyn is the eldest daughter of the Lawson Family. She grew up with us, and we had a lot of fun together, but she’s been studying abroad for the past two years. Now she’s back at last!”

Elise could tell that Danny had a good impression of the lady, but she didn’t care about it. The eldest daughter of the Lawson Family? Never heard of her, she thought while walking leisurely out of the school gate with a lollipop dangling from her lips.

Ashlyn—the lady Danny spoke of—was in the passenger seat. Decked out in designer clothes, the woman wore her long, wavy hair down behind her back, and the makeup on her face was exquisite— typical of a lady from a rich family. After greeting Danny warmly, she turned to look at Elise and said with a smile, “You must be Elise. I’m Ashlyn Lawson. I grew up with Danny and the others since I was young. Let’s be friends from now on. Feel free to ask me out if you’re looking to have some fun in Athesea.”

Elise responded politely, “Okay.”

“What fun will you have hanging out with her, Ashlyn? I missed you terribly. You’re not leaving this time, are you?”

Ashlyn smiled. “No, I’m not leaving. I’ve graduated from college, so I’m planning to work at the Griffith Group as an intern.”

“Really? In that case, you have to look after Ashlyn, Alexander.”

Alexander didn’t say a word as he started the car and left the school.

A flicker of disappointment flashed across Ashlyn’s eyes before she glanced at Elise through the rearview mirror. How could I possibly leave again? she thought.

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