Chapter 9 - CEO’s Surrender: With You, I Can Never Win

Chapter 9

Finley turned her head when she heard him move. She froze when she saw the fire in his eyes.

Her earlier confidence and determination wavered slightly as shyness washed over her. Her heart started beating wildly and she subconsciously bit her lips.

They were two strangers about to become intimate.

After this, Finley would become a woman. Hopefully, a mother…

Finley squeaked when Bryan picked her up like a princess, her arms instantly went around his neck to steady herself.

She giggled slightly nervously as she looked into the man’s dark eyes. Up close, the man was even more handsome. It was like the heavens had spent extra time carving him, everything was just right.

Bryan was quiet as he watched the blush on Finley’s face deepen. As he watched, a little pink tongue stuck out to wet those kissable lips.

Before he could give in to the impulse, a sweet scent tickled his nose. Bryan’s gaze darkened

“What perfume do you have on now?”

Finley grinned and wrapped her arms more securely around Bryan, “It’s called The Pink Rose.”

Then she leaned in closer and whispered into his ear, “No one else has smelled this before. You’re the only one who can smell this.”

Bryan stared at her with unfathomable eyes. “Is that your gift to me?”

“Among other things…” Finley replied cryptically, “I want you to know that I’m unique.”

Suddenly, Bryan turned around and dropped Finley onto the bed.

Then the man’s muscular frame pressed down on her, stealing the breath from her lungs.

Finley blinked in surprise at his abrupt movements but then smiled and closed her eyes.

“Hubby, please be gentle.”

It was her first time. If the man decided to play rough, she will be hurt and will not be able to enjoy it. Bryan frowned slightly and his eyes turned cold when he heard her words.

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“First time?”

breath hit her sensitive ear. A shiver ran through her body

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Bryan’s dark gaze studied the blush on Finley’s cheeks then took in her pink lips before he lifted his head to look into her eyes.

“Miss Keith, your actions seem sophisticated and very confident.”

Finley was stunned and blinked at the implication before a tiny frown marred her smooth brows.

What a backhanded compliment.

She pouted, “There’s only one way to find out.

When she spoke, she deliberately raised her head and put her lips next to the man’s ear, grazing her lips over his ears lightly as she spoke.

The man’s breath hitched and his heart skipped a beat, a low grunt sounded from his throat.

Finley smiled smugly. Yes! All that reading into pleasing one’s partner paid off!

She whispered again, “Mr. Turner, I’ve spoken so much already. Why don’t we get to the fun part,


Finley gripped the man’s hand and was about to put it on her body when the man ruthlessly flung her hand away and got up from the bed.

“Unfortunately, I’m not interested in finding out.”

So saying, the man swiftly wrapped his wife up in the blanket. The sexy woman immediately resembled a giant burrito.

Confused, Finley stared at her new husband’s dark face for a moment before she got the drift. “Bryan Turner! What is the meaning of this?”

What else did he want from her? She was already taking the initiative and putting herself out there! Was he made of stone? Why would he…

Sh*t! It can’t be… Those rumors…

Could it be that the real reason why the man didn’t get close to women was because he couldn’t get it up?

Finley stared at the man with growing horror.

“Bryan… You… Don’t tell me…”

“Miss Finley, you’ve done so much research. Didn’t you already find out about my preference? I thought you would have found out that… I DON’T LIKE WOMAN.”

“Wh-what?” Finley stared at Bryan in shock, thinking that she misheard.