CEO’s Surrender: With You, I Can Never Win

CEO’s Surrender: With You, I Can Never Win

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 80
State: complete
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CEO’s Surrender With You I Can Never Win Chapter 1

Chapter 1 “Bryan Turner, will you marry me?”This woman’s announcement sounded extremely loud and unexpected in this luxurious private room.To be fair, women threw themselves at the tall and devilishly handsome man relaxing on the sofa all the time.Yet this woman was probably the first to boldly announce her intent so brazenly.And the ugliest one out of all.Hard for anyone to ignore the noticeable birthmark that had extended from her cheek to the tips of her brows.Bryan sat languidly on the sofa

CEO’s Surrender With You I Can Never Win Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Even though he was glad, Bryan was still wary.After all, he had consulted medical professionals from all over the world and none of them had been able to help him.He was close to giving and was starting to accept the reality of his condition. He’d never imagined that he would ever regain his sense of smell.Finley grinned at Bryan’s skepticism. “My maternal grandfather is an ENT specialist who did extensive research into smell disorders. My mother was one of the world’s top perfumers. I

CEO’s Surrender With You I Can Never Win Chapter 3

Chapter 3 The ugly birthmark, as well as the ugly spots on Finley’s cheek, disappeared, leaving a smooth expanse of fair skin.Without those flaws, Finley was gorgeous!Delicately arched brows framed a pair of large eyes that shone. Her nose was straight and her lips were pink and plump.Other women needed to wear make-up to look beautiful.Finley needed no such enhancements.Bryan was dumbstruck at the considerable change. He had seen countless beauties and rejected them.Yet somehow he was not repul

CEO’s Surrender With You I Can Never Win Chapter 4

Chapter 4Less than an hour later, Finley Keith and Bryan Turner were officially husband and wife.Before they signed their names on the marriage certificate, Finley had looked up at the tall, slightly grumpy man and said comfortingly, “Don’t worry, you won’t regret this.”Bryan snorted and grumbled under his breath, “I’m already starting to.”“I swear, you won’t. I’m so powerful that you won’t need to worry about me. Ha! As your wife, I would even protect you from the wolves in your family.”As with

CEO’s Surrender With You I Can Never Win Chapter 5

Chapter 5The maids who could not stop Finley from barging in cowered at the side as the young woman strutted into the room like she owned the place.The woman was dressed from head to toe in black like she was attending a funeral.As if the weather headed her call, a huge wind swept in through the open doorway.Everyone shivered.It was like watching the grim reaper stride into your living room…Rita was the first to react.“You’re crazy! Finley, what do you think you’re trying to do?”Tina snapped out

CEO’s Surrender With You I Can Never Win Chapter 6

Chapter 6When Finley commented on Tricia’s image crumbling, Tina shot her a fierce glare. Then she pounded on the table and yelled for their security staff.“Guards! Where the h*ll are you? Get in here!”Finley crossed her arms with a smirk, “You can shout until the cows come home and no one willanswer.”“You crazy b*tch! What did you do?!”The moment Rita saw Finley’s arrogant look, she remembered the fingers that pointed at her and the tongues that wagged at her when she was in school. She finally

CEO’s Surrender With You I Can Never Win Chapter 7

Chapter 7When the man remained silent, Finley spoke again coquettishly.“Honey, why aren’t you saying anything? It’s our wedding night, you’re not going to let me spend it here in the police station, right?”Then the woman sniffed pitifully, “It’s cold here and I’m alone…”Finally, the man opened his mouth to speak, “Miss Finley, I remember someone saying that she is strong and capable and could even protect me from wolves. Can’t that person get out of prison by herself?”“Hubby! How can you say tha

CEO’s Surrender With You I Can Never Win Chapter 8

Chapter 8Dumbfounded at being mistaken for the new maid, Finley did not react for a moment.Meanwhile, the housekeeper, Kate Jones, was getting annoyed with the strange newcomer who seemed a little slow.Not once did Kate think that the strange girl in the living room was a guest. After all, no other women had been allowed to visit Turner Mansion.Especially with that ugly face and cheap clothes…“Are you deaf, Girl? What are you still standing there for? Chop chop! Get to work.”Finley was about to

CEO’s Surrender With You I Can Never Win Chapter 9

Chapter 9Finley turned her head when she heard him move. She froze when she saw the fire in his eyes.Her earlier confidence and determination wavered slightly as shyness washed over her. Her heart started beating wildly and she subconsciously bit her lips.They were two strangers about to become intimate.After this, Finley would become a woman. Hopefully, a mother…Finley squeaked when Bryan picked her up like a princess, her arms instantly went around his neck to steady herself.She giggled slight

CEO’s Surrender With You I Can Never Win Chapter 10

Chapter 10Finley looked at Bryan like a deer in headlights.“Your… preference?” She squeaked out.“But… But those were rumors…”Bryan smirked at the young woman’s dumbfounded look.“Didn’t you hear? There’s no smoke without fire.”After dropping that bomb on his new wife, Bryan turned to leave.“It’s too late for regret now,” Bryan said as he opened the door and left.The sound of the door closing snapped Finley back to her senses and she exploded.“Bryan Turner! Get back here! I don’t care if you like