Chapter 5 - Oh For Mates Sake

I was now curled up on my bed in a room full of people. Alpha Scott had come and carried me back to the packhouse. I still couldn’t stop crying. What had happened to me was horrible and I was still in shock. It was too much for one day. Each thing was too much for one day, let alone combining it all.

Alpha Scott stood in my room talking with Denny. They were trying to figure out who had attacked me. Jude leaned against the wall quietly; he probably knew enough just from knowing Taylor was involved. Of course, he said nothing. I wasn’t the one he wanted to protect. But he also didn’t want me dead because he was the one who alerted the others.

Meanwhile, Joey was sitting right next to my bed. The pack doctor had just finished looking me over to make sure I was healing correctly. And luckily because I wasn’t getting the cold shoulder from Sheena now, I was healing just fine. There is a big difference between a cut on the hand and life-threatening wounds. Sheena wouldn’t withhold her healing at a time like this.

“Clover.” Joey reached out and grabbed onto my hand squeezing it lightly. “Talk to me. Who did this?”

My eyes only watered in response, but I didn’t utter a word. I did however squeeze his hand tight. I just needed someone right now. And the three of them did come to my aid, right? I’m not saying I trust them all completely, but I was alone here, and they were all I had. Members of the Sulfur pack tried to kill me. And now I was battling a harsh reality.

No matter what… I couldn’t stay here. How could I live in a pack where they tried to kill me? I couldn’t. If a wolf left their pack, they either became a rogue, a Seeker or joined another pack. What pack would take me in? I closed my eyes as a wave of exhaustion blanketed my body. I didn’t want to become a Seeker. I knew how they were viewed. I had one chance and that was seeing if there was a pack that would take me in. The meeting that was coming up would have leaders from all the packs around. I would have to go and assess them; see if I felt any were willing to take in a new pack member. And if I failed to find another pack…well I guess life wouldn’t be much different for me as a rogue. I was already unwanted and didn’t belong. Of course, with my luck I would be the reject of the rogue’s who couldn’t even join the Seekers. With that last wry thought, I drifted off to sleep.

I was shocked when I woke up in the morning and noticed Joey was still there holding my hand. He was sound asleep in a chair next to the bed with his head lying beside mine. It couldn’t be comfortable. I blinked my eyes as they adjusted to the light and turned my head slightly to look around. On the other side of my bed, Denny was sitting there leaning back against my headboard. He was also sleeping in an uncomfortable position. I didn’t want to hope but it did look like they actually cared. Was it silly of me to think that though? Maybe I was just so desperate that I was willing to believe it. It’s just… they didn’t have to come for me if they thought I was under attack. If they wanted me dead all they had to do was ignore me. And then their eyes… they looked genuinely worried for me.

I moved slightly and with that slight movement, they both jolted upright. I could feel their eyes on me and I knew they wanted answers. I couldn’t give a lot of details; I could still see Jude’s pleading eyes in my head. As much as I wanted to out Taylor and her involvement, I also knew Jude wanted to try and deal with it first.

Okay, so for one this felt a bit weird. It was like we just woke up from a drunk threesome and no one knew how to act. Meanwhile, I was sandwiched between them. I decided I needed to at least sit up and test out my body. It should be completely healed now. I pushed off on my elbows and both men reached out to guide me into a sitting position.

“I’m healed now,” I said quietly while their hands both retreated.

“Clover, what happened?” Denny asked the question I knew they were dying to hear.

I nodded my head and turn to look at his green eyes. “I have a question first.” I pinned my blue eyes against him as I remembered what he said to Andrea. I watched him nod his head for me to continue and I took in a deep breath. “Was I made the delta… so you could watch me?” I glanced from Joey to Denny, and saw the obvious shock in their eyes. And not the shock of hearing something absurd but the shock you have when someone found out something they shouldn’t have.

“Why do you ask that?” Joey asked but I ignored him and fixated my gaze on Denny. I wasn’t in the mood for a dance. I wanted answers.

“At first… yes. It isn’t that you weren’t strong enough because you are. But the reason I took you was to see who you were on my own. And I have… we all have.” Denny nodded towards Joey as well as he said this. “You are no longer someone we watch. You are someone we trust.”

“Why? Am I someone who is so dangerous who must be watched?” I watched the cocky smirk on his face as he let out a chuckle.

“I answered one of your questions now it is my turn. Who attacked you?”

Okay if he wanted to answer questions vaguely, I could do this too.

“Six of our own pack members.”

“WHO?!” He roared.

“Tsk. Tsk. That is two questions.” I clicked my tongue and gave him my own arrogant smile.

“Well, I see you are feeling much better today.” Joey chuckled and gave me a warm smile. “But I should get to ask questions too, right?”

“If that is the case then should I get to ask two questions?” I challenged back.

“Look… we don’t know. Dad told me after watching the officer trials to pick you. He said he wanted you close so that we could watch you. I asked him why and he said he wanted to know your character. And that you were damn good so why the hell not. There is a tad bit more that I know…”

“Is it why the pack hates me?” I interrupted and he frowned as he shook his head..

“The pack doesn’t like you because it was your pack who killed my mother during the dark war… I don’t get it; you didn’t kill my mother. You were no more involved in the war than I was. And yet that burden gets put on your shoulders. It isn’t right. It is wrong. And I don’t plan to tolerate it. You aren’t just an officer to me. You are my family. There is also stuff about who you are… but it is your turn.”

Wow… so I wasn’t just some infant found in a basket. There was more to my story. And I was being judged for something I had no control over. In their eyes, I was still the enemy that took away their luna. Something they didn’t get over because they just tried to kill me over it.

“I won’t tell you who exactly. Do I know who? Yes, but they might have been the ones who made the attempt but they’re not the only ones involved. And if push comes to shove, I am quite certain most of the pack would have agreed with them trying to kill me. They masked their scent but knew I would recognize them. To attack me like that… and also from the wounds I suffered from…” I shrugged. “They were trying to kill me. My own pack members… well I guess not. I guess I was never a member of their pack in their eyes.”

“I want names.” Denny growled as alpha Scott walked into the room. I looked up at Scott and shook my head slowly.

“Names don’t matter. That is what I am saying.” I turned back to look at Denny. “The whole Sulfur pack wants me dead. They told me to stay away from the alpha. And planned to kill me. This isn’t something you can fix. I think there is a realization here that needs to be had.” I looked back at alpha Scott to see him already nodding his head knowing exactly what I was about to say.

“You can no longer be the delta of this pack.” Alpha Scott’s voice was quiet as his sad eyes looked at mine.

“Not just that… I don’t think I have a place among this pack anymore. What life can there be? I’ll be walking around just waiting for the next attack to happen.”

“NO!” Denny snarled loudly. “I will give them an alpha order to follow. I will subject them to my will.”

“Denny, she is right. This is no life for her. She could never raise a family here. I am so sorry my dear. I never realized how much hatred the pack would hold towards you.” Alpha Scott was a wise man. And he understood when difficult decisions had to be made; like the one, I was making now.

“Come with us as the delta to the pack treaty meeting. Maybe we can find a pack among them that will take you in.”

Wow. That was exactly what I was going to ask next. I gave him a small smile and nodded my head.

“This is ridiculous!” Joey finally growled out angrily. “I don’t want to be part of a pack like this.”

“Joey, she will have a much easier time finding a pack to join solo. I know you want to watch out for her, but you can’t. Besides, maybe she will meet her fated mate among them.” Alpha Scott said not realizing he just kicked me in the gut. I immediately averted my gaze down at my hands. There was no fated mate for me out there. I have already been rejected.

“There isn’t a fated mate out there waiting for her. I don’t want her going where who knows how she will be treated.” Denny snorted out angrily.

“No fated mate? What do you mean? Did you already meet your fated me?”

I could feel alpha Scott’s gaze on me, but I couldn’t look up at him. But it was Denny who had me choking on my spit as he answered, “No, she was my fated mate, but we rejected each other.”

I buried my head into my hands. Whatever happened to keeping this secret between us? And yet 24 hours later and motor mouth blurted it out. I finally peered through my fingers to glance out. I could see Joey’s shell-shocked face glancing between me and Denny. I looked at alpha Scott who looked… sad. He looked hurt and wounded as a frown formed over his face.

“Geez, Clover… are you alright? This all happened yesterday…” Joey looked at me and it was like a light bulb lit up. “That’s why you two were acting so weird yesterday. Damn…” I gave him a weak smile and nodded. What was I supposed to say here? Yep, I am perfect? I was hardly perfect.

“I’m terribly sorry to the both of you. I understand why. You had to, my son. Even though Clover would have made an excellent luna… it is the pack’s fault. However…” Alpha Scott straightened up and glared at his son. “There is still no way you are taking Andrea as your luna. We will arrange a mate from one of the other packs. One of the alpha’s daughters. It will solidify an alliance and she will be a much stronger choice as a luna.”

Oh, gods… I looked up to see Denny’s face turn beet red. Shit was about to hit the fan.