Bring Your A Game

Bring Your A Game

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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 1

A Yokel New in TownThe story began in the Northwest, where a huge castle-like mansion stood on a vast stretch ofgrassland. It looked so much like a kind of Shangri-La that anybody who came here couldn’t help butsigh in wonder at its magnificence.At this moment, a young lady’s clear and melodious voice was heard from the mansion. “What? Noway! No way am I going to Athesea to get engaged!”“It’s not up to you,

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 2

She Has Never Been Afraid of AnythingElise almost burst into giggles when she saw the looks on everyone’s faces. Still, she held it in andpretended to look hurt while following the siblings into the mansion. One of the servants took her to herbedroom, specially arranged for her by Jonah Griffith, the Griffith siblings’ grandfather. It was apparentfrom the room’s girlish blue decor and its closet full of desi

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 3

Elise had a rough guess in mind. This man’s probably Alexander, the eldest son of the Griffith Family.Before she could speak, though, the man continued, “Open your eyes and see whose room this is.”Elise was startled. Only then did she notice by the faint moonlight that this didn’t seem to be her room.No wonder I felt different from when I was sleeping earlier. I’ve actually gotten into the wrong room?!She go

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 4

How Come You’re Disfigured?Matthew left after they arrived at school.Elise looked at the glittering gold sign that read, ‘Springfield High School.’ This feels pretty nostalgic. Ihaven’t been to school for a long time, she thought. After reporting to school, she followed the teacherto her classroom.As soon as she came in, the whole class was astir.“So she’s the Griffith Family’s fiancée. Isn’t she too hideous

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 5

Lost to a WomanA lot of people gathered at the Nightwing Circuit at 8.00PM. Today’s race was organized by Danny andJamie; the two rich dandies had been at odds in Athesea for a long time.Alexander was sitting at the entrance to the clubhouse. He had changed into casual wear, but theelegant and distant air about him made him seem somewhat out of tune with Danny’s circle of friends.Glancing at the watch on his

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 6

A Lady From a Rich FamilyElise’s lips curved up in a smile, making her gorgeous face look especially charming. “Sorry, but I haveno time for that,” she replied. Then, she dropped her helmet, turned around, and walked away.Jamie looked at Danny with a gloating smirk. “Hehe, you’ve lost. How does it feel, huh? Look who’seating their own words now?”Danny’s face was livid with rage, but he was at a loss for a re

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 7

Actually, Ashlyn didn’t complete her studies. It was just that the Lawsons spent a lot of money to gether a college degree.The Lawsons and the Griffiths were old family friends. Not only did Ashlyn grow up loving Alexander,but she had been brought up by the Lawsons as the future Mrs. Griffith ever since she was a child. Shedidn’t expect Elise to pop up from nowhere. What entitles this ugly country bumpkin to

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 8

What an Ugly Copycat“I…” Elise felt as if a bomb had exploded in her head. She had imagined the scenario of someonediscovering what she really looked like, but she didn’t expect it to happen so soon! What do I do now?she thought.Matthew stared at Elise’s face thoughtfully as several possibilities crossed his mind. It’s her. Is she thereal Elise? Did she change her appearance? Or is this what she looks like a

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 9

Just You Wait and See!What Elise said prompted murmurs from the crowd around them.“That’s right. Isn’t she a bit too full of herself?”“Who does she think she is? She’s spoiled rotten by the Mosses, but the others aren’t obliged to do thesame.”This was the first time Katie was humiliated. In a fit of anger and resentment, she jumped on Elise andtried to shove the latter, only to fall to the ground with a loud

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 10

Be Grateful When Someone Gives You an OutAfter getting back to the Griffith Residence, Elise breathed a sigh of relief. So much had happenedtoday, and she still had trouble making sense of it all.While she was in the car just now, she studied Alexander’s face closely through the rearview mirror, butit was so dark in the car that she didn’t get to see his expression clearly. She had thought a lot about iton